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133 reviews
EllaNSWSydney, NSW2 posts

Idea is great . Implementation is weak

Only two weeks into the program and its not a good experience. the fact that you read some short nutritional and psychological articles every day helps you motivated but thats all .
- App has bugs
- Coaches/guides don’t read the questions entirely or they are actually bots. They provide standard troubleshooting and recommendation that are not relevant/personalised.
- the weekly analysis is a very basic summary of the calories and top food you consumed.
Value for Money
Yvonne L.
Yvonne L.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD43 posts
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Luke S.
Luke S.WAPerth, WA6 posts

Fraudulent company taking money for services you discontinued

A year ago I started noom thinking it would help. Two weeks later I reached out through their app and told them to discontinue my service and uninstalled the app. Regardless of this, they charged my card a few days ago for a service I haven't used without any email or notice and without any remorse after communicating with them. Absolute rip off.
Ibrahim F.
Ibrahim F.NSWSydney, NSW2 posts

Scam to trap you into subscriptions

Seeking an immediate refund for payment drawn. I had cancelled the subscription and can see never logged into the app.
Sophie Reynolds
Sophie ReynoldsNSWSouth-Eastern Region, NSW15 posts

The app is a joke

There must be hundreds of apps that calorie count, log your water intake and provide recipes. The 'coach' provides generic answers to any questions, I'm sure it's a bot that picks out key words and provides an answer that vaguely responds to your question. The app....don't get me started, constantly needs resetting or uninstalling/reinstalling which loses all your saved data, their IT are unable to restore any of this lost information. If I hadn't paid a 6 month contract, I'd be u installing permanently and finding another app that has the exact same functionality
Trav B.
Trav B.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD
Value for Money
Nicola B.
Nicola B.

Better than expected and cheap for a weightless program

This is great for plain old calorie counting, and I like how the app adjusts according to exercise done. I just decided one day I needed to do something and other programs were in the $1000s. So this is great for the price. Yes there is a subscription, but it's cheaper than weighwatchers, lite n easy, or other customised programs. I've been doing it for 4 weeks and it seems to be working very well!
DisappointedNSWSydney, NSW
Orla M.
Orla M.

Yet again another scam

You sign up for a year but they don't make it obvious that they will renew your sub a year Later. Once I realised I cancelled but they told me I couldn't get a refund for the upcoming year. I would actively discourage anyone I know from using this app
Michelle K.
Michelle K.NSWSydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts

Better than expected

I have only been using Noom for 2 days and have already lost 0.5 kg! I am enjoying the psychology side as I have a history of bad eating habits. These are things I found helpful:
Logging food/meals for the day
Daily calorie allowance
Remaining calories after each meal log
Education on calorie density of food
I especially like that they do not restrict a single food group but emphasise balance and moderation. I was making excuses for my weight gain, medication, age, hormones. In just 2 short days I'm realising they were just excuses and that bad habits and an unhealthy relationship with food was the real problem. Don't spend money on a wonder diet pill or the latest diet fad, trial this app instead.
TomNSWSydney, NSW

Total Rip Off

I used it for a while and thought I'd cancelled it. 18 months later the scumbags are still billing my card. Prcks.
AntNSWSydney, NSW52 posts

Noom changes the way you think about food

I have lost 12kg in just over 6 months. Nooms calorie counter inspired me to hit the gym 3-4 days a week as it adds energy expended to your calorie total. I also walk alot more for the same reason. Having said that I had been immoblised with achilles tendon tear fo 6 months prior so had gained weight from that. Noom certainly helped me get back to my "younger self" weight wise. My portion sizes have decreased dramatically too. And I am always slightly hungry. Apparently that's the way we are supposed to feel!
Value for Money
JaxAU2 posts

Really disappointed, don’t waste your time or money

Purchased access for 6 months (the time calculated to get to my goal weight). What a complete waste of money! This app is just a daily questionnaire, no nutritional help, no plan, no weight loss help. What a rip off. All you lose is 20 minutes out of your day.
Brittany M.
Brittany M.

Would not recommend

In November 2021, straight after the trial, they took $219 from my account. My only form of communication was an email because I purchased overseas. When contacting them about my issue there was no support after this I was under the impression they had cancelled my subscription until I had a second payment come out in August 2022 for the same month. There was no communication via my emails that gave me an impression I still had an existing subscription until the amount came out of my account. Highly dissatisfied and put off by this company. Their HR and customer support is zero to none.
CorrinneVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC6 posts

Balanced food/life/health

I love the Noom journey which explains & uses a food colour app to help balance your food intake. Also the daily lessons received to help understand eating, exercise & mindfulness habits
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Rip off!

I just signed up for the 2 week free trial and Noom charged me immediately for the month. When I asked support bot/person what was going on, they just said “ not our fault. Take it up with Apple “ because I signed up on an iPhone. Dreadful “ support”. Now I have to go through the process of trying to get my money back via Apple. Avoid at all costs, unless you have money to burn!
PenGQLDNorth Queensland, QLD5 posts

Ethical company

This is different to anything I've done online. Customized to me, with really good information. The info about motivation really makes sense and explains why I lose it and how to manage it. Better than face to face counselling.
I also cancelled over 2 years ago because I had achieved my goals. Accidentally I had set up 2 accounts and money was still being taken out, every few months. I happened to notice it, reported it to them and within days they had resolved the problem and refunded my money. What an ethical company. THANK YOU!
Toni2 posts

