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New flavour too sweet


The new mint Nicabate is too sweet. I've reluctantly stopped using it. The original flavour was better. Please make the original flavour available. The new packaging is fine. I'm buying Nicorette now due to flavour but would prefer to use your product.



New Nicabate Gum


The original flavour was what this gum was all about. New packaging is a disaster. Now tastes like all the other brands. Bring back the original please? So hard to contact the Company directly and ask where can we get the original, iconic gum!

Cannot believe the packaging


I agree. I carry a pair of small surgical scissors with me to open the Nicabate chewing gum blisters... too much of a hassle! If I forget the scissors when I go out, I cannot get the gum out of the packaging. Who designed the blister pack? I would get rid of them considering the expense of implementing the design, and the ill-will it has generated.



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What the hell!


I can't even open the paper packaging covering the gum to access it. Literally this is the worst upgrade of a product in history. It tastes like Vicks Vaporub, that is, if you can even open the packet covering the gum.

Revolting taste


I have been on Nicabate gum for several and I find the new flavor horrendous, I really liked the old flavor and will be looking around for a different brand, this will send your company broke I don't understand why you would change the flavor, shame on you.



New 'Extra Mint' Gum is Aweful


New gum - extra fresh mint


I agree with the previous comment. The mint taste is too strong and it is very difficult to get the gum out of the packaging. I am thinking of going back to the gum I used previously.

Horrendous, loathsome, appalling, abhorrent!


Nicabate, you have made a monstrous product in your new gum. Change it immediately before you lose millions and millions of dollars. The taste punches your mouth with every chew. And that is only if you can get it out of the packaging. I had to use a knife. Someone in your employ is laughing, because there is no way a competent executive would've allowed for this new product to be launched. Woeful! Shame on you for changing it!

Why the change in the Nicabate Chewy


I've been 6 and a half years on Nicabate chewie's since giving up smokes due to a stroke.The replacement flavour is too minty for me and the new packaging is difficult to remove gum pieces. The hiccups I experienced when I accidently chewed to quick on the previous gum is not present in the new gum so I'm wondering about the nicotine content. I wished you left as it was.



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If it's not broken, don't fix it!


This new formula is terrible all round. Terrible taste, terrible packaging. I have been using the old formula for some time and now I won't be buying anything. Excellent marketing strategy! I wonder if the company will take any notice of the complaints and, if so, how long will it take them to act on it.

What a horrible taste


I hate your new flavour and really considering just smoking again. Why not keep the old with the new so people have the option. Not everyone likes mint... Bad bad bad idea. It was working I was quitting smoking until now. So unhappy. The extra mint flavour ruins the flavour of coffee... And since the hardest cigarette is the morning with coffee you have ruined the whole experience. You actually should get a rating of minus five. Not happy.



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Terrible Idea Nicabate Packaging Is Useless for people with poor eyesight and dexterity.


Just bought a new pack of Gum for my partner who is Legally Blind she used to have no problem getting gum out of the old foil pack this new packaging is completely and utterly useless. It cannot be pushed out of the packaging and has to be carefully pealed back one piece of gum at a time. The flavour is way too sweet and sickly my partner spat it out in disgust as if I had bought a different brand for her without telling her. Good on you GSK you took a working product and completely ruined it for everyone who depended on it for ease of access and taste. I wouldn't even give you one star rating now but have to.



wish i could give more than 3 stars for Yuk!


Took me 46 years to give up smoking. Got addicted to nicabate gum. Thought that was ok..could live with that...until.......YUK!!! Nicobates must have been taken over by nicorettes. That gross horrible sweet $#@!. HONESTLY...it's vile! So, thank you (I think), after 4 years it's time I gave up and you've given me the incentive. Truly cannot stomach the "Extra fresh mint" taste.

Addictive NRT


Besides being addictive, they have reinvented Nicabate with a strong mint taste and hard sugar coating.
My thirst is extreme and my cravings have increased dramatically.
I'd rather be smoking again



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bad addiction and ruined my jaws stomach and health of continued use this i stoped smoking nine years ago and taken nicabate after years i developed temporary jaw disorder stomach problems asthma worsened i will have to pull out myself just as people say cold turkey i tried to get doctors help no much happened wasted lot money i advise people better smoke then this should be stoped as ruins people health



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Seriously if I could rate it -10 stars I would!!


Completely and utterly terrible!! Went on it for one day and I am not pleased!! Doesn't relieve cravings, tastes like Cajun pepper that lingers in your mouth for hours on end and hurts your dentures and what is this chew for about a minute and park against your cheek for a minute crap!!? Not pleased with this product at all!! $30 gone down the drain just like that!! Whatever you do, do not buy this product it ain't worth it!!

K Stoner

K StonerGoldfields, WA

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Each to their own but this is my experance


I Quit countless times using nicabate gum , the craving shifted and dident seem to go away . I was using this product off and on since 2009 to 2013 . I had been smoking for 15 years when I nailed it in early 2014 using tablets (champex) that the doctor prescribed . Nicabate saved my lungs a little bit but I got a sore jaw from it

Addictive Product


Gave up smoking in April 2007 using Nicabate 2 mg gum, here we are in March 2014 and still chewing Nicabate gum. The product definitely helped stop smoking but one addiction replaced with another. I have found that my use of Nicabate has actually increased to around 20 pieces a day.

Just as addictive as cigarettes



The gum is definitely helping me when I crave for a cigarette. The taste is o.k. too. Only problem is, I have a denture and I spend plenty of time getting the stuff off my plate. So how about a freedent type nicobate gum?
The taste
Sticks to dentures

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I don't have any trouble with it sticking to my dentures..



has stopped me from smoking for 5 weeks now i only have had the 2mg ones and smoked 25 day before giving up and also i smoked for approx 24 years.
Im doing great i have up around 4-5 pieces of chewy a day and have had since i stopped.
I dont feel like a smoke at all and i am now trying to cut down on the chewing gum and to do this i have bought normal chewing gum and i am replacing the nicobatte chewy with normal chewy hope all goes well for all you quitters out there :-)
Love the mint taste i have to disagree with everyone so far about the taste i think the original and other mint flavours do taste peppery but this one just tastes like a nice mint chewy...
nothing to dislike at all..

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Why do you make it so hard to get at. Are you paid by the cigarette companies?

No answers



Are you going to bring the old formula back? The new one is sweet and am now looking to go to another brand. Thanks

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Will you be bringing back the original mint flavor,


Closest alternative - Nicotinell Mint and wash the coating off by running under the tap. A bit fiddly but at least it's usable. Also you can order Nicorette Microtabs off ebay from the UK if you want zero flavour. Nicabate, please bring back old formula gum!

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