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Nivea Invisible For Black & White Clear

Nivea Invisible For Black & White Clear

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soma79Sydney Surrounds, NSW

Absolutely terrible!


Ok first of all....I purchased it because I was broke & it was on sale. Left white marks on my clothes & I started smelling terrible, like some sort of chemical deposit on my pits.....but worst of all, I now have a rash on my armpits, started off itchy & now it burns....

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $3.99.

Causes Irritation Yes

Actually smells worse than BO.


Got home from work and noticed my jumper smelled like gross sweat. Was thinking -what the hell?- I definitely put on deodorant earlier. I reapplied this stuff (the roll on version) and the gross sweat smell got even worse!

This is easily the worst deodorant I've ever used. It actually smells like amplified BO; wish I was kidding. I pity anyone who walked near me today.

Purchased in February 2019.

Causes Irritation No


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Not effective in reducing smell


I have used the roll on for a few days now and have noticed it does not suit my body as I can smell the sweat. My daughter is the same. I like Nivea products junfortunatey this one is not for everyone.

Do not buy.


This product false advertises. Never in my life have I experienced white marks on my clothing due to deodorants and this is the only deodorant product I’ve had issues where it turned stained white on my clothes. Which is ironic how it claims to prevent against white marks. Also does not work at all. The “48h” clear label on it is complete crap.



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Fail!!! Evaporating without being opened!!!


Love it.


I love the fragrance and its long-lasting protection. I think it has a fragrance similar to Euphoria. My husband and I both use it so we don't have to double up on products.

I finally dont have to pile on 3 products to fight sweat


I dont understand how all the other reviews are so low because this deodorant is amazing! After 12 hours of wear in an extremely hot country, I dont smell a hint of sweat but the deodorant's pleasant scent instead! My white shirts are finally not stained yellow. My mother has also been using this for years and she raves about it.



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Smells awful, doesn't work


This is the worst deodorant I've used. not anti perspirant, feel sticky 3 hours in having done nothing and smells awful! Smells like sweat before it's even applied. I used the roll on version once and then threw it out.



Product leaves yellow sweat stains on white clothing and after a few days of use it quits working and you are left with horrible body odour that sticks to bras and underarms of shirts and dresses. I tried everything to remove the smell out of my clothes but NOTHING works. Switched to Dove and an all natural deodorant and they work great!





I tried my friend's black and white deodorant and that actually works and I have been using it for about a year or so. Recently though, my underarms start smelling bad after about 3hrs into the day. And worse, I have a huge sweat patch just from walking really fast for about 10 mins. It's quite ridiculous to be honest!


TashGold coast

Doesn't even work


I literally wear this product for 5 minutes and instantly sweat again. I'm better going all natural than wear this money-wasting product AND it's leaves white marks. What are they even thinking.



  • 17 reviews

Dont waste your time and money!


Previously used this product in the can version, the decided to switch to a roll on for more practical use, though after using this product on brand new white and black shirts, I have to say it is a complete marketing scam as it does the total opposite and ends up leaving large stains on brand new shirts after the sweat has dryed up. Even leaves an awfull smell yuck.
Complete waste of money. Nivea you are a bunch of crooks for scamming people.



  • 24 reviews

Doesn’t live up to any of its promises


With so many deodorants on the market, consumers are spoilt for choice. However, this is one such product they would be best to stay well away from! Quite frankly, it’s atrocious and doesn’t fulfil any of the promises it states on the roll-on bottle. Anti-yellow staining? Nope, if anything, my experience has led to an increase in me sweating when wearing this product. No white marks? My black t-shirt tells a different story. This is one of the worst deodorants I’ve ever used – in fact, I’m not even going to finish using it.



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Sore And Dry Underarms


I used the roll on one. The smell is fine, in fact it does exactly what it says...keeps arm pits dry and doesn't mark clothing. However it seems to severely over dry my arm pits. My skin is sore, dry and scaly after just three days use. Deodorant has never done this to me before. Wouldn't recommend for dry skin.



  • 10 reviews

Terrible smell


This is one of the worst deodorant I ever tried, if not the worse. The smell was awful. After I applied it, few hours later I was like what's that smell until I realised it was deodorant on me. I had to take a shower. Don't waste money on this.

Not lasting


I dunno about the stains but the deodorant doesn't even last! I walk to class everyday. Previously I dont stink when I arrive class. But now, the deodorant goes off with sweats and produce smells!

very poor + very poor customer service


This product is a disgrace - ruined 2 of my shirts ( blue) by staining + their customer service told me to get a stain remover + blamed composition of my perspiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not clear if it's suitable for other colours or just for black + white garments or what ?

It's a trusted brand in our house ( or was).



Did not work!


It is my 1st week using nivea invisible black and white and It did not effect at all or even make it less than other deodorant !
Black color caused white stain on my shirt
and White color caused yellow stain !

and yeah I was disappointed ..

too bad

Did not make any less difference than before

Leaves black stains


I have used this product and found that it left black stains on white shirts and any other light coloured garment. The product is not effective as, after 8 hours in an air conditioned office, you would not expect to have to re-apply deodrant - but that was my experience. I was very disappointed.

Certainly doesn't leave white marks - it leaves black ones!



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The best product ever


Nivea black and white DEO does what the product claims, its soft on the skin, not itch or sting, no marks and NO powder in the armpits. Best smelling armpits in town.
Great price!
Needs to be in a bigger can.

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أم ع.

أم ع.asked

Can it be good for coloured clothes?

1 answer

Not sure about coloured clothes . I did not get that far. It does not work the same on all people. Some love it others like myself it did not suit. The sweat smell was still there .

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