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Lethal78 · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a Nissan Pulsar LX 1999 N15, and want to to modernise it, as I had a Golf GT before. I want to put in electric windows, dual climate control a/c, auto lights and wipers. Does anyone know what came in the European Nissa Pulsar, as usually they have all the mod cons?

Nathh Allan
Nathh Allan  

Buy a sss

Big bill
Big bill · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I just put electric windows in my n15 pulsar i was told just fit them and plug in and they will work it's has fuse and relay in place or is there any other relay or fuse the car was a non electric windows car also ihe car has all the wiring already can any one help?


I want to do the same, to my Nissan also. Where did you find the door trims, that hold the eletric window buttons? As I hate leaning over, to wind down the passager window

Big bill
Big bill  

Local wreckers and there are some good ones left

Nathan · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a 1997 nissan pulsar with personality. Its central locking gives up randomly on hot days or cold days or whenever the wind blows the wrong way. Does anyone know where the relay for it is hiding? I checked all relays i could get to but i have a bad feeling its hidden in the dash and want to know before pulling everything apart



I have 1998 model and checked the wiring diagram in workshop manual. The central locking module, is located under the dash, to the left of steering column. Its a black box approx 10cm square. You only have to remove lower facia panel to access. However, before trumpeting into the module, consider that the fault may be the remote key battery, or rusty connections if has been dropped in water may cause intermittent failure. To check this, use the real key to lock and unlock, not the remote, and if central locking works every time, it is the remote at fault.

btw. The door open beeper is located next to module and can be disconnected if you want to listen to music with door open and not have that annoying beep going on. Also, a workshop manual is worth its weight in gold.


Emmy · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

What is the length and width of a Nissan pulsar 97 sedan front windscreen? Need to buy a sunshade for it.

Annie · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a 96 Pulsar CJ 11 - I am only the 2nd owner, prev owner was careful lady owner (she bought from shop floor), the car is great except there is no fuel light working, all the other lights on the dash work and the gas gauge is alos working ok, I have tried a few times (with spare petrol in boot) to run it out, gauge goes right below the E but no fuel light, and I dont know when it will run out. What could be causing this? one friend has suggested the bulb blown, his dad said something about something in the fuel tank not reading thru, Help.



Some models do not have low fuel level dash light. I have 1998 model and there is no fuel warning light. A good habit is to check gauges every time before driving.


arty · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

where is lights on buzzer?

Kevin Pierman
Kevin Pierman · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

1999 n15 nissan pulsar dash lights not working. Warning lights and heater switch lights still work headlights and taillights still work just not the dash lights for Speedo fuel etc. Any ideas?


had a similar problem, was just a matter of pulling out the dash brightness dial and shortcutting the dial with a paper clip. Dial doesn't work any more but dash lights turn on and off.

Shelley M
Shelley M · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

1999 Nissan Pulsar N15 two warning lights come on alternatively on the dash. Exclamation mark and then the battery charge light, then the lights dim a little.

Is it just two different things? I know the battery charge light alone could either mean battery or leads. I can check that.

But what's the exclamation mark? Is it low tyre pressure?

Daren in Ryde Sydney
Daren in Ryde Sydney  

I know that the exclam mark light is to do with the brake fluid level because that happened to me recently !!

I was trying to work out what it was and then eventually went & looked at brake fluid to see that it had um none

in it !! I put some in (you undo the cap then remove the filter then you can pour some in...although I`m not 100%

sure that it is the proper way to do it...I think the proper way is for a mechanic to bleed the brake fluid and put new fluid in

so as to ensure there are no air bubbles...I think...but I`m a tighty pants sometimes!!).

The battery charge light might mean that your alternator (the thing that charges the battery whilst your driving)

could be on the way out.

But to play it safe, just ask a professional on the above tips because in the scheme of things, I`m currently only

using my Pulsar as a 'back-up' car to my other one.

Oscar · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Where do you find the blinker relay in a nissan pulsa 1999 n15?

Evelyn Lees
Evelyn Lees · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hi i have changed the rocket cover and spark plugs started all good about to put thermostat in s. Should i flush the radiator as it is bubbling in over flow and over heating?

Patrick Kirk
Patrick Kirk · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I recently replaced the starter motor in a Nissan Pulsar GA DE 16 N15-A due to a stuck solenoid. It worked fine for a short while but the problem has returned as well as another intermittent problem where no power is available to the lights and dash display after an unsuccessful attempt to start. Also the radio has stopped working permanently.

Georgina U
Georgina U · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have 1999 nissan sedan and It had a remote that not working..Now the car don't start without this remote... I don't know where to get another remote from and I don't know who to call to remove the alarm completely, any help?

Larry · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have recently purchased a scrap pulsar to take parts off including the electric windows. I have decided to replace the doors entirely due to some. Dings but after plugging in all the cables. (power window wires were already in the harness in the door and car) they aren't working. They worked completely fine before I took them out and I put it Straight into my other car.

The door is receiving power for other accessories. But no power windows receive power anywhere. The fuse is good. But I don't know if there's anything I need to do to allow. Them to work, plug in relay or connect a wire to power?


In Pulsars that do not come with power windows, they may be wired through the harness but the relay is not included, it is the top most relay in the interior fuse panel. and may need the bottom dash panel removed to reach

Rayman · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a 99 pulsar plus without a radio and was wondering will a radio from a 2005 model fit in the 99 model pulsar as im having difficulty finding an original one from a 1999 model .

Thank you for your assistance


No it won't, you're better off finding a cheap aftermarket stereo. And the adapter from OEM to the new stereo.

Adrian · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hi guys, I've got Nissan pulsar the break light stay on,

Any suggestions?

Pulsaroo Pete
Pulsaroo Pete  

Does it turn off if you put your foot on the break?

Lenore G.
Lenore G.  

My Nissan Pulsar 1999 model has defective door locking system. Was occasionally locking itself as I got out and closed my door. Now unfortunately only front doors are locking when I turn the key in the lock. any suggestions please?

Arbee · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hi, I have the code to put in to the radio but buttons 1,2 &3 are inoperative( 4,5,6 work ). How can I fix? Any suggestions please.

Pulsaroo Pete
Pulsaroo Pete  

Have you tried leaving it in a bowl of uncooked rice over night? It fixed my old Nokia that got some sarsaparilla spilled onto it at the annual rotary club flea market

t4nk62 · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hey guys I've got a 1996 nissan pulsar has an automatic transmission...and today on way felt like someone put the brakes on and brake pedal got real firm to push..oil level good in transmission and engine...could smell some please


No idea .. would need to look at it ... take to service centre/mechanic.



Branko · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Can you tow Nissan pulsar 98 automatic


No idea.. ask RACQ

Craig · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Does a 96 n15 automatic pulsar have a bell housing?


No idea my Pulsar is a 2013. Good question for a Nissan service Centre OR Nissan.

Nathh Allan
Nathh Allan  

Yes it does located next to the engine in the engine bay the bell housing connects to the engine

Shalys · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

My Nissan pulsar n15 1999 model drivers side CV boot is torn , the car starts but when in drive it sounds like there's a hole in the manifold .but when in revers is it normal?

Shay g
Shay g  

I dont know I have 2014 Pulsar.

Pls seek professional advise.


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