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Hi Nostra - Who can I talk to about numerous and on-going flooding issues throughout my house? I've had Nostra staff out to look at my roof at least 5 times and my house continues to leak. I came home today to find new stains in a few of my rooms and paint beginning to flake. The tin roof rattles so loud during the wind that my partner and I have to drag the mattress to a different room to sleep, or end up on the couch downstairs. Am pretty damn sick of dealing with Nostra staff and their list of excuses, so much so I am building another property and avoiding Nostra all together. Also telling my friends and family to avoid Nostra completely. How can we resolve this? Keen to hear your answer
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Hello Stu, Thank you for getting in touch. I’m very sorry to hear about your frustration. We take your feedback very seriously and want to make sure your concerns are investigated and addressed. Could you please provide your job address in a private message and we will have a team member contact you as soon as possible to follow this up. We await your reply. Thank-you Nostra Homes Management

do you have many different facades for double storey to choose from? only saw 2 facades in your website.
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Thank-you for you enquiry. There are a number of façade options available for our double storey designs, these are dependent on the width of the home and the lot. We can also allow some changes to our facades to comply with estate design guidelines and to make the façade suit your tastes. Please contact our office and ask to speak to a sales consultant or leave an enquiry on our website to request more information.

Hi Nostra Homes, Do you people custom build?
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Thank-your for your enquiry. We allow changes to our own designs to a degree, please contact our office and request to speak with a sales consultant who will be more than happy to assist you.

Hi Nostra, Do you build houses in South Eastern suburbs? Thanks.
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We would like to thank-you for considering Nostra Homes, but unfortunately this is out of our building area.

We are currently building with Nostra thru a referral from my best friend. So far we are happy with the construction for it has been done accordingly set with plan. We were able to customize the design (cliffton 26) with an affordable variation cost. Staffs are great and professional! The only issue at the moment is the referral voucher (worth $1000) which my friend hasn't received yet! Once she was told by the Manager it might take a while for it will be ordered by batches( this was like 3 mos ago) and havent heard anything since despite of follow up emails! Both of us are now nearing to the Completion Stage , and the other day only that she received an email to wait for another months or so for it will be included in the next voucher order. How many batch of orders will she has to wait until she get it? This is part of your promotion to gain customers, right? Please be prompt to your committment for it's Nostra's reputation that has been at stake here!
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Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing Nostra to build your new home. It's nice to hear your experience to date has been positive and we hope it continues. We apologise on the delay of the voucher, please be reassured this has been ordered. Should you have any further queries or concerns please contact our office and speak with our Customer Care Manager.

Hi Guys, I'm thinking about building the clifton 22 with Nostra. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks!
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We are very pleased that your considering building with Nostra Homes. Please contact our office on 8331 3500 and one of our experienced sales agents would be happy to discuss this with you.be very careful not to be trustedWhy so? What was your experience?

I have found that the builder's themselves are great. Im having issues with front of house i.e the receptionist /sales coordinator who fails to keep all parties informed or misinforms the builder's. Did you have this problem and if so what did you do?
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Hi my name is Kathryn Goetzl and I'm the Customer Care Manager at Nostra Homes, please contact me on 8331 3500 at your convenience and I can assist with any problems your having.Thanks for your response. This issue has now been resolved due to the newly appointed customer care manager. Glad they finally addressed this issuefinding the same problem as above, buying the house was sweet and easy travels until front of house stage. info was not accurate or none at all and misleading. bad customer service.

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