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NexGard Chewables Red (For Dogs 25 - 50kg)

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Oral Pesticides are Poison


Our beautiful 7 1/2 year old boxer, Sophie, had to be euthanized yesterday after suffering from a series of grand mal seizures as a direct result of Nexgard. It was a prolonged, catastrophic neurological event that went on throughout the day and night (even with a continuous IV of anti-seizure medicines). She was blind, lame and barely responsive at the end (20 hours later). She weighed 60 pounds and took the NexGard dose for dogs 60 - 125 pounds approximately 45 minutes before the seizures began. I will never forgive myself for giving her a toxic oral pesticide and not doing my due diligence.



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Go to flea and tick treatment


We moved to Nexgard after having issues with another brand. I had read reviews and was hesitant to try it on our Greyhound and our Lab/retriever but as we needed a tick treatment as well as a flea treatment I decided to try the monthly chews. We have been very happy with this product and they dogs have not suffered any bad reactions.

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Don't chance it


Our dog went from healthy, active and happy, to dead this summer. The start of symptoms corresponded with giving the NexGard this spring. There's no way to know for sure but if I could turn back time, especially after reading the review on this site, I would never have given this medication. Our wonderful family member's death may have been prevented if I had not given this medicine. I will never chance it again.

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Don't do it


My year old pit broke out in sores everywhere. I'm talking from her jaw to her tail. Back, legs chest face everywhere. And guess what still has fleas. It's been a little over a month. My Maltese had no reaction to the med thankfully but now I have vet bills out the $$$. To try and get my pit healthy again and we are still dealing with the sores... she cant stop scratching them, they bleed, puss etc. Terrible I will go back to frontline. It costs bit actually works and isn't slowly killing our animals from the inside out.





Bad for my dog


The pill had him vomiting all the time as soon as he took it, I thought the vomiting would go away but it stayed the same he laid around and didn’t play.the vet charged me 123 dollars to make my baby sick I called them and told them what was going on I wanted a refund, I was told to bring in thepills I had left but no refund..I am afraid they would give it to another unsuspecting owner so I won’t.

If this neurotoxin doesn't kill your dog it's doomed to vet visits to treat the damage for the remai


3 of our puppies have died as a direct result of Nexgard. Lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting and Diarreha. Terrible what the manufacturer will do to make money. Horrible nightmare when vets charge a small fortune to treat the damage these neurotoxins do.

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Poison, plain and simple. These pesticides in the Isoxazoline class of insecticides are NOT repellents. They do nothing to keep the parasites off our dogs. Death sentence waiting to happen for our pets.

This product killed my dog!!


This product killed my dog! After taking it just once, she lost so much weight, lost so much hair, she would vomit every now and then, and her eyes would frequently blink. We’ve done several blood tests and everything was good. And after 3 months of losing her, i figured out that this product killed my beautiful dog. THIS PRODUCT KILLED MY DOG!!



Gave my dog Nexgard and he started throwing up multiple times a day, lethargic, and not eating. Here it is 6 weeks later and same issues, he has lost so much weight and won’t play. I can barely get him to eat anything!!! Do not give this to your dogs!! It should be taken off the market!


RaySummit point

This product is dangerous !!.and it doesn't work


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My dog is lethargic after NexGuard from vet!


My dog is sick to the point he can't turn his head quickly, he looks really dizzy and confused! I have to now carry him a lot and he loved being outside and now he can't handle eating and is barely drinking! I don't recommend any toxic flea treatments with these crazy chemicals in it and pesticides! Unless if your willing to take the chance with your animal!? Just go naturally as possible and save your pet!

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Made dog very sick.




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What's the point? Doesn't kill ticks in time!!


Will not is this product anymore


We have a 1.5 year old Lassie collie boy been giving him NexGare for 4 months and every month but one he has had a seizure shortly after, where he has never had one prior. It works fine on my other collie and border collie/great Pyrenees mix. It's taken me a while to connect the dots but I will not be using this product any longer

Wish I hadn't......


Our rottie has never had a problem with parasites as we have regularly wormed him with Milbemax, and used a Saretso tic collar. Nexgard Supra seemed a good way of ditching the collar and controlling the parasites in one treatment. He had loose stools for about 3 days, but suffered a personality change. From being a friendly, outgoing dog he has become anxious, and withdrawn, lip-licking. Then he nipped someone

Cannot believe this is on the market


Absolutely ridiculous that this stuff is on the market...so aggravated and hurt that a product like this that is supposed to help my dog may in fact lead him to the grave



Don't make my mistake!


I gave my German Shepherd one dose of Nexgard and within a few hours she started having extremely bloody liquid stool and is continuing having diarrhea now going on 3 days later!! She is also unable to keep any food down. My poor baby

Great product


Killed all fleas ticks
Hard to administer he doesn't like dog treats so I have put in boiled egg for him to eat

Do not give to your lets


I have a German Shepherd and within 1day of use he’s had diarhea. Lethargic, dehydrated and will not eat. Do not give this product to your pets.

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Questions & Answers

Pat Donaldson

Pat Donaldsonasked

Can the 60 lbs tablet harm a 48 lb dog

1 answer
Tim E.
Tim E.

Stick to the correct dosage, it can make your dog sick if you give it a higher dose than it is supposed to have



Our Standard Poodle doesn't like the NexGard chewable. He loves his HeartGard chewable. He will even sort it out of soft food after I break it into smaller pieces. Is there another flavor available? Any other ideas?

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Can a overdose of nex gard cause paralysis of back legs and constipation.? It's been 10 days and he is barely walking and not going to the bathroom. Please help me. I only blame myself for giving him too much. Heartbreaking and hate myself.

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C. B.
C. B.

I am no veterinarian or expert, but I have read dogs having similar symptoms from Nexgard. All flea treatments have chemicals in them that are potentially harmful to your animal. I opt for natural solutions, although not as effective and more work to maintain a flea free environment my dogs are not eating what I refer to as poison. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your dog. Please see your veterinarian.


Irrespective of your statement about having given your dog "too much"??? These symptoms can also occur if your dog's been bitten by a mildly venomous snake such as a brown grass/tree snake or some of the whip snakes. It's quite common for such an attack not to show up in scans or x rays. One sign you will notice is if your dog frowns a lot as they get bad headaches from snake bite.

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