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NexGard Chewables Red (For Dogs 25 - 50kg)

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Don’t do it!!


Nexguard gave one of my dogs seizures! The vet poo poo’d the idea that Nexguard was the cause and wanted me to start the horrible seizure meds that he’d have to take the rest of his life...he was only 1. I refused to start seizure meds despite intense pressure and stopped the Nexguard. On 11-23-17 it will be 1 year seizure free. I’m absolutely convinced this poison induced seizures. Very scary experience.

Taylor J.

Taylor J.Morgan hill

Awful product


I bought this from my vet for my 4 year old lab who has no history of reactions from flea medications and we have used just about everything (Frontline, Advantage, Seresto, and Bravecto). Within 12 hours of her first months dose I woke up to her having full body tremors. It has been ongoing since giving the meds over a week ago and the vet has no clue when it will stop. She has no history of seizures so I had assumed this medication would be fine. I would not recommend this medication to anyone.


SheyWadley Ga



My dog ( 2 year old 85 lb black lab) has taken Bravecto and Nexgard with 0 side effects!. He has very sensitive skin and is allergic to fleas. We literally tried everything before the vet recommended these products to us! They have deff been a life saver! No more scratching/itching, no more redness on his belly, and no more sleepless night because he couldn’t stop scratching! I am very very pleased with these two products! (Only switched to Nexgard because our new vet (we moved) doesn’t carry Bravecto). I’m terribly sorry for the ones who have had issues with it!


melEllwood City

My Dogs have flea dirt, flea bites, and LIVE ticks & tick bites all over them!!!



SariPark Rapids

Almost killed my dog


My poor baby


Should have read these reviews first. My retriever experienced diarrhea the first two days. Red bumps appeared over the first week and turned into hot spots. She would wake up scratching and licking every day for the next five weeks. The vet recommended bathing her more... never using this product again and never taking her this vet again.



From healthy to seizures


We are in a high flea and tick area, but don't use any product over winter but use it as soon as the ticks are in season. My dogs are so much healthier and happier when they are on no treatment. Started on Nexgard and my cattle dogs became tired. Now one of them has had seizures in the past few days, one week after the table was given. He has now got low blood sugar and seems cerebrally irritated. I'm sure it will cost me hundreds of dollars at the vets to get to the bottom of it all, when I strongly suspect the Nexgard is the cause. And yes, he is currently having blood tests as they suspect chemical reaction to 'something'. The same dog had a severe reaction to Comfortis


RottbullRochester, NY

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Nexguard has ruined our lives


Many side effects. I'm worried about what damage it has done Nexguard only prevents fleas for 2 wks. I'm feeling even more horrible buying this over priced poison

Nexgard never ever give it to your dog


I bought Nexgard for my dog after being told it was the best way to stop fleas and tics.
Bought for my dog to prevent tic bites.
Tasty deadly chew.
Caused seizures back leg lameness death.



Poison!!! Do NOT recommend!


Within 24 hours my 2 year old black lab started vomiting, had bad diarrhea, became extremely lethargic, could not stand up, panting non-stop and seemed "spacey". After 48 hours he was vomiting huge blood clots and had to spend 2 days in the emergency vet for treatment. I would NEVER recommend this product and it should be taken off the market! My boy recovered from this horrible experience, but I would never give him this toxic poison again!

Nexgard is a carcinogenic why isn't it well known yet google content


See Does Nexgard Kill Dogs by scientist Kimberley Anne on FB that tells you how and why it does.
Our Golden Retriever had one Nexgard 5 months ago early March. She started seizures and lameness
Collapse and loss of vision and hearing. She didn't know us walked into walls. It was the most horrendous frightening experience all this in 3 days from Nexgard. Now she has cancer. Merial are experimenting with our pets
If no one bought it then retailers would send it back to merial.

Great product


I tried everything for fleas and nothing worked. Tried NexGuard and it works great. I have 8 dogs : olde English, black labs, Aussie, blue heeler, yorkie, and 2mixed. I give it to all of them and the only side affects from it might be a little itching the first 3 days. This is the only thing that has controlled our flea problem and believe me I have tried just about everything on the market.



