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112 reviews
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Devastated- my children are so burnt!!!


This product does not work. My children are horribly burnt after using Nivea sunscreen. We were only in the sun for two hours between 08:30am and 10:30am. It looks like we did not use sunscreen at all. They were in so much pain and now have blisters and are peeling. After years of diligently applying sunscreen to my children to protect them, they will now have to live with sun damaged skin. I am so outraged that Nivea claims it is 50+, 4 hours water resistant. I will never buy another Nivea product again!

The worst sunscreen!


Brought this brand and used it on Australia day. 2hrs in the sun and I noticed that my legs and arms were starting to get pink, so I reapplied it thicker, after an hr I could see my skin burning, so then i stayed indoors the rest of the day.
The next day I couldn't walk as my legs were very burnt and swollen and full of blisters which I had to go to the hospital to get them cut off and dressed (very painful).

not impressed in the slightest.


Over a two hour period we applied the Nivea sunscreen spf 50+ several times and also had sum safe clothing and wide brimmed hats on and we ended up burnt and sore. Including my 3 year old and 1 year old. I thought I was being responsible and instead feel like a negligent mother.

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Jason Vile

Jason VileKerikeri

Nivea sun screen faulty


Purchased the Nivea 30+ sunscreen in Northland New Zealand. My partner and I applied to our exposed skin areas prior to a walk along the beach. 1 hour of sun exposure left us both burnt.
Thankful we didnt need to use it on our child who remaind under the cover of his stroller for the walk.
I know if this had happened in many other countrirs around the world, Nivea would currently be seeking legal representatiom for the many law suits people would be filing for.
Shame on you Nivea!

Never again


We used this product for months including different batches. My partner who doesn't usually get allergic reactions got kept getting a rashes on his arms and neck. This has also stained our white clothing where the sunscreen would touch tge edges, despite putting clothes on a white soak several times we cannot get the brown/tan colour out. Good quality clothing some new ruined. Thanks Nivea :(

Worst sunscreen ever!


Slathered on very liberally and waited 30mins before going out in garden. Burned to a crisp in 1.5 hours max! Never happened before. Only clicked when checked bottle (different to usual). B 6345324 BN; exp 08/19. Never using Nivea again!



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Excellent sunscreen


I've had a really positive experience with Nivea's 50+ sunscreen. It applies smoothly and evenly, and doesn't have an overpowering smell. I have never been burnt wearing this sunscreen. I love this sunscreen, it does the job well and doesn't leave behind a greasy residue like other sunscreens.

Burnt to a crisp


We are all sitting here burnt to buggery I'm very disappointed in this product did not work at all!!!
Not impressed I would expect a sunblock to work wouldn't you

Would not recommend to anyone..


Applied to my face, arms and chest before playing with kids in the backyard and discovered the next day my face was covered in rashes and blisters..had a bad reaction to an ingredient used in sunscreen and am taking meds to try stop the rash and creams to stop scarring and itching..face is covered i cant leave the house due to how frightful it looks..very disappointing

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Daughter got sunburnt while fishing


Applied before she left home and again during the trip. Badly burnt top of thighs, fortunately I had aloe vera gel and she slathered that on for three days. In real pain for all that time, not good enough!



All got burnt!!!


Used this for the first time yesterday. By the end of the day my two boys were burnt like they hadn't put sunscreen on all day. The other boy who used different sunscreen wasn't burnt


GnomesHurunui, Canterbury, NZ

Sunburnt in short time of using this product


Smothered protect & moisture SPF50+ 1/2 Hour before going in sun and water was only in both for 1 1/2 hours and still got burnt reasonably bad.
Product batch # 112102005?

Nivea face moisturiser gave me a rash


I used the face moisturiser product twice - on face and neck. First time I felt itchy. Second time I got a bad bright red, very itchy rash with tiny blisters that lasted 2 weeks. I have a sensitivity to mango, so always check the ingredients lists on products, but some only state "active" ingredients. I wonder whether there is mango in the sun block/moisturiser products without it being listed. It is not uncommon for people to react to mango as it's a member of the poison ivy family. Because of this alll Nivea products are now on my no-go list.

Nivea 50 plus protect and moisture batch 53261477 time 07/11 exp 07/2017


We have always used Nivea but this batch resulted in us all being and blistered with only 2 1/2 hours in lte afternoon sun with a re-apply we were very shocked it must be a bad batch - we have 2 bottles and we shall be putting them in the bin

Let's react sensibly


I think we need to know the batch numbers as some is OK & some isn't. So let's be sensible to sort this out and approach Nivea rationally not hysterically.

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TamSydney, NSW

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Do not buy, worst sunscreen ever


I bought this product for $16 (expensive!). Used it genourously on me and my family, we weren't in the sun for that long and now we are all so sunburnt. It is dangerous and a health hazard. It should be recalled, it can lead to skin cancer.



Nivea Sun Protect Lotion


Yep our couple of kids got burnt or had a reaction to it. We couldn't work out why they felt like they got burnt on their face. Will give feedback to Nivea suppliers. Purchased at Waikanae Countdown.

Does not work!!!


I have used Nivea sunscreen for years..25+!
I purchased a 'new improved' version and have the worst sun burn after an hour in the water. I am always careful, apply 30 minutes before, even swim with a hat! My olive skinned husband was burnt after 45min in the water!
This product doesnot work!

December 2nd 2017 Update: Failed the Consumer NZ test!

Myself and many others were badly burnt using this product and complained to Nivea last year, with them denying there was an issue, with the new and improved product.
The Consumer NZ test results this week show a fail! I feel validated.



I used this product for the first time over the December 2016/January 2017 holidays and never had an issue with it ever. There were also at least another 7 people who were using the product as well and no-one has gotten burnt or anything. It was great



Worst sunscreen - it doesn't work!


After reading the reviews I also experienced similar issues. This product should be recalled immediately!! I have emailed Nivea with my concerns and will wait for their reply. I applied sunscreen liberally and as directed, reapplying. I was only in the sun for a small amount of time and was burnt to a crisp! I have never burned using other sunscreen brands. Not happy!!

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Mia S.

Mia S.asked

this is the best suncream

1 answer

No do not use it. It will not protect you. I used it (reapplied 3 times in 2 hours) and was burnt to a crisp. Had to take 3 days off work. I now have scarring on my shoulders because of it.

John R

John Rasked

Some sun creams leave a stain on clothes, does this one ?

1 answer
Mia S.
Mia S.


Tam K.

Tam K.asked

Does it got heavy smell?

1 answer
Mia S.
Mia S.


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