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Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre

Northcote Aquatic & Recreation Centre

2.2 from 10 reviews

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Old equipment, rude staff

I have a membership at Northcote and I am sorely disappointed. The gym equipment is falling apart the staff are rude and it is always busy. Would not recommend to anybody.

Value for Money

Terrible front desk staff need some customer service skills

My son attending both tennis and swimming lesson but whenever for some reason change the tennis lesson times instead of doing that they just simply book in tennis lesson twice a week and cancel swim lesson times. And due to that in the middle of the lesson he is just asked to leave the lesson which he is attending since last 2 or more years. And when I told this to swim in charge she said it's not my fault. Agreed it's not her fault. When addresses the same thing at front desk the lady got angry and said not my fault. Another lady try to come and talk named [name removed] I think told the same thing it's not my fault. Ok it's not your fault then whose fault is it ? Must be one of your team member who is working amongst you who had made the changes, so instead of saying that should address the issue in a more better way.
Is it mine that being loyal and suck with you for long time.
I tried to give feedback about system and show some teamwork they told me that I am personally attacking them?
Giving feedback is attacking someone?
You people never work as a team, everybody try to impress and make like it's somebody else fault and nobody is taking initiative to make feel better to customers. One more example of how fantastic their knowledge is ?? When I asked them for swim lesson time for 40 months old toddler she gave me schedule for 14 months and when I told again she gave me schedule for 40 years old ??? Can you believe how extraordinary people working there?
Just simply frustrating experience. Looking for another alternative to switch over now. Had enough of these people , can't take anymore.

Value for Money

Spin instructor

There is an excellent spin instructor at the gym who teaches well by not harassing the members. I also see him working with disabled people.

Awful facilities and bad service

Facilities are poor, outdated and not hygienic. Service at the front desk is rude and short - depending on who serves you. I visited the centre to try them out considering they are supposed to be community friendly. As I am not a familiar face (regular paying customer), I was spoken to very rudely, only to then notice that the same rude person would be fake-friendly to a regular customer. Double standard customer service is very hard to accept when you are paying the same good money as the next person. The person behind the desk intentionally humiliated me in front of other customers by raising their voice to draw attention. I was disgusted by the unhealthy manner of a supposed community business who claims to be family friendly.


They will try to trick you into an ambiguous contract, when it ends and they will keep deducting money from your bank account without your consent with not just the normal fee but also the ridiculous cancel fee. You will not realize until it has already been 2-3 months. They will tell you that is their policy and will not refund the amount they already deducted. What a shame!!!

Overcharging for membership

Still waiting for an answer, as to when I will get my money back from Northcote aquatic centre. I was overcharged quite a substantial amount.
The staff are playing cat and mouse.
I have supplied all relevant information that I have been asked to.
Yet [name removed] is passing the buck to [name removed] who in return is avoiding me.
This is poor customer service. Very slack staff and no follow through.
Northcote aquatic centre make up their own rules.
Five weeks later Number Pua phone calls and emails face to face contact and still, no closer to getting my money back.

Classes are always booked out

This would have to be one the worst gym I've been a member of. I never know if I will there parking at peak times, and I have to get there 30 min early if I want ensure I get a place for one of there classes. So disappointing, I don't think exercising should be that difficult. Line ups are horrible, it gets very crowed with children and families due to the pool.

I cannot believe how bad this pool was.

My first and only visit to this pool which is in quite a bad state - both repair wise and character wise. Locker doors were only just hanging on, the steam room was closed, the sauna door hinge was broken so the door didn't open fully or close properly, structures were rusted everywhere (in particular the bridge over the pool that could have been cool but instead was really gross), there was no soap in the dispenser in the shower and the place just generally looked filthy. In addition to that, the sauna was constantly full of steroid-enhanced, middle-aged southern Europeans acting tough and using the c word (we were there for about three hours and there was constantly around 6 of them in there, not all the same people), plus there was a 2-3-year-old child in the spa and nothing was done about it. There were discussions that the hinge on the sauna door had been that way for a couple of weeks, just needed a screw, and bets were being placed on what type of injury would occur before it was repaired. Looking around in the spa just about everyone was looking depressed. There are also large colourful concrete domes dotted around the pool which are supposed to look attractive I think, however they have signs saying keep off on all of them which to me would just be frustrating for parents of young children. This place is dirty and the clientele is dodgy. I do not recommend it for anyone and I especially would not bring a child here.

Fantastic centre

This gym is fantastic. The outdoor pool is the cleanest I've seen in Melbourne, the staff are all friendly and helpful, and the facilities are very well maintained. The weight and aerobic area inside is well laid out, and I always felt comfortable using all equipment; if I was unsure of how to operate something, staff were approachable. The workout classes are also well-run.
friendly staff, good prices, clean facilities


Have been a member of quite a few gyms over the years, and this one has been the best gym experience so far. The trainers and staff are all friendly and encouraging but not over-the-top excessively enthusiastic like some of the big commercial gyms. The exercise plans are well-designed and easy to get amended if there is something you find you don't enjoy. The equipment is cleaned often, maintained in good working order, and seems to be updated fairly often. There are rules to ensure access to the popular machines is fair at peak times. My only grouch is the music, but I don't know of any gym that doesn't have it. This one gets my vote.
Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, pool & gym equipment is good quality and well-maintained, membership costs are very reasonable, administration is efficient and problem-free.
Loud music (but that's a gym thing)

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Does anyone know what the membership duration min is and what are they charging?
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