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Nivea Deodorant Double Effect

Nivea Deodorant Double Effect

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AimzNorth Queensland, QLD

Horrible painful reaction


Dont use this spray, I recently tried this one after being an avid rexona user.....HUGE MISTAKE!!!! It has left me with massive rashes and bumps in my armpits and the feeling of them being on fire! Not happy at all! I'm not only uncomfortable but in lots of pain too....avoid at all costs!!!!

Causes Irritation Yes


UndiesSydney, NSW

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Runny nose and sore eyes.


I'm trying the men's version of Nivea spray deodorant. Both my son and I were wondering why our noses have been runny, stinging eyes etc.....didn't take us long to realise it is the Nivea deodorant causing the issues. What's going on!!!! Never had this reaction with ANY underarm before.

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

CatherineSouth East Queensland, QLD

Terrible !!


I can’t believe how many people this is happening to! Used this product this morning and 16 hrs on I’m still itching like mad. Bright red, inflamed rash under both arms. I’ve never had problem with deodorants.... what the hell is in this stuff??!

Purchased in December 2018.

Causes Irritation Yes


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Used it for a long time but recently just brought another can and my mum and I both got horrible red bumpy rashes under our arms, that stung and were ichy.

Let it clear up after a few days of not using it, thinking maybe it was just pot luck we both may have cut ourselves shaving.
But as soon as we used it again, SAME THING!

Christie K

Christie KHunter Region, NSW

  • 4 reviews



I love how the fragrance is not strong and doesn’t linger but does keep the Body odour away for 12 hours

Save your pits! Buy something else.


First application appeared an aggressive rash that bled.
Nothing could touch the area. Arms up for a weeks with camomile lotion treatment.
Didnt think it was the product so I used it again a month later with the same reaction.
Glands up and burns with an uncontrollable itch.
This product should be pulled from the shelves.



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Red burning skin


After using this product I developed angry red and itchy areas under both armpits. I thought it was a bacterial rash. The burn and itch was so bad I didnt use any products for over a month until yesterday when I used the Nivea spray and got the same reaction. Now I know its the product.

Dislike this product


I have only recently bought this and then out of the blue i was itching so bad under my arm pits i made myself bleed i stopped using the deodorant as it hurt. i then used my partners when i healed and i had no itching what so ever i just thought i had a medical problem LOL until i started using this deodorant again and I'm back to square one itchy and sore armpits i strongly advise against buying product.


KelSouth East Queensland, QLD

Should be taken off the shelf


Red itchy rash which caused blistering and swollen glands under my arms after about 1 weeks use. I couldn't touch my underarm or shave the area for over a week after discontinuing use. The area burnt so badly and was incredibly painful if anything such as my clothing came into contact with it. It completely blocked my sweat glands and my doctor advised to not use the product again. Almost a month later my armpits still aren't back to normal but they are healing and almost there.
Do not buy or use this product!



This deodorant gave my mum and I an itchy rash under our armpits. Avoid purchasing this deodorant. Upon seeing the reviews here its evident that this has happened to a lot of people.


MJMSydney, NSW

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Not so good afterall


I have been using this product for over 2 years without any issues until about 2 months ago when my partner and I developed red itchy rashes under our armpits. We let the rashes heal and then started using it again to confirm it was caused by the deodorant. Yup. We were right. What has Nivea done to this product. We can’t use it any more and it’s now in the bin!! Avoid it at all costs.

Severe itchy rash


I've used this deodorant in the past with no problems at all,
This time it's a very different story
My armpit became inflamed crazy itchy and developed a weepy occasionally bleeding rash under both armpits I thought it had to be something else so once it got better tried again again the same aggressive itchyness has returned so it's in the bin never to return



  • 2 reviews

Terrible reaction.


I bought this product two weeks ago and immediately after the first application I developed a terrible rush under both arms so I stopped using it, and yesterday i tried it again thinking maybe it wasn't the product ,but today i have a terrible burning and itching under both my arms so i just took photos and tomorrow i will contact Nivea giving them the opportunity to comment. I can't believe how many people had the same problem, I only thought of checking Product Review by accident.

terrible rash


After using this product I got a bumpy, red, sore rash that began to weep under my underarms. It is absolutely terrible. I do not recommend this product at all.

Kathryn C

Kathryn CMelbourne

Reaction - Horrible Rash


I have never reacted to deodorant before and I have developed a significantly bad rash under both arms from this product. Do not buy or use even more in particular if you have sensitive skin.

Allergic Reaction


Myself and family used this product and we all ended up in a horrible red burning itchy rash.

We used different sprays, as well as this one, from the same brand.



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terrible! dangerous product. do not recommend


I have used this a few times and developed a big red bumpy rash all over my underarms (almost like burns) my skin then started to peel and flake away. what on earth is in this product that causes this as i see I'm not the only one? i now use baking soda and water. haven't had a problem since.

Painful rash


Iv housed this a few time and now have noticed a painful bumpy red rash all around my armpits and arms. Quite a large diameter! Horrible stuff. I have never reacted to any deodernet before. Surprised to see it's not only me



i dislike this product, it is bad!! only lasts about 20 minutes until you feel sticky. Leaves a small (2 inch), red, but extremely itchy and irritating rash which scars for a long time.

Winged Babe 7

Winged Babe 7

  • 2 reviews

Bad product


I purchased this product today from a chemist and got a severe red dotted rash under both arms thats gone all the way down to side of my torso, also weeping! Painful too . I also noticed they say 0% alcohol on front of can but then ingredients mentions alcohol! I
Terrible product,

Severe allergic reaction

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