I used Nex Gard on my 120lb. German Shepherd . He is a very happy and Healthy Boy !!! . He had a massive 6 minute seizure several night ago ,took him straight away to the ER ...The Neurologist did a FULL work up and said he's in perfect health . The only thing i did different was the NexGard ????

Dead Dog


Easy to use, dogs took it happily, not sure if it works to control flees or ticks, as the dog passed....
Prescribed by vet after my healthy 16 month old newfie pup was found to have tick paralysis. (No known health issues, UTD... heart had been checked.) She became lethargic, shortly after administration of NexGard, I reported this to the vet, that report was dismissed as normal after a tick bite. It has been warm here, so I didn't think much of her light appetite.... 2.5 weeks after taking NexGard, we found her dead, bleeding out of the nose, post mortom relieved a fluid filled abdomen.... Suspect NexGard as cause of death.

Bad for your pet


This medicine made my dog have seizures and uncontrollable panting as well. I have three Rottweilers and it only affected my 5 year old dog. This company should be held accountable for this because the vet bill and 400 hundred dollars a month for seizure medication is outrageous especially when we are talking about AKC registered dogs that cost a lot of money already.



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going well..


Been using nexgard with my 8yo boxer for 2 years...no noticeable side effects..no ticks or fleas..no itch..dosent like taste..will spit tablet out..have to give by swallow method or hide in other food...happy with product..does its job without problems

Julie Hoffman

Julie HoffmanGlen Allen va

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Healthy Pets not Healthy Anymore


I have 2 pets who both had bad side effects from this medicine! I feel it should be taken off the market! My one smaller dog started having seizures with the 2nd month of use. My larger dog started walking like a crab, panting uncontrollably, nervous and anxious, can't control her back legs well enough to go down stairs anymore with her 2nd dose! I am ready to sue somebody! My 5 yr. old dogs were healthy and happy until I used this medicine for flea and ticks. I would like someone from the company to contact me!!!! I am writing to the better business burea!


ScottsworldSouth East Queensland, QLD

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work fine & delicious


My rescue Greyhound eats these tablets no worries at all. He's been on them for 18 months; no issues.
Greyhounds are often sensitive to drugs due to their low fat, so this product (and also Comfortis) was recommended to me from community and my Vet. After a year, my dog would no longer eat Comfortis happily; so I switched.
No problems with NexGard.

2nd year and so far so good


I have two heelers and have never had luck with front line and didn't enjoy fighting to get the normal flea pill shoved down their throats.. my vet recommended this a year ago and amazingly enough they eat it up and think it's a treat!! That's the most handy part!! Now however they do experience the itching side effect for a week but then are good to go!! I recommend this product

Bad Rep, Great Product


So this has a low rating because the only people who get on to give it a rating are the people who have a horrible experience with the product. The people who it works fine for never think to rate the product. I have 2 working cattle dogs and both are perfectly healthy and flea free. All these reactions occur in about 7% of dogs, with death being because of improper use or because of unknown conditions that are made worse by the reactions.

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Questions & Answers

Pat Donaldson

Pat Donaldsonasked

Can the 60 lbs tablet harm a 48 lb dog

1 answer
Tim E.
Tim E.

Stick to the correct dosage, it can make your dog sick if you give it a higher dose than it is supposed to have



Our Standard Poodle doesn't like the NexGard chewable. He loves his HeartGard chewable. He will even sort it out of soft food after I break it into smaller pieces. Is there another flavor available? Any other ideas?

No answers



Can a overdose of nex gard cause paralysis of back legs and constipation.? It's been 10 days and he is barely walking and not going to the bathroom. Please help me. I only blame myself for giving him too much. Heartbreaking and hate myself.

2 answers
C. B.
C. B.

I am no veterinarian or expert, but I have read dogs having similar symptoms from Nexgard. All flea treatments have chemicals in them that are potentially harmful to your animal. I opt for natural solutions, although not as effective and more work to maintain a flea free environment my dogs are not eating what I refer to as poison. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to your dog. Please see your veterinarian.


Irrespective of your statement about having given your dog "too much"??? These symptoms can also occur if your dog's been bitten by a mildly venomous snake such as a brown grass/tree snake or some of the whip snakes. It's quite common for such an attack not to show up in scans or x rays. One sign you will notice is if your dog frowns a lot as they get bad headaches from snake bite.

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