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138 reviews

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138 reviews
AmieLACT4 posts

Helped ease Colic and weight gain

We have a very small bub who had diarroheah on different formula and was diagnosed with Colic.

after 3 days we saw a positive change in our 3 week old baby. It’s been a few weeks now and he is much more settled but is starting to show signs of constipation.

We loved:

-smooth and dissolves really nicely

-bub was much more settled, less gas and irritability

-great weight gain since starting on it

The only negative thing is the constipation but we are sticking with it as it’s changed our bub for the better


Was disappointed after the hype

Did improve symptoms for a month there, then DD went back to how she was back to how she was before. Except now her reflux was worse. I also didn't like how specific it was to prepare making it hard to pre-prepare for Childcare. I expected better for the price for 800g tin.

NanMelbourne12 posts

We didn't continue using it

Our baby had terrible colic so we tried this formula after speaking with our pharmacist. We thought it was good for the first few days, less uncomfortable wind. But then our baby suffered constant constipation - so he had a stomach ache of a different kind - so we had to change formulas again.

KeeshaDarwin, NT6 posts

First time formula- thumbs up

After reading reviews and the thumbs up from a friend who is also a new mum, I gave Novalac a go as bubs is a windy baby and wasn’t getting enough milk from me (11 weeks old). Easy to prepare, bubs loves the taste and zero bad side effects. I have tried another brand, which he takes, but it’s much thicker and he prefers Novalac.

Kasia Bogusz
Kasia Bogusz
L F13 posts

Really good for colic but makes baby constipated

I was so happy with this formula. Bub's colic disappeared straight away. I then realised he had not poo'ed in days. While I'm told this is normal for a mix fed baby, I feel it is not, especially when they're straining. I decided to swap formulas for this reason. I do think it's excellent for colic though.

MnMMetropolitan Adelaide, SA7 posts

Fixed gas but caused constipation

We changed to this formula because baby was extremely gassy and in a lot of pain. After a few days it’s definitely stopped his grassiness but unfortunately caused him constipation. Although this didn’t work for my bub, it definitely seemed like a nicer smelling formula and was thinner than another we were on. I wish it had worked.

Kelly9 posts

Excellent formula

Formula is easy to prepare and doesn’t have a bad smell like some do. It’s light for baby and my baby has no digestive problems. Has helped with wind issues we were having. The formula seems to make it really easy for baby to bring their wind up. It is expensive but worth it in my opinion

RoroSydney12 posts

God send!

This product is a God send! My babies behavior is a total flip around! She is sleeping, crying less and overall such a happy baby. It took a few goes with other formulas but this one sets the mark. Just accompany with some infants friend and some natural sleep remedies and I think it will work for all.

Toochie000Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC27 posts

Didn’t work for my baby

Didn’t work for my baby at all. Had to stop after 2 days as my baby was screaming in pain. Was constipated and made reflux even worse and did nothing for the colic. Just created other issues which was making it even harder. Every baby is different though so what works for some doesn’t work for others

PrankzterAbermain4 posts

Good Product

The formula seems to be a good product and easy to mix, unfortunately this was one of the many we tried whilst trying to ween my daughter from the boob. It was the only one we could get her to drink but unfortunately she would not take to it or any others we have tried so all I can say is that it must taste ok as it’s the only one she would take from the bottle.

CaseyAuburn6 posts


This novalac colic baby formula was a lifesaver for me, my daughter had no issues changing over it is easy to prepare and it seemed to fill my daughter and her colic was gone within a month of using her formula with the correct anti colic bottles like Dr browns

GraceTraralgon4 posts

Can't fault it

My baby suffered horribly from colic and bad wind pains. We started using Novalac Colic formula and the change was instant. She stopped crying from her wind, was audibly burping and enjoying bottle time. Because of this she began to sleep through the night too. I cannot speak more highly of this formula.

Mellzy8 posts

Best we could find

This formula worked great for my reflux twins. It’s the only formula we could find that would not play havoc on them and they would be so calm and content after a bottle of this. It made me feel so much better knowing I was giving my babies the best nutrition they need.

