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Reliable and practical all purpose SUV

Love this car and use it as all purpose vehicle. So far have made 88000km since 2012 without any mechanical issue. Done many interstate mileage and moderate off-roading on couple of occasions and very satisfied with it's ride, handling & capabilities. City ride is equally great as it offers a relatively smaller turning radius. Better ride performance if you change the std Dunlop tyres. Not great for towing, diesel is probably a better option for that. The massive sunroof and on demand AWD/4WD are two of it's many other features I appreciate. GPS stopped working after 3 years and Nissan dealer support experience was not great. Would have loved a little more ground clearance for off-roading. With the price paid expected a premium audio. If you are a practical person, like a boxy yet civic look, not picky about interior dazzle and want something that can offer more than just A to B then this is your SUV. Giving 4 star for Nissan dealer support experience.


2009 petrol CVT auto great car no problems till now

Had this car since 2010 no problems till now. 70,000 km. Love the boot space for dogs and camping. 10.3-10.7 lts /100kms fuel around city but short trips and I use the aircon all the time. Recently developed oil leak from oil cooler $1000 to repair. Nissan dont make make replacement o ring so have to repace whole oil cooler unit, $570 Giant Nissan, very disappionting seeing as its a 15 min job to replace. Also developed rattle in aircon fanbelt after a few years but still hanging in there. Needs new lower control arm, cant replace bushes, have to replace whole arm, disaappointing Nissan, another $1000, $276 for the part and half an hour to replace. Also developed another rattle I cant yet identify. Otherwise I've been very happy, love the CVT. It's not a fancy or luxurious bus which suited me with dogs and beach sand, but it's comfortable. Some road noise but I just turn the music up. I would have upgraded to the new model but they've changed the shape and now less boot room. Might have to look around.

Repair update: went to my local mechanic and he resealed my oil cooler with existing o ring, all good $300, saved $700. He also replaced control arm bushes with non-genuine bushes, $500, saved $500, Shame on you Nissan. I'll think twice before getting any more repairs done there.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Reliable and versatile

Our 4yo xtrail bought new has done 110k km. It has not had a single mechanical or electrical issue. We use this car mainly for open road driving and get 6.4l/100km fuel economy. It has surprisingly good acceleration and overtakes effortlessly. It is used occasionally to tow a small trailer and a double horse float with 1 horse (1350kg) and does this with ease.

The car is mostly driven on bitumen, occasionally on gravel and the only time I use 4wd is for trips to the snow. I don't do any full-on off road driving as this is not what the xtrail is built for. 4wd is nice to have if needed and seems to work well for less demanding situations. Dedicated 4wd is speed limited to 40kph.

I find the driving position very comfortable and ergonomically good. The seat is particularly supportive and great for long trips. It has good storage compartments with a large glovebox and the compartment in the dash is really useful.

One of the things I like most is the ability to configure the rear of the vehicle for a multitude of purposes. Seats 5 comfortably with plenty of room for suitcases etc. But the best thing for me is the ability to flatten the rear seats which actually results in a perfectly flat surface from the tail gate to the front seats (apart from the rear wheel arches - which are fairly narrow). I can fit a full size single mattress and comfortably sleep in the car if I don't feel like putting up a tent when camping. Good headroom to sit up too. Bikes, surfboards, skis etc fit in no worries, just straight in the back. I haven't bothered with or ever needed roofracks.

A minor issue has been a squeaky rattle from the rear storage compartment. It took me a while to figure out where it was coming from. It turned out to be a simple case of the plastic carcass moving with bumps and vibration and was easily rectified with a piece of foam padding.

Servicing is a bit on the expensive side: $280 - $740 which negates some of the great fuel economy cost savings. Though I think this is probably similar to other mid sized 4wd turbo diesels.

Overall I could not be happier with how well this car has aged, continues to perform, its versatility and faultless reliabilty.


would not buy another nissan.

135k on the odometer, no off rd use and i'm up for a new clutch.
non genuine dual mass $2500. I shudder to mention the nissan workshop price !!
Had a honda CRV prior to the nissan x trail , towed a horse float + horse every other wk end to events ,clocked up 236k , never missed a beat , didn't break down apart from 3 new batteries.
Would not touch a manual Nissan X trail with a barge pole after i fix this one + offload it , as the clutch + brake man tells me that they are prone to clutch replacement at a very early stage of their lives + he is very happy about that.
Me....Not happy Jan .!!


