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Must have

This cream by Nivea is the greatest cream I have ever stumbled upon. I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on because it does an incredible job for multiple purposes. It worked a charm on my dry skin around my elbows and ankles. Also, I tend to wear a lot of mascara,eyeliner and eye shadow which runs down to my cheekbones in the shower so when I come out I just quickly apply the cream; rub it off and the makeup is gone. This cream also works splendidly as a moisturizer and makes the skin go very smooth.
Works great, reliable

A classic

In my life in one way or another for a few decades. My mum used to use this cream, and she had amazing skin, even into her 60s. She hardly had any lines. The scent also brings back memories for me. Whilst i prefer using organic face creams these days, I do love using this classic whenever i need some heavy duty moisturising on my face. Yes, it is a thick cream, however, if you use only a small amount, it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. It gives a nice sheen to the face, and is great for long haul flights too. So cheap too, which is great, as i refuse to spend a fortune on creams. I have to agree with a previous review and echo that i wish it still came in a tin - why mess with perfection?..overall, a great cream with so many uses


Combined with the night ream and eye cream this product leaves your skin feeling smoother and lines become less visible, i trialed it for about 3 months and noticed changes in my skin.
smooth on skin, compact


This is a great product to have around the house and its so compact. Its easy to fit in my bag and I can use it as a hand moisturiser too. Its fantastic for rough heels and elbows and still works wonders to soften my face at night! A little goes a long way, and it not too costly to buy.
This is such a good creme to use as a body moisturiser and also on the face as well. I love using it at night and let my skin just soak it up.
It scented, which can be a bit strong because I dont prefer something so smelly all the time.


Unbeatable, relaible, cheap skincare. A little smudge is often all that's needed for your face, particularly good as a night cream.
This has been used by all the women in my family for decades. I much prefer the creme to the lotion. A little goes a long way. Smells lovely and really does the job on very dry skin.
Wish it still came in the metal containers not just the plastic tub.


Nivea creme doesn wonders for my skin, i love this one because it's an all rounder! Then skin on my face is sensitive and I could never use the same moisteriser I use on my body for my face but this one I can. I love the thickness of it. It saves space when travelling because I don't need to take a few different creams for different parts of my body. It's a good price and you can purchase it from anywhere. Who says you need to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care. Nivea never lets me down!
It's cheap, works well
Nothing at all


This is the perfect cream for my legs as it leaves a nice sheen and leaves them totally moisturised. It is a thick and rich cream that doesn't cost much and I like the little pot it is in too. A great thing about this cream is that it is unspillable - so even if you accidently tip the little pot over, it won't spill -that's the extra bonus of this super-thick cream! Great price.
Excellent cream for really dry areas like legs, feet, elbows etc. It's very cheap and in a nice little pot.
Nothing I dislike about it.


This roduct did not suit me. Even in my sizties my skin is perhaps too oily for this heavy cream to suit me. I felt I sweated under this coating of oily cream, it was an unnatural feeling I did not like and the oil came off on my pillow and melted into my eyes, it was hard to remove other than using daop and water and I do not usually use soap on my face.

A very unpleasant trial experience.

In fairness if I had very dry skin, it may have been a useful product.
it was cheap
I didn't like the feel or the smell.


I have used this creme over many years. I like the feel of it on my skin and the way it replenishes the moisture I have lost in my skin. My mother was a great fan and this is where I first learned about the product.
I suffer from very dry skin and this creme really works for me.
Nothing at all


I love this stuff! I've been using it forever. I used it when I had a major scar on my face, now I have nothing. The price is great, and the whole tub lasts forever, which is very economical. I think that every bathroom should have a tub of this, it works so well.
Very cheap, not too greasy and it helped me to remove scars and hydrate my very dry skin that I had on my legs. It has a nice, light scent.
It's too greasy and thick to use on your face! Don't brush against anything while you're wearing this, it just goes everywhere.


I have tried many moisturisers and wanted to find something that costs a bit less as these types of products can get expensive.

So I tried Nivea Cream and found it to be oil based and very very oily. It really didn't get absorbed into the skin, instead sitting on the top and being transferred to all my clothes or anything else that I touched.

The fragrance is also very strong. It would be better if it was not as strong as it is not that pleasant.
A cheap moisturiser that will leave the skin soft.
Very oily and comes off on everything you touch. The fragrance is super strong and not very pleasant.


When I was a kid my mother slathered this all over us kids before we went swimming. I suppose it was to protect our skin from the chlorine in the pool. I didn't like the strange smell though.
Moisturising, protecting the skin.
Can be sticky and a bit difficult to wash off.


This is a product my mother used on me as a child. This is a moisturiser that is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. I have gone back to this product time and time again when my skin has been irritated by the weather, eczema, allergic reaction to skin products and just lacking moisture. I love the fragrance of this product and I would fully recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin. I think that it is a product for youthful skin as it is not an anti ageing cream. It has a cooling effect on the skin and is very soothing on sunburn.
It does not irritate the skin and is very reasonably priced.

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Questions & Answers

Is this suitable for a 13 year old?
1 answer
Of course! Its moisturiser. Better habits established in youth will pay off tenfold in their later years. Guaranteed

I used Nevea baby lotion for my LO but when i go shopping on nearby malls its all out of stock so i decide to buy Nevea Creme can I used it to my 14mos old Baby boy? thanks
1 answer
Hi there, I've never thought of that one. I think baby products are specially formulated to be gentle fur little babies so I would tend to play it safe and find another supermarket baby lotion. However the Nivea Crete will be fantastic for your face and neck. I use it at night and use a hither moisturiser - neutrogena or Simole in the day. No need at all to go exensifecto get great skin care

What is the difference between using original Nivea cream to the latest creams. why is one better than the other?
1 answer
"Latest creams" ? You mean newer nevia products or like 'latest high end or more expensive brands"? Well there is a brand called la mar la mer i dont remembef exactly but it is 300.00 for a jar made in france but pretty much idential ingredientwise to nivea original but with added antioxidance which exverytime u open the jar losses potency/effectivenice I think sadly it is just trial and error amd find what works for you your skin and wallet


ApplicationBody, Face and Hands
Release dateDec 2006

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