KellyMelbourne5 posts

Easy on the tummy

I changed to this formula after baby suffering terrible wind pains and bloating. I found novalac colic immediately reduced the amount of wind my baby was producing. The only side effect is that he can become constipated so I need to offer cooled boiled water between feeds to help this. The formula mixes well but is very messy to clean off bottles - tends to stick and has a ‘claggy’ consistency. Overall very happy with this product.

reinrab28 posts

Working for us

We switched from Nan HA to this when our baby kept throwing up & having terrible wind. Having read online reviews decided to give this a go and it is so far doing a great job.

Took about a week to really take affect. Bubs went a few days without doing a poo and was very cranky- but once his tummy got used to the new formula he has been so much more settled- he's like a new baby. Poos twice a day and burps well at each feed. We are using this with Dr Brown's bottles.

Paediatrician has said it is fine to continue using as long as it's working.

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MandaBeeToowoomba5 posts
SkyerBrisbane, QLD28 posts

Definately helped a Colicy Baby

Formula is easy to mix, doesn't bubble like most formulas, I definitely recommend this for parents with a child whose even a little bit colicy. Has even helped with her reflux as well. Hasn't clumped in the tin like the other formulas we used to buy. Price isn't too bad for what you get and how much it helps our baby.

Caitlin3 posts

We have a new baby

This formula has been amazing! Really struggled with bub having A LOT of wind following bottles, we changed bottles and tears multiple times until we realised it was the formula! The first bottle of Novalac colic and it was like we had a new baby, no screaming or squirming in pain and no wind at all! Initially had a little bit of constipation while her tummy got used to it but cleared upon about a week, we just used infants friend in the mean time which worked a treat!

NatalieSydney, NSW12 posts

Fantastic product!

My son suffers from sever reflux and colic. This was the only formula we could use. Highly recommend! So easy to prep and my son loves it and is able to digest his milk without any problems. Definately gave me peace of mind knowing my son was getting the nutrition he needed and wasn't being sick anymore!

Kat.L7 posts

Amazing formula!

The new updated tins have a 'shwlf' to scrape excess formula off, reasonable amount of scoops per ml which does make it easier. We tried over 10 different formulas before settling on this and it is the best thing since sliced bread. Finally my son settled, gut was calm and we all could get some sleep. I noticed no aide affects what so ever. Only downfall would be you definitely cannot leave left overs in the bottle all day as it does get gunky. Rinse even when out and about and no issues what so ever.

RobleWA, 61027 posts

This baby milk helped our daughter so much

After nearly two months of screaming every time we feed her the GP recommended Novalac Colic and it helps a lot. She sleeps well but sometimes poo is not smooth which makes her unhappy. Anyway this formula help our baby so much. The only I concerns me is that she is so sleepy

R cook
R cookBurton5 posts

Not bad

Not sure if this worked for my baby didnt see any negative effects. I switched to bellamy's organic as i thought the novalac was quite expensive . It was easy enough to make up and no nasty smell. My son just had really bad wind and i couldnt find a formula to stop this . Ended up breastfeeding 100% instead of mixed feeding.

VickyBerwick7 posts

Very happy

My first baby out of 4 that has had colic so wasn't sure what to do, but my sister-in-law reccomended Novalac Colic, and apart from some constipation .. it's solved the issue of a squirmy unsettled baby ..very highly reccomend this product to any patents having a hard time with colic

PerthmummaWA, 602410 posts

Perfect for spewy babies

Our son was unable to feed and we tried the usual standard formulas from birth (nan, s21, aptimil) these all left him terribly refluxy. A doctor recommended we try this formula an it made the world of difference. It can be hard to locate is probably the only drawback and is more expensive than regular formulas but we found it helped our little man gain weight and keep his feeds down

SaraSydney, NSW5 posts

A life saver

I found this formula through word of mouth, not some ads and I think that's what counts for finding good products for your baby.

Here's why I like it:

- Smells good in compare to other sormulas we've tried.

