2Novalac Constipation

Novalac Constipation

2Novalac Constipation

76 reviews

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76 reviews
KeezMamap city
RidaSydney, NSW4 posts

What should I do

My son is 4 n a half month old.. He's on aptamil gold I tried s26,aptamil normal n now aptamil gold,my son is becoming constipated day by day n today it was so hard to see him in chronic pain.. I have novalac aswell but I don't know how long I cangive him that . I really don't know what to do .. Can anyone help me with this


karenn.elizabethPerth, WA35 posts

Not for all babies!

Novalac Constipation was my holy grail for my first son who was 3 months old who suffered really bad constipation. We put him on it and it worked like a treat. He had regular bowel movements and was one happy child used it till 9 months old. My second son who is 3 months old unfortunately suffering constipation so i went straight for this. He has been on it for a week and has only passed one stool which was pale blue green colour, thicker then clay and was very smelly. Going to give it one more week to see if it improves for him. Like i said it varies each child. It worked 100% with my first straight away,but the second I'm still waiting on results

JRogers79Adelaide5 posts

Didn't work for us

We've had constipation issues with our 5 week old since starting him on formula and on the advice of our GP started him on Novalac constipation 4 weeks ago. He's still passing hard stools and there is no difference. He is also very gassy as well which is causing him distress. We're now going to have to find another formula for our son.

KellyBellyBrisbane3 posts

Made Constipation Worse and poo Blue

My boy has bad constipation and Reflux after starting s26gold Newborn and then s26gold comfort which did make his reflux better but didn't help constipation. Put him on Novalac Constipation and now poor little man has worse reflux and now won't poo at all without being massaging his tail bone and holding his legs up for a good hour a day. Poo comes out Blue! So not healthy!

LearningCurve5 posts

Amazing Milk

Novalac constipation formula was a absolute life saver i couldnt recommend this product more. My daughter had shocking constipation on s26 gold and i tried so many different brands before i found this one. Might be a little more expensive but you just do what u can do to help your child out :) highly recommended

Motherbear4 posts

Constipation straight to diarrhoea !!!

Was recommended this from a pharmacist as my 9 month old son has had terrible constipation for the past 3 months ( tried everything) all I can say is I wouldn't use this long term as his got really bad diarrhoea this is his 3rd day on it. And it says on tin only for short term use.but everyone's different, going to try a2 next.

Georgie girl
Georgie girlMelbourne4 posts

This works

Tried numerous formulas all made my baby constipated. She wouldn't go for days and when she did her poos were like clay, very hard. Not only that it was so hard to watch her go she was in terrible pain, it was heart breaking. Since using novalac she poos every day with ease no more tears ! Highly recommended

AmberGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC9 posts
gregiadaSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts


my 5,5 months baby has been constipated for couple of week, it was so painful that she refused to push at the end. since she was born she only pooped every couple of days, sometimes had to do enema, tried et least five formulas...and since we started introducing solids , the constipation was the worst, tried prune juice ,prunes, pears,minoxil etc, nothing worked until I bought novalac, she pooped next day,and has been regular (every day) for three days now, so hopefully this will "teach" the bowels to work...i know we can't use it for months, I don't know maybe will be mixing with other formula to wean her of it eventually..
tasty, and it works
makes bottles oily Show reply
rubyred84perth7 posts


Excellent formula. After having my baby on nan I switched to Novalac on advice of gp as bubs having difficulty using his bowels. This formula works great. Poos are soft easy to pass no wind pain and no more screaming when going poo. He isn't too keen on the taste however it definitely works.
poos are soft and he goes regular
doesn't like the taste as much as nan
BrittPenrith2 posts
Hollie9 posts
Rafee3 posts

The best

My 6 weeks baby girl was suffering from constipation for two weeks I have tried everything been told to me I'm using NAN Pro then the GP told me to change her to NAN H A but It made it worse, she got red rash all over her face and neck, then I went again to the GP he told me to use Novalac Constipation, after three feed she exploded done a huge poo, then she went to sleep,

If anyone have similar problem buy Novalac Constipation best solution works within few hourse

Highly recomended
Worked same day after three feeds
Nothing is wrong only a bit pricy

dav7imSydney21 posts

Novalac Constipation - it works!