Noom agrees to settle a $US65 million law case for fraudulent renewal fees

Despite twice cancelling my subscription and receiving confirmation it was cancelled, Noom has again debited my PayPal account. Google Noom settlement in the US and you'll see what you'll be up against if you subscribe.
LucindaQLDFar North Queensland, QLD2 posts

Wouldnt recommend

My phone broke and I reloaded Noom on my new phone and logged in - all my data was lost - notes I had saved, my weight loss history, my own recipe calorie counts. I can no longer log my water intake - the person to 'chat' too was so unhelpful. For an app that looks at using behavioural psychology as a strength they need to review their own sandpit first. Very very disappointed
DebVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Incentive turned out to be non existent

I loved Noom my subscription recently expired snd I received an offer to rejoin for 12months for the cost of 6months. I went to rejoin only to find there was nowhere to add the code I’d been sent the only option was to join on a rolling monthly basis for $70 per month. Contacted support for help - they didn’t in fact I said I thought the offer was a con snd they agreed!
RichieVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Price increase when I thought about coming back

Started out enjoying the routine and trying different meal combinations Keeping up with daily quizzes over time became difficult but I stuck with it with slow results. At that time, it was $20 a month. I decided to cancel and go it alone, having a good idea of what I needed to do. I wanted to join back up to give it another go. Nope..major price increase, around $60 a month. I’m out.
Value for Money
Nancy D.
Nancy D.

Payment taken out of my account 10 days after I sent emails to cancel

I have sent 3 emails requesting my membership be cancelled and they have just taken a payment out. Not impressed! I have asked for a refund and will put up another complaint here if I don't get it !
SaraNSWSydney, NSW9 posts

Watch out for hidden subscription

So, it’s quite easy to miss the fact that your subscription is automatically renewed after the trial period. Next thing I know, I see three charges on my PayPal of $129 each, even if I didn’t use the app after the trial period. Very upsetting.
However, I used the customer service chat to explain the situation and they refunded it completely. So, I am giving them a 3 stars to reward the refund policy and to encourage them to change the terms to be a bit more clear. The app itself was ok.
Value for Money
S.RobertsSAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA16 posts
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RodNSWSydney Surrounds, NSW20 posts

American Advertising

I find the TV ads for Noom quite irritating. The ads are obviously made overseas using overseas actors. If you want to appeal to Australian audiences try making local advertisements using Australian presenters / Australian Noom Users.
JBC6 posts

Avoid at all costs

What a total con. I was genuinely interested and signed up for a month. I received a few random emails, saying ‘just believe and you will lose weight’. I thought I had really missed something, but no. This is really what you get. Obviously someone has set this up, hoping to cash in before people realise what is going on.
Don’t waste your time or money
TmoNSWSydney, NSW3 posts

Don't do it!

I signed up for a free trial and was still somehow charged $159. I had to go through an annoying process with an online chat to try to get my money back. I actually thought I was speaking with a bot, becsuze responses were so generic, but turns out it was a human after all. Then, 4 months later they randomly charged me another $159. I was told by another bot-human that my subscription had auto renewed!! I got a refund but only after explaining 3 times and saying I was going to report them to Fair Trading. I feel like they do this hoping you'll be too busy to check where you money is going. Terrible business ethics ar Noom. Don't do it!
AshleyVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Waste of money

Absolutely useless and very expensive. The coach is obviously a bot. Cancelling the subscription was quite difficult as I ended up closing my bank account and opened another because they continued to take my money
Jon G.
Jon G.SAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA
RachelleBonogin10 posts

Didn’t make any difference

I paid for the two week trial and saw no change in my weight at all despite following the plan religiously. Most of the food coding was at odds with my traditional understating but I thought I’d give it a chance. Didn’t work. The coach is useless. It might be a real person but it behaves like a bot.

no more ads, please!

The continuous ads (sometimes twice in 1 lot of ads), put me right off or at least almost compel me to go and get a bag of chips! It's not very appetizing advertising, unless you want the munchies each time you see the ads!
AmyQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD

Over the continuous Ada

Every single ad break they play it at least twice. It puts me off using them and they are also quite clearly fat shaming people who snack during tv or eat all their food. It's not the most productive way of getting new clients.
A McD11 posts

Poor service

Lots+ time wasted trying to get answers to simple questions (most left unanswered). NOOM's service/communication was appalling - discriminatory, condescending, rude, dismissive, passed on to multiple colleagues, ending chats too soon.
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MezQLDCentral Queensland, QLD

Noom works

Ive been using noom for just over a year and its been life changing. Ive lost just over 50kgs. The 4 month program sets you up to build healthy habbits and then continue once you've mastered it. The support from either your goal specialist that chats weekly with you or a support group that also has coach that challenges your thinking. Highly recommend
Colin S
Colin S

The best health app I've used in years

I can't say enough about this app – It's changed my life and my "relationship" with food completely. While it is still a little bit US-centric, the principles are sound and I have now lost over 20kgs in just over 4 months. But more importantly, I feel confident that I know what I need to be doing moving forward, and that includes a life still involving chocolate and cake. :)
Cheryl Costello
Cheryl CostelloQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Such a buggy app and overpriced

App was very buggy and clunky. Overpriced. Designed to make you subscribe for longer not to achieve your goals. Not tailor made at all- generic product. They ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire then provide you a generic program that they wont let you work through at your own pace.
JayQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Don’t bother

I stupidly did the 2 week trial and failed to cancel in time and ended up out of pocket over $200. There is nothing new in it that you can’t get from reading a book which would be way cheaper. It’s very American and therefore had information that I couldn’t relate to. Don’t bother - buy a gym membership instead!
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