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Nick Scali Peace

Nick Scali Peace

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Be aware

Be aware of the clause that says on delivery it’s your responsibility to dispose of rubbish. Well... industrial strength cardboard 8 meters long impossible to dispose of. It was dumped on my front lawn and I was told it’s now my problem to dispose of it. I would need 8 recycling bins to dispose of it and that’s if you have the strength and cutting tools to cut it up. Nick Scali service are ignoring the problem and only reposted to me with “I agreed to it”. Now it’s going to cost me $200 to dispose of it.

Purchased in April 2019.

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Hi Tom, I'm very sorry to hear you're dissatisfied with your experience regarding the packaging and plastic. We offer a service whereby we install and assemble your furniture where you specify and move the old furniture out of the way if required. However, as stated on your order and in the SMS you had received, we do not take the packaging and plastic away from our customers' homes as our drivers make consecutive deliveries and it is a Workplace Health and Safety (OH&S) issue for them to have things like plastic and cardboard strewn over the floor of the truck when they're lifting sizable goods. However, I do want to let you know that this is an area we are aware of and we are always looking to improve our service for our customers. As such, we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. Sincerely, Hayden Nick Scali Customer Care

Say NO to Peace sofa by Nick Scali

I purchased the Peace sofa from Nick Scali Furniture with the upgraded leather and protection kit for $4489.00 including delivery. Shortly after purchasing the sofa the cushions lost there firmness and the sofa became very uncomfortable. The sofa looks good but as a for it's comfort/performance, it is terrible!! I would not recommend anybody purchase this lounge suite.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Jieskie73, I'm sorry to hear of the issue with your lounge. I'd like to have my service team investigate your concern for appropriate follow up with you. For me to do this, can you please let me know your order number or the contact information that would have been on your order form? If you don't wish to share sensitive information publicly, please send your details to me via feedback@nickscali.com.au I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Hayden Nick Scali Customer Care

A prompt and well handled problem.

After a short time one of our single seater lounges had marks in the leather.
Nick Scali acted promptly in rectify problem.
Of particular mention is their upholster "James De Maudave" who after checking with us what time could he replace damaged suite I found this young man to be both extremely courteous and very well mannered.
It was a pleasure to meet him

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Very Prompt and professional service.

In December 2015 I purchased a 2 seater and a 3 seater leather lounge, each with electronic recliners from the Nick Scali store at Kotara, Newcastle. Staff were excellent and received delivery of my lounge without any dramas. About 10 months both electric recliners stopped working. I contacted the Kotara store and they put me in contact with the Nick Scali warehouse in Sydney where I spoke to Abdul and he promptly posted me out two new electrical cords for the lounges. Upon arrival the cords were incorrect but with another phone this was rectified quickly by Abdul and the correct cords were sent out. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service. Much appreciated.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

after sales service

After finding a small fault with our new lounge the response was incredible. The response time getting back to me and organzing the job was great the technician who came did a great job .Many thanks

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Expected more for my money

My 4.5 seater Nick Scali leather Peace lounge cost over 5 grand and i didn't expect it to start sagging after a few months of normal use.
Customer service was fantastic, prompt reply and repair organized within a week.
Upholsterer added extra foam in the seats but it only slightly helped.
I was told that it's normal for the lounge to sag over time.
Frankly I'm disappointed.

Three call outs on poor quality.

Twice I have had Nick scali staff out to fix the frame and the metal legs, as mine squeaks badly when you sit on it. Not to also mention the repair man had to add a missing support leg that delivery staff had forgotten to add when delivered! (They just want their $90 bucks!) I have also had to have a leather repair man out to fix stitching that came loose in the corner. (I have no kids and no pets, the couch gets barely used!) Customer service has been good and respond quick, but I paid just over 4 grand for this couch! Just shows price means nothing anymore. If you want a quality couch get one made in Australia with a metal frame, not this Malaysian made mess. 8 weeks waiting for this thing and all I get is disappointment.

Excellent lounge

The lounge is very stylish and feels amazing. The leather seats are hard so you will not sink in. Very comfortable and head rests can be lifted up or down. Make sure that if you get a light colour such as the bone or white, that there will be a jeans transfer to the leather which is very hard to get off. I would suggest that you put a leather conditioner on before you use it. It's similar to comparing it to a car, a polished car is easier to clean than a car that is not.

