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I don't know where to start, terrible customer service, nobody knows their job, you will never get an answer to a question because nobody knows, lies, lies and more lies, they tried to charge me extra 3000 thousand for an apparent heating unit upgrade which they put in the contract as developer requirement, but when i checked with the developer of course it wasn't true. They picked half of the things and colors in the house themselves for me with an excuse that if i wanted anything different i should have told them. Million mistakes during the building process, they even forgot to put a wall which was on the plan, they always blame the person that doesn't work for them anymore for all the mistakes, and after i finally moved in the bad experience didn't stop there, after 1 months the water solar panel broke it took them 8 months to fix it and they even tried to convince me that it doesn't mater it doesn't really do anything, a year on the garage door wont open, the light in the garage you have to flick 10 times to turn on but they just sad its all out of warranty, even though they won't provide the warranty details. Also a million other things which i cant think of right now.
Also my sister built with them, even worse they put the hose to close to the neighbour which resulted in 6 months delay while the convinced the neighbour to sign of on it.
So my advice is STAY AWAY.

Construction End DateMay 2017
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Hello Dalibor, It is disappointing to read that you were not satisfied with your Build. At Nostra Homes we strive to provide the best quality possible when building homes & providing our customers with exceptional customer service. A team member will contact you as soon as possible to try and resolve any concerns you have. Thank-you Nostra Homes Management

I could write a book on all the faults I had

I’m 7 month into living in my property and I had problems once our land titled and still have ongoing issues now being handled by disputes
Darbecca Nostra errors
Walls out by 18mm
Not finding site peg then trying to charge but we found them in 2 sec
Staff leaving
Advertising with independent inspector included but they only instruct the inspector to check limited things. We got our own and had a huge report with errors such as uneven floors, walls etc not identified by Nostra inspector.
Delays for our independent inspector to check the home and turned up to home being not ready even thou told it was this happened twice.
Fly screen tried to charge twice as was included in a package.
Changes of 2 admin prior one fired.
Slab issues I discovered just before the pour.
Multiple attempts to level the floors.
Water leaking into our bedroom and still not fixed.
Damaged bricks
Roof tiles water but then blaming Foxtel.
Painting shocking be prepared at your final to spend hours with tape marking as they can’t cut straight.
Incorrect tiles installed in splashback kitchen.
Broken into 3 times during the build yet site manager didn’t lock windows.
Letting our power we pay be used by builders across the road.
Incomplete for final inspection again due to not being ready but told it was
No crossover causing damage to driveway
Stones coming out and patches with no stones in exposed aggregate.
Sliding doors not locking or sliding still to be fixed.
Rodents in roof space.
We still have multiple ongoing issues. Render incomplete. I can list so much more. I would not recommend Nostra.

Construction End DateSep 2017
Hello Jessica, Thank you for the feedback on your building experience with Nostra Homes. We apologies that you feel we have let you down. Our Maintenance Manager has reached out and spoken to you and is now working with you to resolve the concerns raised. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact our Customer Service Manager Kathryn on 8331 3500. Thank-you Nostra Homes ManagementMy original post was some time ago and the saga continues. I am now going via the DBDRV for the second time to action even simple repairs. I representative from DBDRV is inspecting my home this Wednesday. My most recent issues to add to the list are my sink has come away from the drain in the kitchen and my hot water cylinder cap has come off the top. I’ve been promised a plumber but still no call from the plumber yet my original email was sent on 4/1/2018. I keep getting a echoing reply the plumber will contact you now. Then did the plumber not contact you day after day. This response over and over. They are so useless and pass the buck to their tradies instead of taking ownership.Hello Jessica, Unfortunately, we are governed by our trades. Please be reassured we take your feed back seriously and Nostra are contacting the plumber daily to ensure they contact you. We will follow the plumber up again and stress the importance. The DBDRV are inspecting some items which Nostra believe are within the Australian Standards and Tolerances. Nostra Homes have also agreed to rectify other items from this list. Thank-you Nostra Homes Management

Do not build with Nostra - a stressful waste of time and money

Put simply, it was a dreadful experience building with Nostra homes. Staff are charismatic when getting the contract signed and initial quotes may appear better than other companies, but once you're locked in, the disappointments begin. We were continuously affronted by ridiculously hefty additional expenses, way beyond any reasonable costs we were already expecting from our previous work with other builders. Issue after issue arose (which were supposedly not identified in the original plans/contract drawn up by Nostra themselves mind you!) which demanded more outrageous payments each time...so much for a 'fixed price' contract!

