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Sarah H.

Sarah H.Canberra 2600, ACT

Save yourself $3000 and dont buy it


Purchased in July 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $7.00.


SidGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

PLEASE take this product off the shelves!!!


PLEASE take this product off the shelves!!! It contains dangerous chemical not listed on the can.
I'm pregnant and want this out of my house. Makes me extremel ill.
Whats your forwarding address? Im returning both full and partial cans back to you to dispose of safely.

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Footscray.

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No Vac
Bronwyn P.No Vac

Hi Sid, We're so sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with our product. You can find our contact details listed on the back of the can.

Larissa F.

Larissa F.South West, QLD

So good for a busy mum!!!


Since having kids, life has become busier. This is a great way to make the house (and car!!!!) much cleaner and more sanitary. Especially after last weeks bout of the vomiting bug!!!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Supercheap Auto Physical Store for $7.99.


JabesSydney, NSW

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Dries in five minutes...yeah right!


I put this on a hall runner very lightly. 2 hours later, still wet. The smell. Well what can I say, I threw the can out and it's only half used. I bought the vanilla orchid one and maybe I'm just getting a little smarter with chemicals in my house but I just couldn't take it. Definitely not buying again. For dog odour and general freshness, I should just use a natural lavender or vanilla spray with bicarb or vinegar.

Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths for $6.00.

John T


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No Vac works best


I have tried other stain removers but have not come across a better product than NOVAC for removing most stains including Oil, Urine, Face Creams,coffee,and wine stains.
It is nearly always out of stock at the local hardware. I grab a couple of cans when it is in stock, a very popular product.



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Handy Vac


bought a hoover 7.2 handy vac some 18 months ago and now find battery replacement battery not available from Godfreys or anybody else.
Had to get battery world to make a replacement battery, thank goodness they could do it.
It pays when buying a handy vac if replacement battery still available.

Recent stain easily removed.


It was efficient in my case. I used it on a recent stain and I waited for the smell to go away for a few hours but the results was great! Give it a try!



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Novac Instant Spot and Stain Remover


Unbelievable results on gold coloured carpet. Many stains on bedroom carpet - cat vomit, coffee & hand cream. Have tried many products and home remedies before. Best result by far!

Bedroom caught on fire


My mum was cleaning the carpet and as it got towards the end of the can, it blew up in her hands, a flame arose and within seconds the bedroom was up in flames. Thank god no one was hurt. This company should re consider taking this product off the shelves to have them properly examined. In so much shock right now I can't believe it. Not worth the risk.

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No Vac
Greg KNo Vac

jayjaySydney Australia

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Caused my Ragdoll cats fur to fall out!


I should've trusted my gut feeling & not bought this product. It claimed to be safe to use around pets. It is not!! My Ragdoll's fur started falling out. He spends a lot of time laying on the carpet & my vet agrees that this product is the cause. I feel awful. Bi carb soda sprinkled on the carpet & vacuumed off a few hours later removes odours. I know better now. Thankfully his fur will grow back, but I imagine if I used this product regularly & through grooming he ingested it, he would have suffered more serious health problems.
Pet owners beware!!!

bad value


used no vac foaming sanitiser + deodoriser 290g can on my carpets... and the whole can was only enough for 2 and a half bedrooms. was so disappointed. wasn't even spraying a thick layer cos I felt like it was emptying so fast. $4.90 from Coles. I cant really say wether the product was efficient or not because the hydrocarbons were so strong, was almost hard to breathe. :/
should've opted for $1.90 canister of Coles brand lavender carpet powder crystals - would've been plenty to cover at least 3 rooms with it and been better value!

Disgusting smell


This is the worst product I've ever used! I've spent the past 4 days trying to get rid if the disgusting smell. It has invaded the entire house and is making us all sick. If anyone can suggest a deodoriser that will remove the smell of this stuff please let me know! I'd rather have the doggie smell that I was hoping to rid!

Didn't remove stain


Hoped to remove a stain. Product did nothing at all to the stain. Going to try something else. Could be an impossible stain to remove, but I was expecting at least some improvement.

Update - second try/product also did little if anything. Stain must really bad.


rafSouth East Queensland, QLD

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The best Stuff!

Not happy

Not happybrisbane

Roof lining collapsed


I cleaned my roof in my car with this product. Roof lining collapsed . Company refuse to do anything about it. I'm now off to lawyer

No vac for fresh carpets professional (Fresh)


The product is horrible. I will never try it ever. It has created breathing problem to all of us in the family. Moreover the company does not take responsibility for the product. The odour of the product has penetrated in the rug so I have to get the rug steam cleaned by professional carpet cleaner to make it odour free. The company is not even bothered about its reputation as it refused to bear the cost for cleaning the rug for the odour which has penetrated in the rug. Will never use no vac products again.



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Spot and Stain Remover is just wonderful.


I had stains on my stairs which have been professionally treated - to no avail. I tried the Spot and Stain remover without much hope and was stunned that it totally removed the stains. I will never be without it in the house.


IllikaeriQLD, 4350

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Cleaned cat vomit stains!




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I don't know what is worse - the smell of cat urine or the smell of the no vac for pets. The no vac I sprayed after spot cleaning the carpet in a couple of areas seems to have really bound to the carpet fibres and now despite having shampooed the carpet a couple of times I can't get rid of the smell of the no vac - I definitely would not use this product again or recommend it.
easy to use
digusting smell that is impossible to get rid of

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Why is there a sticker on it to win $1000 and it is hard to get into the site to enter ?????

I can't live without it


It gives the house a nice carming affict I just love it so much.
The only one I use is the camerile Can't live without it.
At the moment I can't seem to buy this product in any of our grocery stores I would like to know if it is coming back on our NewZealand we have all the other brands but not the one with the daisey flower on it can you please help.

tracey o
tracey o

We cant buy it in Australia either??


I love No Vac, for doggy odours,and for my rugs and carpets its excellent, have been buying it for ages.

tracey o
tracey o

I rang my sister in NZ and her local new world store ordered a box of "soothing Camomile" for me Yay!! It apparently is available in some new world stores if not they can order it.

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Where can I buy the soothing camomile no vac in Geelong please?

No answers



Hi, I have used no vac instant spot & stain remover on my lounge room carpet & now have worse stains/marks on the carpet. It now looks like oil stains, like when you apply the spray & the carpet is darkened (a wet look). Please, any help as to how I can rectify this???

1 answer

Hi Suz,
I have not used the No Vac "spot and stain remover". I use the No Vac foam "sanitiser and deoderiser". May help to use something like a "Vanish" product? or BEST IDEA is to call in professional carpet people like Stain Busters. I used Stain Busters for extremely bad stains and they are great. I am sorry that my review for the sanitiser/deoderiser is confused with the other No Vac product. Hope you can get a good result.



I have been using NoVac for some time but now I can't find it in my local IGA and have also looked in Coles and Woollies but they don't seem to carry it anymore. Could you please advise where I can purchase it? My postcode is 5522. Thankyou

1 answer

Hi Harney,
The Woolworths I shop from (in Carindale 4152), still stocks No Vac in "Purifying Breeze","Garden Breeze", "Fresh Pet"; and the Car Care version in "Frangipani". Not sure if that is of any help as 5522 doesn't sound near Carindale..

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