We have a bone colour and a chocolate brown. The chocolate brown is easier to maintain.
Comfortable, unique, great quality, hard seats, will be stylish in 10 years as well
Expensive but worth it

Great product from a great store

Over the last 12 months we have been shopping around looking for a new lounge suite and always came back to Nick Scali. We decided to update most of our lounges and dining suite and this was one we were very happy with. The build quality and ease of purchase was in part due to the simple processes in Nick Scali but also mainly due to the fantastic staff (Julie) at the Canberra store. We were that happy with the service and range of products we bought all our new suites there.
Great service and fantastic range of modern products at a reasonable price. We know they will survive just as long as our previous sets.
So much range it took us a while to choose...not really a bad point but wow they have some nice stuff in there

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Hi Scott, Thanks for taking the time to share your story here with others. Much appreciated! We've taken note of this and hope you have a pleasant day. Sincerely, Peter

Heard bad reviews but turned out to be good.

We wanted to buy a different looking couch and loved Nick Scalli designs. After reading online reviews, we had to think hard weather to go with them or not. As we didn't like any other company's design, except for more expensive stores, we decided we'll give it a shot.
We went to South Warf store in Melbourne. The service was less than ordinary. Staff don't know the products at all. And there is an old lady there who wastes your time by simply talking(but not about the product)! We signed the papers finally and left store feeling ordinary. Only to receive a call from them saying they forgot to take our signature on another form!! Luckily I work close by.
Until the couch was delivered, I thought I've wasted all that money as up until then experience was bad. Also after the couch was delivered we found heaps of rust in the frame which was disappointing. However the technician was sent twice as he didn't do a good job in the first place.
Now the couch is clean and looks good. I went for white colour inspite of what people said.
Although the whole experience wasn't great, we were happy with the product and technician service. I would stay away from the lady at South Warf though :)
Good product and technician
Very poor staff knowledge and careless staff

Questions & Answers

Has anyone bought the Peace lounge suite in light stone and if so, were you happy with it? I am not sure whether to buy a light colour or dark colour.
2 answers
Yes, we do have it in the bone colour. Depending on usage and if you have kids, it would have to be cleaned thoroughly every 6 months. Dye transfer is an issue with lighter colours. My parents have one in chocolate brown, very easy to maintain, dont have to clean it and no dye transfer issues.Dear Lorraine, Thank you for your enquiry. I can understand finding the perfect lounge to reflect your lifestyle and tastes is a very important decision to make. Here at Nick Scali, we have an extensive range of lounges each with different characteristics and features, thus giving you a variety of options to choose from. Our leather grades are also categorised to benefit active lifestyles, comfy living, and those wanting to achieve a uniquely natural and authentic feel in their home. With the right care and use, you can see yourself enjoying your new Nick Scali lounge for years to come. Our Peace range is 100% leather and as you've noticed is offered in various colours. Choosing the right colour is also an important decision to consider and often ties in closely with lighting (natural and artificial) in any space. With this being said, have you considered the colour scheme inside your home and are you also thinking about textures? Do you want to achieve a contemporary or an antique look? Does your existing furniture match/complement any of the colours offered for our Peace range? I'm happy to answer any questions you have on this, please feel free to contact me via feedback@nickscali.com.au. Sincerely, Hayden Nick Scali Customer Care

Hi there. Can I ask which type of leather did you choose for Peace? Was it Performance or Natural? And how do you find the quality of the type of leather chosen? Thanks in advance.
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Hi there Think peace only comes in natural. That's what we bought. I bought a white one. Looks stunning but even with a lot of care from us and the house being kid and pet free, there are stains. The leather care kit we bought from them is good. It has worked for us do far. I just wish I opted for coffee colour which they had in store. That looks great as well. Also as I have many visitors at a time, I shouldve bought a bigger couch. Peace is great but takes a lot of space with not much seating. I have to add additional chairs to my living area. Their service is great which helps but staff have no knowledge of product at all. Found that in two stores.

hi there. May i ask what type of leather did you choose for the Peace? Performance or Natural? And how do you find the quality of the leather? Thanks in advance.
2 answers
Hi there. They only sell the high range couches in full leather. We were told it's full Leather, so hope it is :)Hi, I purchased the Peace sofa in chocolate brown with the most expensive leather. The sofa looks great and the leather is great BUT I would have to say the sofa is very uncomfortable to put it nicely! The cusions are not filled evenly and the design and feel of the seating area on the the sofa is extremely poor. I paid $4500.00 including the leather care an I am extremely disappointed with the feel and design of the sofa. I would recommend not purchasing this product.


Nick Scali Peace
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