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Hi, I have already signed a lease, and only just stumbled on this review site....hmmmm i must say mixed, its either good or bad. Up until now, NLC have been great. I am about to submit a claim for reimbursement of rego so I hope im not waiting 1 month to a year to be reimbursed, hahahaha.
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What is the NLC early termination policy to upgrading to a different vehicle with NLC? Current lease is only 5 months old and its a 60 month Term. I had a chat with NLC consultant this morning and I was told, that I have to pay remaining lease term + 3 additional payments. Is this is correct?
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Hi there, A payout figure is inclusive of our nlc penalty (which is one finance payment and usually when an upgrade is occurring can be waived) as well as a Macquarie Leasing Penalty (which is approx finance payment) as well as any outstanding finance payments, the RV and a credit of interest. I hope this answers your question, please let us know if we can assist further. Kind regards, Lucy

What is NLC early termination policy if one is made redundant from employer i.e. (Telstra) before NLC contact is completed? thanks Kevin
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Hi Kevin, Please be advised that if you are leaving your employer, the nlc running cost account would need to be reconciled. If you are leaving your employment due to an involuntary redundancy and your lease included redundancy insurance, please call through to our insurance team on 1800 652 652. They will be able to advise further on what this covers. Once you have left your employer our team will begin to reconcile your running cost account. Any positive balance will be returned to your through your payroll at Telstra and any negative balance in the account will be invoiced to be paid back to nlc through your employer. If you have any further questions in regards to the reconciliation process, please call through to our customer support team on 1800 652 652. Thank you, Lucy

I have a lease with NLC and my bank as part of our mortage is requesting the transaction statement record from Mcquarie. Would you be able to assist me? Thanks in advance Laura Robinson
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Hi Laura, Thank you for your query, could you please send us a private message with your preferred contact number and one of our Customer Support team members will get in touch with you. Kind regards, LucyHi Laura, Just following up on this one. Do you still want some from our Customer Service team to chat with you about your enquiry? If so, please private message me your contact details. Kind regards, Lucy

How long does it take for NLC to return funds to my employer? It’s been almost a month and haven’t received anything
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Hi Jess, Depending on your employers contract with nlc this can take up to 6 weeks. The reason for this is that we have to ensure all invoices from expenses have been received and confirm deductions and payments from your employer (again, depending on their contract and payment structure). Feel free to contact customer support on 03 8699 7000 for an exact ETA on your termination report and balance. Thanks, Danni nlc- a better way to buy cars

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