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NexGard Chewables Orange (For Dogs 2 - 4kg)

NexGard Chewables Orange (For Dogs 2 - 4kg)

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Horrible side effects and death

I had been using comfortis, my vet stopped carrying it and heavily pushed nexgard instead. Said she was giving her dogs nexgard. I tried it on all 4 of my dogs, made one of them sick with diarrhea and vomiting and seizures. Two days later she’s dead and the vet can’t give me a definite cause. I know it was the medicine. She had a horrible reaction to it, so I can’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone else.

Purchased in July 2019 for $80.00.

Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

NexGard kills pets

I gave the nexgard 2-4 kg pill to 3 puppies. They are huskies. I thought that it will work for them since they had a bid of fleas. It was suppose to be a "safe" product. My puppies started feeling ill and had diarrhea they also started vomiting. I went to see the vet and first thought it was just a tummy bug or something. They did some tests and turns out nexgard poisoned my babies. The one puppy died this morning.
He had diarrhea, he vomited a lot, and he was very weak, he almost had no blood sugar levels. It was extremely traumatizing . One of the last symptoms he showed was a seizure. I really hope and pray the other 2 will be ok. The female is also very week. They went from a normal weight of +- 2,5 kg to weighting only 1 kg in under 3 days.

July 27th 2019 Update:

So i have posted a review previously, yesterday. Just to fill you in on everything that happens. I gave my husky puppies that was 8 weeks old nexgard to treat ticks and fleas. They were weighting 2,5 kg at the time. A day after I gave them the nexgard , they started with diarrhea. There was only 3 in the litter. The one male died yesterday morning due to the nexgard treatment. He died because his digestive system gave in and kidney failure, and heart failure. This morning my female puppy died due to nexgard. Her liver gave in, she was very weak. We had to put her down because het suffering was to much. On the moment there is only one male left and it looks like he is also not going to make it. He started developing sores all over his body and its like holes is just starting to fall in all over. You can't stop it , its terrible. He also just stood up and collapsed and the urine just started to come out. It is also kidney failure.
Please to spare yourself the heartbreak and torture stay away from nexgard and the other products like nexgard as well. I would not want anyone to go through the pain I'm going through, because to me these fur babies are like my children.

Purchased in July 2019 for $55.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

Dont give your dog!

I gave my new border collie pup this product and 24 hours later he is violently vomiting and barely drinking. He wont get up and is very very sick! I was given this product by a vet. I should have done some research first. Dont use this!!!!

Awful hurt my dog

Gave nextguard to my 10 year old Bichon after the vet said it was in his best interest. Not only did he become depressed but he stared breaking out in awful scabs all over his body. He developed a paw licking problem and there was blood everywhere. It was a nightmare. At first we contributed this to his older age. We took him to the vet and they then again subscribed him ANOTHER pill to deal with these symptoms from his last pill although we still didn’t know nextguard was the issue. This pill made him loose any bit of personality he had left. He hardly moved. Hardly ate. We looked into his new medications and found similar reviews about nextguard so we immediately stoped all flee and tick medicine. After a few weeks he stopped licking his paws and we were able to take him off the other medication. After that we got our dog back! He is as playful as he was as a puppy! He still has scabs all over his body but they are very slowly going away. Very slowly. Recently felt comfortable putting him back on his regular flee and tick medicine (frontline). We have our dog back. I am so happy we discovered why he changed and we didn’t completely write it off as his old age because it wasn’t. Our vet completely let us down. Please never give this to your pet!

This stuff killed my dog

do not give your dog Nexgard!. I gave my dog 1 chew for his size and he had bloody diarrhea and throw up for 2 days. I had to rush him to emergency vet. they kept him for six days, Trying to detox giving him fluids etc.,and he eventually died. The stuff is poison. look up the Facebook page and you’ll see many people who’ve lost their dogs to this poison. do not use it. should be Banned.

Do not use this. It can kill your dog

I would never want anyone to go through this mess. It was given to a puppy and she almost died. She stopped eating and drinking.


It was easy to give as my dog thought it was a treat. I stopped seeing flea dirt and eggs quickly. He had no side effects.

Very Concerned this product has poisoned my dog

I bought this for my 6 month old golden retriever. I administered it to a healthy dog last night. Today he has been thrown up bile 6 times, he smells and is not active. If he isn't better in the morning I will have to take him to my vet. I was shocked to discover that the merial hotline 1-888-637-4251...said they were closed...though a person answered...and told me to call back during business hours.