Furthermore, extensive delays resulted in our small home taking close to three years to be completed. For most of the time, our half built home sat there with no progress at all. Communication was atrocious - no viable explanations or apologies, merely excuse after excuse; staff were unreachable when actually needed.

Workmanship of the contracted builders is unacceptable and of substandard quality, and we had to engage our own external inspector. Issues raised with the company are met with false promises to rectify them, poor excuses, or simply ignored. Work is supposedly finished now, but unresolved problems are numerous. We've given up on our home as the whole ordeal has been too much to bear.

Nostra are only concerned about getting your money, and once they convince you, prepare to be betrayed and left in the dark. They are the most ruthless and dishonest company we have ever worked with. For your own sake, stay away from these scammers.

Construction End DateJul 2017
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Hello Feng, Thank you for getting in touch. We take your feedback very seriously and want to make sure your concerns are investigated and addressed. Could you please provide your job address in a private message and we will have a team member contact you as soon as possible to follow this up. We await your reply. Thank-you Nostra Homes Management

Terrible is all i can say.

October 2015 is when we officially signed with Nostra homes. This is where the problems began. Finally April 2016 the construction commenced and the slab was poured (6 Months later).
Our house did not look like what it was meant to look like on the brochure and what it was promised to look like at signing of the contract. The original plans are pictured with a roof over our front balcony. We do not have a roof over our balcony. Our house looks out of place and UGLY. Having no roof over our balcony results in having the elements of the weather effecting that room dramatically temperature wise. After many emails and conversations with managers and staff at Nostra homes regarding this issue, they are still yet to resolve it and they never will.
We moved into our house in October 2016. With numerous leaks - 5 separate leaks to be exact, no gas meter and some locks that did not work with the keys provided.
For approximately 1 week we had no gas - no hot water and no use of our stove for cooking, and to make matters even harder we had a brand new baby.
The problem only got rectified after I myself got onto the gas company to find out what was going on with the gas meter.
Almost 2 years on from signing our life away with nostra, It is now August 2017 and nostra homes has hopefully finished coming to my house to fix numerous leaks, cracks and every other issue under the sun. (Feel free to come back and put a roof over my terrace though). In 2017 alone, Nostra have been to my house a total of 11 times – that’s 11 times in 8 months - with no compension, compassion or apologies for the many hours and time that I have had to waste for them to come and fix their stuff ups. If you want a hassle free build with quality work and great customer service, make sure you go ELSEWHERE!

Construction End DateOct 2016
Hello Sarah, we take your feedback very seriously. Your concerns with the balcony roof has been discussed in lengths with you, and has been built in accordance with your contract and plans. Could you please email Kathryn at kathryn@nostrahomes.com.au and we will do our best to further investigate and resolve any concerns you have. We await your reply. Nostra Homes ManagementThe 6th Leak has just appeared on my downstairs lounge room ceiling in my 11 month old home that nostra built. Beware.Hello Sarah, our Maintenance Department are endeavouring to have this issue resolved asap. Please contact Kathryn at kathryn@nostrahomes.com.au who can be of further assistance. Please be reassured we will not walk away from this issue and we are confident that we will restore your faith in Nostra Homes. Thank-you, Nostra Homes Management

Questions & Answers

Hi Nostra - Who can I talk to about numerous and on-going flooding issues throughout my house? I've had Nostra staff out to look at my roof at least 5 times and my house continues to leak. I came home today to find new stains in a few of my rooms and paint beginning to flake. The tin roof rattles so loud during the wind that my partner and I have to drag the mattress to a different room to sleep, or end up on the couch downstairs. Am pretty damn sick of dealing with Nostra staff and their list of excuses, so much so I am building another property and avoiding Nostra all together. Also telling my friends and family to avoid Nostra completely. How can we resolve this? Keen to hear your answer
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Hello Stu, Thank you for getting in touch. I’m very sorry to hear about your frustration. We take your feedback very seriously and want to make sure your concerns are investigated and addressed. Could you please provide your job address in a private message and we will have a team member contact you as soon as possible to follow this up. We await your reply. Thank-you Nostra Homes Management

do you have many different facades for double storey to choose from? only saw 2 facades in your website.
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Thank-you for you enquiry. There are a number of façade options available for our double storey designs, these are dependent on the width of the home and the lot. We can also allow some changes to our facades to comply with estate design guidelines and to make the façade suit your tastes. Please contact our office and ask to speak to a sales consultant or leave an enquiry on our website to request more information.

Hi Nostra Homes, Do you people custom build?
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Thank-your for your enquiry. We allow changes to our own designs to a degree, please contact our office and request to speak with a sales consultant who will be more than happy to assist you.


Nostra Homes
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