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Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal

Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal

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DNA -I bought this just to try it out, and I was surprised at the results, it doesnt cost a fortune but I would recommend it, you dont need to use heaps of the product just start of with a small amount as you can alway put a bit more on. I found it soaked into my skin nicely and certainly wasnt greasy at all. I would buy this again and I would recommend this to others. Fabulous if your on a budget. Dont forget this is only part of your skincare routine, dont forget your Toner and your Serum. If you want a kincare regime done for you please contact me if you can.
DNA is a lovely smooth cream that you dont need a lot of to get the benefits. Use this cream for about three months and you will see a change in your apperance. I bought this just to try as I love trying out new skincare items,
I didnt like the eye cream, it made my eyes watery and I wouldnt use the eye cream again.


I've used the day and night creams for a couple of years now. They seem to work fine with my relatively sensitive skin. They feel good on your skin. I'm not sure I could claim that I have younger looking skin but the spf factor in the day cream will reduce your risk of sunburn if you're outside for short times in summer and it has been shown less sun=less wrinkles! Worth a go and see for yourself:)
Feels nice, certainly feels like you're doing good things for your skin
Costs more than your average supermarket day/night cream


I am an eye cream fan and am always on the lookout for a great, cheap product. I got this as part of a Nivea DNAge gift set. I have used (and dislike) the Nivea anti-shadow eye cream, but this one is very different. The texture is thicker, and whilst it is a cream the texture is more like a gel-cream blend. It goes on my eye area very smoothly and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It instantly makes my eye area feel more firm and moisturized. It is a fantastic base for makeup which is what I love best about it. I cannot comment on how it works for wrinkles and lines, but it does work very well to moisturize and nourish the area.
Nivea DNAge Cell Renewal Eye Cream: Applies smoothly, thick texture, great base for makeup, makes eye area feel instantly firmer and more moisturised.


I'm too scared to use it on my face as it's heavily perfumed. Works really well as a daytime neck cream. It does leave my skin moisturised and soft to the touch. On hot days I don't use it as the perfume is too strong and can cause headache.
DNAge Cell Renewal Day: Moisturising, has sun protection.
Way too much perfume!


This is a great night cream that shows results. It makes my skin much firmer and really reduces wrinkles. It makes my skin much more radiant and gives me a healthy glow. It is really rich and creamy but with a nice scent and is not overly greasy like alot of other night creams tend to be. It is perfect for overnight as it allows you skin to be nourished with a deep treatment without the worry about being shiny. It is so well priced and economical for those on a budget but want to take their skin care regime seriously.
DNAge Cell Renewal Night: A good overnight moisture treatment for the older person who wants to help their skin look and feel younger.

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DNAge Cell Renewal
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