- Its not oily at all which feels healthier plus washing bottles are easier.

- My baby is way happier now.

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Red rash!!

Tried my 6.5 month old on this as was recommended by chemist to be good for gassy babies... first try and he hardly took any of it. Dribbled some out his mouth and on his clothes and he started crying. He got a red rash all around his mouth & I took his clothes off and on his neck & chest was welt like looking rash. It cleared up after about an hour thankfully! He must be allergic to some ingredient in this formula! ☹️

MtrBallarat43 posts

Didn't work for us :(

I changed my son to this formula as he is very colicky, crying alllll the time, and often seemed to be lifting his legs as arching his back as if his tummy hurt. A month on, he isn't doing that anymore, but it has otherwise made no difference to his overall crying and he seemed to be hungrier more often so I have changed him again.

The Novalac was easy to prepare, didn't foam up excessively, and we had no problems with constipation etc. Unfortunately it wasn't the solution to the colic for us so we've changed to a cheaper standard formula.

lanttasydney6 posts


my mother uses this product for my baby sister, it is really good and is as described, the milk does not thicken in the bottle and leave thick gulps of formula.it is easy to prepare, the baby loves it does not hesitate to drink it, there is never any side affects my baby sister has and still is doing great with this formula

LJHWollongong4 posts

Good product for price

Whilst this didn't make my little one sleep i do think it improved his wind issues and tummy issues. Smooth consistency and goes far. Very pleased i used this and would use again. Was good value for money. My child was fussy with formulas but took this well so we stuck with it.

Vijayakumar Narasimhan
Vijayakumar Narasimhan12 posts

Life saver

My baby was crying after every feed , we tried several formulas ( nan comfort + nan pro gold + aptamil gold ) and nothing was working , when my baby was diagnozed with colic i gave navolac colic a try and it changed our life . Baby it very happy , loves the taste of it , sleeps well and crying has stopped . It just causes a little bit of constipation but is managable by adding a little bit of extra water with each feed.

egemenbundaberg8 posts
Branka030Serbia, Bor3 posts

Best for baby

It's easy to create formulas. My baby has accepted this formula without problems, while others refused to drink. When I saw that the baby feels this formula and that has much less colic, sleeping and waking up without paying a couple of times at night, I was overjoyed. Happy and well rested baby, happy mother.

sarah perry
sarah perry2 posts


this formula is perfect its very fine grains which means it mixes extremely well, my son LOVES it!! and it really did work by easing his colis, i never thought i would find anything i tried alot prior to this and honestly can say thank you, my baby feels so so much better

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NRyanAU6 posts

This Formula was a Miracle!

We loved this formula for our colicky baby! The reduced lactose was wonderful for his sensitive little tummy and it made a big difference once we switched. It's 100% worth the slightly higher price! Not as easily available as the major brands but is sold at most chemist chains and I think can be purchased online too if required.

Tat. La
Tat. LaSydney4 posts

Excellent short term solution

Great formula my baby stopped crying so much while on it. Colic pain is something children outgrow but a temporary relief from colic is very important for any mother and baby.we were on thi formula for about 1 month and it was excellent and saved us from many sleepless nights. Great product. Thanks

RR89Newcastle11 posts

Started off good but had to stop using due to horrible constipation

I was recommended this formula by the pharmist for my colicky baby. It started off great but after a few weeks of use it didn't agree with my son st all, causing terrible constipation and pain. Switched to another formula. The formula is easy to prepare and doesn't have an offensive smell. It is on the more expensive side ($28 a tin) and only available from chemists.

Pp818 posts

Finally a formula agreeing either our bub

Our bub started mixed fed with breast milk and aptimal gold which she was on in hospital (prem bub) and she always squirmed and seemed uncomfortable. I then switched to aptimal gold lactose free which was great and solved the wind issues but caused the worst constipation that we ended up back in hospital. I was then told about novalac colic and since then we haven't looked back... she tolerates it perfectly as has reflux and colic. its made our life so much easier having a formula agreeing with our bub :)

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