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Nivea Crème Bar Soap

Nivea Crème Bar Soap

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My skin type is dry and sensitive i had gone through many soaps santoor glycerin suits me better before gone through nivea but i got to get dry by using santoor so i tried dove it made pimples for my soft skin nd finally i went through nivea it left me excellect feel after bath no tightening of skin no worries it left soft,glowy skin.am going to stick for this.


Nivea is a well known household name and all i can say about it is that i am happy with my purchase. Being a soap I expected my skin to feel tight after i had used it but that was not the case, it felt soft and not dry at all, it was pleastly fragranced also, so the smell left on my skin after was gentle not over powering in any way. Being a Creme Bar Soap it lasts well only dont leave it in a wet spot, give it time to dry out oryou will end up with a mushy creme bar. I can only say if you have a baby or little ones this will go along way to keeping their skin also to the best it can, beats lux on little ones also, if you want a gentl smell this is the one for you.
A great product at a great price.


I generally like Nivea products, and have found that they are good for sensitive skin, but as far as soap goes there really isn't anything about this to make it worth the price. It costs about $5 a bar as I have seen it. I wouldn't say that there was any problems with using it, just that I wouldn't particularly buy it either. Quite unremarkable really.
Reasonable moisturising, very subtle fragrance. Nothing particularly special about it although I like that the company doesn't test on animals.
Dissolves really fast. Not a good soap for in the shower at all.


This is a nice gentle and mild soap but I feel it is too expensive for what it is and what it does. The fragrance is subtle and fine for the whole family. It does not dry the skin. It melts fast though and costs a lot per bar.
mild and gentle


We took some of this when we went on holiday as we were doing alot of swimming and outdoor activities.We didnt bring the remainder home, got too slimey but it was a nice soap and didnt dry my skin out even when used a few times a day.It has a pleasant smell, not too girly so the blokes can get away with using it too which is a bonus.Suitable for little children too, mild.
It left my skin feeling pretty nice and soft, didnt seem to dry it out at all.
More expensive than the other cakes of soap we used to buy.

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Crème Bar Soap
Release dateDec 2006

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