2.0l 2wd is SUV size with small car economy & reliable

** UPDATE Nov 2018: car has reached 180,000kms and again, not a single problem. We've replaced a battery, that's it. Still runs exactly like it did when new, and fetches exactly the same fuel economy. No signs of wear on the CVT gearbox, it's as smooth as its ever been. We're still on the original brakes! but that's because we live in a regional area. Paint finish is still very good, and I've never polished it, just wash it occasionally. The sun is starting to fade the black plastics externally, but it's nothing excessive. Something to note: you can add as much weight internally as you like and seems to make little difference to the economy of the vehicle (ours sits at around 8.2l/100kms. But if you tow anything, it gets thirsty. A basic 7x5 caged trailer takes the fuel consumption up to around 12l/100kms.

**UPDATE Nov 2015: car has reached 100,000kms and still no problems. Travels about 70km a day up the hill to Collie and back. Still drives like new. Got 75,000kms out of the original tyres. Paint chips a little easily but I think most new cars experience this. My work Toyota is the worst for this! The paint finish is otherwise still very good.**

We bought a 2012 2.0 litre 2wd auto model from new. This was the updated model which is slighter bigger and has alloy wheels as standard. Pearl white paint. My wife does a lot of kms in it and it has been flawless after 60,000kms. She just loves it, and I've mainly noticed females driving this model for some reason. Cheap servicing, but I always do the oil myself because I found that whatever oil the dealer was using was making the engine run a little rough and fuel economy dropped a bit. They don't like 20w or even 15w oil. I run Valvoline 10W30 full synthetic and it fetches 8.1l/100kms under all conditions except towing, where it rises to about 11 depending on load. Have not had one single problem. Tyres will need replacing soon that is all. The CVT auto gearbox (look that up if you don't know) means it's not the quickest car on the road but the motor is a pearler and it can really get up and go with some stick. On the plus side you never get a jerky gear change. It flies up a hill effortlessly. the only downside I can think of is that the back legroom is a bit tight once the kids start getting to adult size, probably because the boot cavity is so enormous. Also the stereo sound is not the best but the unit is simple to use and the Bluetooth works well. Overall this car has so far proven to be reliable, economical, comfortable and spacious (other than back legroom). The higher ride height is nice for country driving as you can see more. It has all the fruit as standard such as cruise control and central locking, and a superb air conditioning system that doesn't freeze you to death and seems to add little if anything to fuel consumption, so - what more could you want really? Oh one more thing, we ran Premium fuel in it from day 1 and recently discovered that we get better mileage when running standard 91 octane. Go figure!

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Decent car, reasonable price BUT quality control leaves something to be desired

We purchased our xtrail as a 2012 runout model.
We wanted a basic car with good headroom (my husband is extremely tall & doesn't fit comfortably in most cars) and with good boot space. We didn't go out looking specifically for a 4WD but the xtrail fit our bill.
It is comfortable, with decent suspension and the fuel economy is actually ok if you fill it with 'unleaded 98' - it is a marked improvement on the cheaper unleaded fuels.
Oh, and the gearbox is fantastic - we highly recommend the CVT gearbox.

With two young kids, it works for us. Heaps of room for groceries, bikes/scooters and the random junk kids want to haul around.
We have taken it off road briefly too - while we don't really enjoy rough 4WD tracks, the xtrail handled itself well.

It's not as polished as a more expensive car, but it's got a heap of nooks & crannies for storing things, plenty of cup holders, and a mammoth sized glove compartment (invaluable for a parent needing tissues & wipes on hand 24/7)

We are currently borrowing a family members Pergeot 308 (we have swapped cars for someone's 4WD holiday) and constantly find ourselves missing our xtrail - the comfort, ride and space just aren't there in the pergeot.

HOWEVER we have had MANY problems with the car through the last three years. (Hence me editing this review just as my warranty runs out and im faced with an expensive repair job).
It began with our car battery very suddenly going flat - for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It was only a few months old, and one morning, in my garage, as I was about to drop the kids at school, the car simply would not start. I was heavily pregnant and had to literally run my kids to school, because my brand new 'reliable' car wouldn't start (I had replaced my very old Ford with the xtrail, but my old Ford had never, ever done tiny thing like this). No reason for it, no logic to it. We were then expected to pay for the replacement battery when Nissan Roadside Assistance came to help us.

