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Nivea Clean Deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Scrub

Nivea Clean Deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Scrub

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Didn’t help at all

I’ve been using the Nivia Facial Scrup for “Blemish Control,” and it doesn’t even work! I’ve used it twice daily, properly with warm water. I’m not getting any results. It’s only gotten worse. Very disappointed, saying on the bottle:
1. Cleanses deeply
2. Refines skin
3. Helps fight and prevent blemishes.
I feel like I’ve been mislead.

30+ with hormonal acne.

I've suffering hormonal acne for about 3 years mostly on my chin and this is the first cleaner I've used that's helped to control it,it's been about 6 months and pimples are very under control especially around period time when they seemed to be much more painful and worse.

Not for people with REALLY sensitive skin

I have a combination of sensitive, oily/combination and acne prone skin. I tried this product as a result of seeing my sister purchase this product. I don't exactly hate this product, since it did make my skin really smooth, however, I found that the 'small' beads were a bit harsh on my skin (maybe because I have sensitive skin); but the beads did remove a few blackheads.

I find it difficult to use it as a daily face wash, due to the harshness of the beads, overall, I believe that this product will work best if you have oily skin.

Will Never Change!

I have been using this for years now! Only product that has ever really worked for me. I use the toner and the tinted moisturiser daily and I always have clear skin and don't have to wear too much make up. Great that it is reasonably priced too, always a plus!
Cost, It Works

Not for me..

I tried this acne scrub out about a month ago, instead of getting rid of my pimples it gave me pimples.. This product is definitely not for me as it was not productive, I thought Nivea were the best in skin products but not for this one. There was one upside though, it did make my skin feel fresh which was good. :)
Colour, such as the blue beads.
Gave me pimples, non-effient


All my other face washers were pretty good at cleansing my skin, but they never made my skin look or feel soft and smooth like Nivea does.
Not only Nivea leaves my skin feeling and looking soft, clear, smooth and comfortable, but it also cleanses deeply into each and every one of my pores and gets rid of all that excess oil and bacteria that can cause pimples. If I have a pimple on my face, I don't need to worry because I know that if I keep on using this product, then in one week most of the pimples will just disappear, which they honestly do!!! I barely have any pimples now. No wonder this product is an award-winning skin care product of Australia! I absoloutley love it, and when ever I pat dry my skin with a towel, I look into the mirror, and I just enjoy staring at my skin because not only it feels comfortable, but it also looks so healthy, shiny and smooth that I just can't stop stroking it. So trust me, if you ever tried any other product to get all the amazing results as this one gives you in just a week, then I definetly recommend you get this one. It's so gentle on skin, and works effecivly on pimples. I have really sensitive skin, and all my other face washers left me with redness and dryness, which made my cry every time! But this one...it's perfect :)

Love Nivea 4 life!!! ♥ ♦ ☻
It smells naturally fresh, it leaves my skin so soft, and I hardly get pimples as much as I used to!
I love everything about this product! It's my number 1 face washer ♥


I offered to purchase the Olay range for my daughter but she loves this nivea Deep Cleansing Scrub, plus she uses the other nivea skincarew also. This Scrub she says leaves her skin feeling super clean and Fresh. It is a good price also.
It must do something for her as i am not paying for it and she still buys it so it is good for her skin. Her skin is now clear and looks bright, fresh and clean. A good product.
My daughter of 20 year uses this Deep Cleansing Scrub and she loves it, she says itleaves her skin feeling super clean and fresh. I offered to buy her the Olay range but she wouldnt have it.


A fantastic product which is a little more gentle than some of the rougher exfoliators but still gets the job done, even on those with sensitive skin like me. Really great price and the scrub won't scratch the skin because the tiny beads are small and gentle, not sandlike as some products seem to use.
The little micro-exfoliating beads in the gel scrub really got to the surface of the skin to exfoliate. I use this often and have very few complaints about it, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean but without aggitating sensitive skin
Often sold out in my local supermarket! : (


I think the price of this is great and certainly a great starter product for a youngster, male or female, who wants to get a good basic clean. I personally couldn't use this every day as it just is too 'harsh' on my middle-aged skin and you certainly can't use it with any amount of sunburn either. I'd be happy to blitz my skin with this once a fortnight.
Leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh. A scrub and cleanser in one!
Absolutely stings if you get sunburnt (as I found out on holidays!). I think it was the Lactic Acid and the beads that made it feel unbearable on sunburn.


After using this, I didn't see a difference in my pimples and blackheads, my skin just felt really smooth. It felt like it was working, I really liked the blue lactic acid balls, and the little exfoliating bits. Even though it didn't change my blemishes much, I probably would buy this again because it felt very cleansing and smooth to use.
I really like the blue power beads, they gently exfoliate my skin. After I used this my skin felt really smooth and supple.
It didn't really help with my balckheads or pimples, even though I had combination skin like the packaging said.

Questions & Answers

Is there a new product that replaced this one?
1 answer
I believe that this one has..at least that is what I'm using! http://www.nivea.com.au/products/face-care/Daily%20Essentials/normal-and-combination-skin/Refreshing-Facial-Wash-Gel

How much do you have to use it?
1 answer
That completely depends upon your own skin type and how often you wish to use it.


Nivea Clean Deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Scrub
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Release dateDec 2006

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