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Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion

Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion

4.3 from 7 reviews

Pretty good body lotion

Nivea does produce pretty good moisturisers and body lotion. I like this one best. It moisturises my skin instantly and yet it does not feel rich or oily. I definitely recommend if you would like a no fuss, does its job moisturiser without burning a hole in your pocket!

Soft and smooth

I have been using Nivea Body Lotion Irresistibly Smooth for about 10 days and it is a great product. I suffer from Eczema and after only 10 days the results are really impressive, no more dry and red marks. Just great!!

Very moisturising, doesn't sting

I bought the one for dry skin. It's very rich and totally non sting after shaving, I love it! This is now my go to body moisturiser, would definitely recommend!

Good stuff

I've tried many moisturisers at the same price point (Vaseline intensive care, dove, garnier, other nivea lines) and i like this one the best. I don't always apply body moisturiser every day but I like this one enough to make the extra effort of putting it on more often than not. When i ran out of my first bottle i went and got more and will keep going back for more
Nice smell, easy to apply, helps make skin soft, good price

Very creamy skin cream

Nivea Irresistibly Smooth body lotion is so creamy and goes on like a dream. Not greasy or oily just leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished . I use this on my hands and legs and its so nice,I feel as though it is keeping my dry skin hydrated.


This is a great product, quite inexpensive, feels great on - quite light. I used it for a number of weeks and did find that skin does feel smoother. Quite long lasting as well, making it more economical.


I received as a sample, and was excited that it contained shea butter. However its moisturizing properties didn’t seem much different from any other body lotion. The smell is similar to many other body lotions and creams; that fresh, soapy, after shower smell which I don’t really like (sharp soapy scents irritate my nose). I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this product.
Smooth thin texture, spreads on skin easily and absorbs quickly into skin, scent lingers on skin for a long time.
It doesn’t seem to be any more moisturizing than most other body lotions, don’t really like the smell.

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Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion
Release dateMar 2011

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