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Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon KeyMission 360

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It was good generally. But expected a little better. Maybe I am asking for too much.

I got the key mission 360 a few days ago. Now, I am not a regular use of digital camera other than my phone. So do ask me if you have questions, I will try them out and get back to you.

Water proof : sites from different sources are a little confusing about the water proof details so I would convey the message I received by asking them via email.

According to them, the camera itself is waterproof up to 30meters without any any attachments.
It will be the same with the under water protective lens.
But when it has the regular protective lens on, (already attached when in box) it can only go 20meter deep. Not too sure why the odd, but didn't ask.
Also, with the under water protection lens, the photos and videos you take will not really be true 360 as part of the lens is covered by an opaque side.

The photos and videos are satisfactory, pretty much better than most actions cam you see out there under a grand, based on many sample photos I have seen. There is just one issue I am not too sure if it's common with most 2 lens action cams.

From my memory, the site did state that anything within 60 cm range of the side of the camera will not be recorded. But in a photo I took an exit sign that is right on the ceiling is being cut off halfway, I am holding the camera at about 158 cm height, I am pretty sure the ceiling is more than 60 cm away. That's a bummer.

I have not dropped my 360 before. Due to the design though, when it's without any base whatsoever, it easily tilts and roll over on the protective lens with just an extremely gentle push. Which did leave a bit of a scratch for some reason. It was just a little bit and it did not affect any photo quality. But with the scratch from just a few roll over. I foresee frequent change of protective lens given that this is an action cam after all.

For first time 360 cam user. Invest in a handle stick or selfie stick or whatever you can attach to the cam to hold it. As it is 360 degree, your photos do turn out looking very odd with you trying to hid your fingers away from capturing angle.

Overall still satisfied with purchase.

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KeyMission 360
Price (RRP)$699
Video Quality4K Ultra HD

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