THEN our steering column breaking when the car was less than a year old - the steering lock simply would not come off. We were visiting a new estate, with narrow streets and were propped in a strangers driveway at an odd angle when it broke. The Nissan tow truck couldn't get in to tow it, so it was a matter of fix it in-situ or leave our car there! Nissan customer care definitely left something to be desired - we had three young kids (including a young baby) and we were stuck for over three hours, with no transport, no food, and nothing we could do about it!
We were on the verge of getting a friend to come get us (because Nissan roadside warranty wouldn't provide us with an alternative vehicle because we were just within the bounds of being 'too close to home') when our amazing Nissan repair man finally got it unlocked. He was tireless, and that man honestly went above and beyond for us - he was fantastic.
Then, when we got home, it got stuck again in our driveway - so we called and got it towed that afternoon. Something like three weeks later we got our car back, but we're not offered a replacement vehicle!!! I had to go to upper management in order for them to provide me with a replacement car - which ended up being the service managers own car! Disgraceful work, Nissan!

Then, there were the multitude of horrible little problems - like the overhead drivers light repeatedly breaking over and over and over again.
Or the seals on the windows slowly pulling out of the frame of the car.
Or the temperature gauge never actually being accurate to any degree.
Or the or the Bluetooth system being so glitchy it is nearly unusable.

Right now though, just three days out of warranty, my car has developed a new problem. The car will not shift out of gear. At all.
Most days, it will stick in gear every, single, time that I turn it on. Every time.
I have to keep a pen handy, so that I can press the shift lock button EVERY TIME I start my car. But hey, it's three days out of warranty...so it isn't Nisans problem.

All I can say, is perhaps we got a dud. Perhaps.
But buyer beware - Nissan quality control is pretty much nonexistent.
Boot Space, head room, CVT gearbox, plenty of storage spaces
Very basic. If you use cheap fuel the fuel economy is terrible.


Great car - until the new model came out

I am on my 3rd X-Trail now and all were great cars with little real gripes. Only word of warning is check that the dealer service lives up to expectations (mine did not). Had the ST-S (T30) and 2x ST (T31) models all bought new - no major problems. Performance on-road and off, great economy (7.7l/100k), usability, boot space made it the perfect car to drive to work during the week and to go camping on the weekend. As this is a work vehicle, I usually change after the 3 year lease runs out. Not this time as it seems. The T32 model is missing much of what attracted me to the X-Trail. No manual in the 4WD petrol option (only Diesel), boot is much smaller and without the drawer, space saver spare, no roof rails in standard version. Seems the target market has changed to city use only. Not sure what I will get next but it won't be a new X-Trail and that is a shame.


excellent, had been very reliable

Nissan xtrail 2008 TI 4WD model auto, 2.5ltre. Purchased second hand in 2010 with 76000 on the clock. We purchased the vechile after hiring a similar vechile on a trip to Tasmania. Has been an excellent vehicle that has handled long and short distance travel. It now at 165000 kms, 3 set of tyres since new in 2008 with a lot of wear left in current set. No problems apart from one small problem with a switch on the gear box and we managed to get that fixed under warranty. We have serviced the vechile regularly and no other problems. Only reason we will sell it is that we have a very big dog now that doesn't fit in the back, so will trade in for a Ute soon. Good fuel economy and good for camping, holidays and day to day commuting. Also very easy to get in and out of in the front seats if you have family member who use mobility aids such as a walking stick. A lot of other vehicles were either too high or low for me to get into. Unfortunately they have changed the height in the lastest release of the xtrail and I dont think the new vehicles are as versatile anymore with less carrying capacity and off road capabilities.


The most troublesome car I have ever owned!

Nearly 5 months with the engine light on and no cruise control. Repairs not carried out (under warranty) in accordance with the workshop manual. Unable to get genuine spare parts from Japan (diesel particulate filter) so they fitted an after market one. This fixed the problem for a while but then the dreaded engine light came back on again. Three visits and a total of 4 days in the workshop and the problem still not fixed. In the end I was forced to get rid of the car with less than 40000km on the clock before the warranty ran out. Sick of being lied to by the Coffs Harbour Nissan dealership.


Nissan XTrail 2009 good value for money

We bought the Adventure version in 2010 brand new (4WD). We have a Neapolitan Mastiff /Great Dane cross dog. It is about 1.2 metre long from head to tail. The ample cargo space gives her plenty of room to stand end to end! At the time we looked at other makes and bought this one due to its ample cargo space for the dog as well as for the convenience of transporting other cargoes. It is a great car to drive and relatively good value considering we were given more options at no extra costs e.g roof racks; privacy cover, cargo tray etc.. We have driven it to the Gold Coast from Sydney and return once. The car is relatively low maintenance and we have not found any issues with it to date.

Our dog loves it and wants to go for rides in it! As the back of the car is quite high from the ground, we bought a dog ramp for our dog to walk up and down the ramp to/from the car to prevent joint issues fro jumping from the car as our dog is 45 Kgs.

