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Nivea Sun Spray

Nivea Sun Spray

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Ruins clothes!!

This product worked ok to protect our skin however it permanently stained our clothes. I soaked them several times in good quality stain remover however couldn’t get the stains out!

Purchased in March 2019.

(Update: melanoma diagnosis after relying on the product for years) Burnt so badly it is like I didn't have anything on!

(Updating this review 6months on: I've relied on this product for several years as it was not greasy and I believed I was protected. I was diagnosed with Melanoma in May! I think this is partly because of the poor protection this product offers). Please Use A Zinc Based Protection!

Went to the beach today, spent approx 1hr there. Applied this sunscreen as my skin burns easily. My partner slathered heaps on my back where my bikini doesn't cover. The only time that area of my back was exposed was when I was in the water, all other times it was covered by clothing. It is red and burnt, almost as badly as the part of my legs that I missed completely! I have never burnt in less than an hour while wearing sunscreen (not even when wearing this one!). I'm so disappointed and upset that this product has been approved for sale, especially with so much anecdotal evidence that it doesn't work!

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
Response from Nivea was to deny their product could possibly have anything amiss and imply that it was my fault/ that I had incorrectly applied. Eventually they asked for the batch number and sent me a "replacement". I'm hesitant to use any of their sunscreen again! It is really disappointing that they have not investigated it and seem loathe to initiate investigation into this product, despite the large number of complaints about it. We aren't all putting it on wrong. There is a problem when 50+ doesn't work during 40min max in the sun.To make it clear, I have used this in the past without issue. I read recently that they changed the formula last year. I assume this is where the problem lies.I used this spray for many years. I recently received a diagnosis of melanoma. I have to wonder if this is in part related to the poor protection this product offers overall. Fortunately the melanoma was found early and there was no spreading to the tissue around it or to the lymph nodes. I am disappointed that I wasn't protected more by the sun care product I relied on in good faith!

Not effective

It's very disappointing and deeply disheartening when you do the right thing and apply sunscreen only to be severely sunburnt. This product is not effective. Mostly, I'm so angry that I used this product on the whole family and my kids were sunburnt badly.

Doesn’t work

We applied and reapplied but we’re burnt red raw. For skin prone to skin cancer like my husbands this is very dangerous. This doesn’t work!

Burnt red raw

Applied this product like all sunscreens are recommended. Once I left the beach I noticed I was burnt red raw and painful. I have olive skin and I have never burnt like this before. Its like the product actually encouraged my skin to burn instead of protecting it. It needs to be taken off the shelf. Dangerous product.

Applied as per directions and burnt to a crisp.

Partner and I applied this liberally about 15-20 minutes before going to the beach at 10am. We spent an hour there. The UV index was 7, so quite high but not crazy. We came back as soon as we felt like our skin didn't feel quite right. 10 hours later and we're red as lobsters and in significant pain.

Doesn’t work!

Applied before going in the sun, 2 hours later myself, husband and 5 year old were horribly burnt. How can they even sell this stuff? It literally doesn’t do the 1 thing it’s supposed to! Nivea should be ashamed of this product, it’s harmful to consumers.
Spoke to Nivea who told me I was using it wrong. You need to use 7 teaspoons each....so next time I measured it (it's 27 sprays), still got burnt. If a family of 3 uses it in the way they say you should (which ISN'T written on it anywhere) then you'll get 3 applications. You will need to use the entire bottle in 1 day to have adequate sun protection.

Does not work, got burned bad!

I think the formula has changed because older reviews rave about this product but not recent ones. I've been using Nivea for years too but this Nivea Sun Spray that I bought and used this week did not work at all! My children, husband and I were all sun burned bad after using it. As usual we waited 20 mins before going into the water and reapplied after coming out of the water and we do this with all other sunscreens, including Nivea ones, but somehow this one did not work, it's like we didn't even use it at all!

Goes on well but not effective

This is super convenient and our first experience with spray on sunscreens. However, when it came down to it, it just didn't work. I got massively burnt despite repeatedly applying to shoulders. My two kids also were slightly burnt where we applied this sunscreen instead of their other one (we used two different sunscreens on them.) This was in very intense sun so perhaps it might be ok for milder situations.

Not as greasy as some

This is a great product it doesnt feel greasy i am confident in using this on my grandchild .i would like to see better used by dates on this product


overall this is a great sunscreen, so easy to use and great to take with you everything as it is a great handy size, not too big but not too small that you run out quickly. i love the smell of it too
i like this sunscreen, i use it mainly for my daughter, its easy enough for her to use herself, smells gorgeous, is easier the the non spray ones and i find you dont use as much as the non spray ones
sometimes can feel a bit oily or greasy but thats about all i dislike at times about it


This stuff is great. I should have discovered it earlier. It is very light, and absorbs easily. Best of all, it comes in a spray bottle. When we go out everyone always ends up borrowing my sunscreen because this one is so easy to apply. It also smells good to me and reminds me of my summer holiday in Europe :) I guess I still find it a bit greasy but I have accepted that with sunblock - if you have enough on, it will be greasy.
Smells great, easy to apply with the spray bottle, thin formula
Can be a bit greasy


I was looking for a light and non greasy sunscreen that absorbs quickly. I don’t like that heavy sunscreen feeling and scent which reminds you that you are wearing sunscreen all day. This one does all those things so would fit my criteria for an everyday sunscreen. I like the spray applicator as the product comes out faster and is easier to spread. The only thing that bothers me is the scent (as with most Nivea products), so for that reason I have switched to a different branded spray sunscreen.
The formula is non greasy, feels light on skin, and the spray applicator make is (seem) faster and easier to put on.
Not a fan of the scent.


It's not bad, I do love that its non greasy but its a pain when the nozzle its 360 degrees meaning i cant spray myself from any angle, can make it hard work to do thighs! Its a good product and I'd reccommend it but there are other products out there that can be sprayed from any angle.
Non-greasy and high protection.
Doesnt have a 360 degree nozzle.


I do not like sun lotions where they are greasy and makes my clothing seem to stick on me therefore I absolutely LOVE this sun spray! A little spray on my skin, rub it in and its fast absorbed. And its not sticky at all! Best of all, I used this on holiday with me in Port Stephens where I was out in the open sun almost all day for 3 days and I did not get sunburnt!
Not sticky or greasy. Very effective in sun protection!


Dont really like the smell last a long time it good because it is in a spray bottle good protection from the sun would use this one again
Love this one

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Nivea Sun Spray
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