Will never use again

My puppy is 3 months old . He was put on nexgard a month ago. He started seeing blood in urine. Vet ran all tests, and found nothing. He was placed on antibiotics. Condition cleared. Was given another dose this month ,3 days later same problem. Will not use again. Hope it clears up.

Saved my dog’s life. This stuff was amazing.

So I picked up a stray that had easily 2000 ticks on him. The shampoo killed about 80% but that leaves 400 ticks to still be dealt with. The vet prescribed me this. I gave it to Duke (i named him despite being told he might not make it with the severe anemia from the ticks). Immediately after, I started reading reviews on here and got very scared. What did I do? I surely must have killed him! They’re all 1 star horror stories. I am happy to say that a week later I have a social, bouncy, happy puppy who wasn’t even expected to make it. This stuff saved his life. Within two hours of taking it, dead ticks started falling off. Within 24 hours of taking it he had no more ticks anywhere and my house had no tick problem because any that fell off were already dead. I love this Nexguard now and would definitely use it again. i am so sorry for anyone who experienced horror stories, I can’t imagine.

Unfortunately I got pregnant once using two forms of birth control. There’s always a chance and I was the first person to go review my that birth control drug and tell everyone how much they sucked. take drug reviews with a grain of salt, you usually only hear from the angry people. If it was so horrible, your vet probably wouldn’t have prescribed it.


Product did not work for ticks! Our sweet baby got Lyme disease and we never missed a dose. We don't walk our baby in the woods or permit her to play in stagnant water. $975.00 for vet bills and testing! Will never use again. We are going all natural. So tired of expensive products that don't work. Really disappointed.

Not good for my dog, but company stepped it up.

I bought for my chihuahua from my vet. A couple days after first & only dose, she began retiring up blood, diarrhea & lethargic. Rushed to vet where she stayed for 2 nights. Antibiotics for 19 days after. Nexgard was notified/all records given & they covered all expenses regarding my dog from the dude affects it caused.
So a very grateful thank you.
You stepped up.
Thanks again.


One dose, 5 months ago has caused my healthy 3 year old rescue to breakout with boils under his skin, a bacterial infection, ear infection, neurological issues (head tremors), aggression, high liver enzymes... this is only naming a few of his issues. Please, please, please, I beg of you, don't give this poison to your fur babies.

Was not informed of product issues upon purchase

The vet did not give any information about the harmful issues with this product . Had the vet told us what issues could happen we would not have purchased . Now they won't take back the unused portion and say we have to take it up with the manufacturer. That's bad selling tactics. Live and learn.

I don't understand how you can sell this!

My dog is 3, vet gave me nexgard and he broke out in scabs, and terrible rash. I woke up and blood was dripping down his neck. If you have a dog and are interested in nexgard, my advice would be to just rub sand paper on his back and spit in your dogs face. Home remedies work better, and they are a better alternative for your dogs health.

Never again will I use this

Nine days ago I gave Nexgard to my Husky. He has gotten more aggressive and is itching a lot mor than normal. Hopefully these are the only side effects he will have, but I won't use it again.

Kills dogs not fleas

This will KILL your dog. Our puppy died after 1 dose our puppy was lethargic lost appetite bloody bowels and died at the vets 3 days later we had only had him for 5 days! Don't risk your beautiful fur babies the vets are making money pushing this product. There should be an inquiry into how many pets lives are lost or nearly lost due to this POISON.

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Questions & Answers

My vet gave my 12week old puppy Nexgard Spectra and Interceptor Spectra yesterday. Then contacted me last night saying it was wrong and I only needed the normal Nexgard. Will he be affected by having extra worming tablets?thanks Jane
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Gave my poodle Nexgard for mosquitoes her first year, siezers started about that time. Stopped giving meds because of cost. 9 years later tons of testing, she still having siezers. No amount of meds seem to do any good. Could it have affected her that bad?
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Absolutely yes it could cause the seizures. This product is deadly poison to dogs and for those who have had no side effects I would suggest you change this product NOW before it's too late.I am so sorry that this has happened! Yes this is a possible side effect of Nexgard. Just check out this article here! It has a lot of awesome info about the dangers of the product and someone who you may be able to consult. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/bravecto-nexgard-simparica-oral-flea-tick-preventives-safe/

I gave my 5lb Yorkie a pill two days earlier than I was supposed to is that dangerous?
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NexGard Chewables Orange (For Dogs 2 - 4kg)
CategoryHeart & Intestinal Wormers, Pet Medications and Tick & Flea Control
Application TypeChewable
Pet TypeDog
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
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