The car is practical and relatively easy to use. However, there is a "design fault" in that when reversing one has to be aware of blind spots at the rear windows and sometime when one is in a hurry, you may not see the pillars properly if they are narrowly spaced.

The suspension can be slightly rugged on bumpy roads and not that pleasant for people with sore backs.
I find the car pretty low maintenance. I sent it to the Nissan dealership for regular maintenance for four years and now use a mechanic near my home to service it as it is much cheaper than the dealership and convenient too.
Good smooth car to drive and functional
Some blind spots at the rear of the car that can be fixed with rear camera


2011 Nissan X-Trail Glad to see the back of it

I purchased the 2011 X-Trail TI top of the range brand new in 2012. It was an end of year run out. In the first week the rear main seal failed and left oil on my drive way which is still stained today. Since then over a period of six month it continued to blow fuses which sent the car into limp mode and unable to drive normal. Macarthur Nissan and Nissan Australia were not prepared to offer any real help or support in fact the whole thing was a great joke for them and I would steer clear from this dealer.The car had good fuel economy but that's about it. It was very uncomfortable and the options in the car car and technology was ridiculous. I could a purchased a 10 year old car with better creature comforts. I would not recommend X-Trail for anyone looking for reliability.

BadgeTi Luxury

Xtrail xellent

Have owned the 2008 ST T31 now for 5 years have 163k on clock and have never had a problem besides the fuel gauge when I first bought it, it is regularly serviced every 10k on log book service, minor services are around the $250 mark and $450 for major, the standard tyres it came out with were rubbish only getting around 50k out of them, I put toyo tyres on after that and only replaced front ones so far, they were put on at 56k and have got over 100k out of them, best tyres for them only costing $220 each, only thing is they are not too good in wet, Having being allowed to add more to this I would like to thank all my viewers who have read my review and would like to see Nissan upgrade my X-TRAIL to a new one for reaching so many.
The smoothness of driving it on long trips, the very good fuel usage it gives the handling on winding roads and steep hills.
Only problem is the left hand number plate light sometimes doesn't come on, a little tap brings it on,


Out of about the 5 modern cars that I have owned it is the best.

I bought a 2012 T32 with 20,000 on the clock. It now has 54,000 and it has never missed a beat. Highlights are a fuel economy of 10L/100Km mixed and 12L/100km towing a 16 foot Jayco poptop at around 90-100km/hr in all wheel drive. After a long run I don't have the back aches and pains that I have had with past cars.The choice of 4WD/all wheel drive or 2 wheel drive is great and service costs are very reasonable. The suspension is great and a lot of thought has obviously gone into this area.


Excellent used vehicle choice if you do not need/want serious 4WD

Purchased T31 Xtrail 2011 ST model with 50000k,s. on clock . My previous vehicle was a Falcon wagon. I tow a 4.5 mtr boat & a reasonably heavy general purpose trailer. I have very much appreciated the Xtrail's design & general build quality. It's efficient use of space compared especially with the Falcon wagon is impressive. The CVT gearbox efficient. The only criticism I really have of my choice after 10 months ownership is that it uses as much fuel as a 4 litre Falcon!


Great car

Our son bought one, loved it and we decided ,after test driving Rav 4, Forester, Crv Honda, we would get one as well. Very solid throughout, good economy, comfortable, and goes well [CVT petrol]. Pulled a 1 tonne camper for a few thousand K's and still got 10.1 l/100 k's. AWD is a bonus.You can sleep in the back.UPDATE. Now had vehicle for 3 years and have towed a couple of different caravans. 70000 k's on the clock. Have replaced a small bulb on the map light (free of charge). Very happy so far. Rear sensors are very handy.
Great economy, solid, comfortable


Very Reliable, love my car!

We purchased our X-trail ST-L in 2013 brand new, It by far is the best car we have had, we had to trade in our lovely little Nissan Tiida as we moved to a Rural town and travel down to sydney Frequently and the X-Trail runs perfectly especially on country roads, still 2 years later she still drives like a dream and does not even use a full tank driving the 860kms we have to drive!. we brought the X-Trail mainly because of the boot space and space in the car, and also because of the comfort and extra's that we got with it in a nice package deal that nissan done up for us. We brought ours from Nissan in Macarthur and i must say they are the best Nissan dealer by far that we have dealt with and continue to drive there for servicing because of there customer service, they really look after their customers!


Chewing tyres

My 2008 TL DCI has been nothing but trouble from day one. It has now done 100k on three sets of tyres despite getting the wheel alignment done ever 10,000 km. I take it to the same tyre co., and it is out every time. It still wonders all over the road. Far cry from the sure footed European cars. The a/c blew up and I had to go without it for three weeks in the middle of summer while they waited for parts. Nissan needed to replace the sunroof as it refused to close. I might add this only happened after some heated arguments. I am not 100% sure, but the 4x4 disconnects when the gear box gets too hot. Light on the dash indicates it is still connected. I don't like the new model XTrail. There is therefore no chance I will ever buy another Nissan.


Nissan X trail is fairly high enduring

I actually using this for my business so It is being used everyday for long trips in regional and outback area. The performance is really smooth and it is very comfortable inside. I'm happy and looking forward to the next years edition. It's a bit pricey compared to competitor brands but I love nissan ever since


Extremely disappointing

Our 2008 xtrail suited our family beautifully for a couple years. I even promoted the car to a few friends of mine who then went on and purchased one as we liked it so much. (The power of word of mouth!). A definite bearing noise and vibration developed in our car from the CVT gearbox. Nissan Australia told me to take it to my local Nissan servicing department for assessment. Funnily enough they said it was a 'normal noise' even though it 'didn't sound right'. I took it to a gearbox specialist who said the 2 bearings and cvt cluster in the gearbox were about to fail. $8000 problem!!!!!! Nissan continued with their hard line approach. Nissan do not want to know you after a car purchase. I wish they would back up a good car with good honest service. I vow to NEVER buy another Nissan. Service is terrible to say the least. About to take my complaint to Claims and Administrative Tribunal to have the problem dealt with once and for all. (Search online, others have had great success). Should have been recalled and fixed like the VW DSG models were. Maybe we have to wait for a Nissan driver to be involved in a accident for that to happen as in the VW case...... Poor performance Nissan.


A very versatile SUV

We love our X-trail! It is a daily driver to and from work in stop start traffic and we've never had a problem with the gearbox despite all the changing up and down. Still as smooth as the day we got it. Seats are very comfortable, and the cabin is very spacious. Great on fuel, too.

We have also taken it off-road a number of times. Nothing hard core, but we did a trip across the centre of Australia and did about 1500 kms on well formed gravel roads. It handled itself very well and we never felt like it would fail us (however, we did upgrade the shock absorbers beforehand as the stock ones would have overheated on the corrugations).

The only fault I can find with this car is the ground clearance, which isn't particularly important if you stay on the road anyway!


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Hello I have xtrail t31, after cleaning the egr valve .. rpm are not crossing 3k and ac compressor is not switching on. I have checked the compressor it's working fine when connected directly to battery power. In egr cleaning process, have disconnect the battery and no error codes are shown ...pls help thanks
No answers

help! please, my wife's t31 tl dci has a sun roof which has the rear lifted/tilted, and appears to be a blown fuse, cant operate the sunroof at all. checked the fuses under dash on rhs and fuses under the black box in engine compartment. please any ideas at all ?
3 answers
Is it a nissan factory fitted sunroof? or an after market. i have had an xtrail & pathfinder both fitted with factory sunroofs both had seized electrical motors in the sunroof caused by water/moisture getting into the sunroof seals on the roof. At first i thought it was a fuse & after further investigation found out the electric motors rusted due to water getting thru the seals. nissan didnt want to know & quoted $1,700 plus $170 p/hour labour to replace it & reseal. Ended up getting the job done & sunroof resealed for $500 you cant do it your self.Thankyou Trojan horse, do you know if there is a manuel over-ride to close the gen nissan sunroof ?I am not sure someone told me once you can use a screwdriver or allen key & turn the motor manually its an emergency over ride in electric sunroofs.i just did a google search & found a few other ways on you tube

I have a Nissan Xtrail T31 Series IV year 2011. How do I change the clock on the dash board, can do the one on the radio ok but the manual for the dashboard doesn't line up with my model. Can anyone help please. Very frustrating having 2 different times showing in the car.
5 answers
its pretty easy look near the bottom of the speedo there are two black knobs. one near the speedo the other next to the Tacho. Press & hold the knob (nearest the taco) in for about 5 seconds it will go into settings, scroll thru turning the knob until you reach clock, press the knob & the clock will flash turn & press the knob to set the time then scroll thru to exit & the clock should be set. You will need the key in the ignition & the ignition on.Thanks Ben, I have tried holding that knob in for 5 seconds and more and nothing happens, it doesn't go into settings and no ability to change the clock!!Try turning the knob counter clock wise without pushing it in. it should go into the computer settings then scroll down to clock i did mine about a week ago


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