this brand was recommended by our family doctor for our 6 weeks baby boy after nearly a month of sleepless nights and constipation agony and disturbed stomache

we switched from another brand to Novalac and let me tell you this... it worked and our baby never been so relaxed like this before

highly recommended to any parents that having the same issue with their babies
very effective, babies love it
bit pricey, only found at chemists

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Shop<3ddictSydney2 posts
Steph01Sydney2 posts

No more constipation

We tried this after our 4 week old daughter became constipated from s26. It worked by the second feed. We got mixed opinions from pharmists regarding on going use once the constipation had stopped, so we continued to use and she seemed to enjoy and was regular with her poops but got sick a week after but not sure if it was due to using this formula, now using nan pro 1 gold and so far so good. Can be quite expensive and only available from chemists
Works quickly and baby seemed to enjoy it.
Expensive, only available from chemists and should come in smaller tin (if only wanting to use for a short time)
MasonsmumPerth5 posts

Fixed the problem

My son was having a fair bit of trouble with constipation..had only done 3 poos in 12 days and that was only with assisntance. we tried giving water, sugar and water, water and prune juice, coloxyl and even suppositries... the coloxyl softened the stools but didnt help him to get regular. The novolac did! it got things moving and we were never so happy to see soiled nappys!
quick acting and does what it says.
expensive and only available from some pharmacies


Fixed our 3week olds constipation after just two feeds. We were previously using nan pro gold however my little one got terrible painfull constipation after just a few days on this product. We were using coloxyl drops daily to fix the issue however I wasn't happy giving my little one so many drops to get her waste. After a lot of research we tried novalac and it worked within hours. It worked to well and my bub pooped at every feed. After two days of this we moved to novalac stage 1 and haven't looked back. Bub now popped one to two times a day with no pain! Perfect!
Worked quickly
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Kate3636SYDNEY5 posts

Stopped the constipation in 24 hrs

I only breast fed our 4.5 week old son for 1 week. I started him on S26 Gold & within a few days he was severely constipated & was up crying for 24hrs. I did a google search & decided to give this formula a try. Within 24 hrs - he had done a really big poo & was a very happy, settled baby again. He has now been exclusively on this formula for almost 3 weeks & does at least 1 poo a day & is very content. I find he throws up much less than he did on S26 gold.
Fixed the constipation & he throws up less than previous brand
Nothing really - can only buy at chemist but most seem to stock this brand

Good formula

I have a 6 week baby and I've tried everything from Coloxyl drops, brown sugar, pear juice (diluted), prune juice (diluted) etc.etc and nothing worked. Then I read all the reviews about Novalac and thought I would give it a try.... my daughter's bowel opened immediately! Very happy with the result!!!!
A bit on the expensive side and a bit hard to find as not all chemists stock this.

fantastic formula

Bubs was constipated constantly on my breast milk. I tried everything, you name it we tried it. Finally a pharmacist got me to give this a go. Fantastic results, beautiful happy baby again. Sometimes breast might not be the best, after all, my breast milk was stopping the jaundice from disappearing too.
worked and keeps on working. My happy baby is back.
expensive but worth it.
ally_1252 posts
AL2011AU55 posts

Does what it says

This formula doesn't lie, it does cure the issue of a very constipated child, however I didn't like the colour it turned the stool so moved on to another formula after the tine finished. Ended up using normal Karicare which seemed to work perfect with our first. I suppose that if this formula had to have turned the stool a very funny white/yellow colour I may have kept using it, but it just didn't seem healthy to me.
Does what it says


Overall a good product but not easy to find. I have to order it in from my local chemist and it is expensive but worth it if it helps the little one.

It mixes well in tepid water but you need a few scoops per bottle,sometimes I lose count!!!
It has definately helped my 4mth old girl who has found it hard to pass stools since she was 3weeks old.
Seems to make her squirmy like she wants to go all the time so she is pushing often. A bit of discomfort whilst feeding and after feeding. Not sure how long to keep her on this product,it has been 3 weeks so far but Im scared to go back to old formula just in case it starts all over again.

Also can you mix formulas?

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nic773 posts
fourharveysNSW, 22509 posts


Overall I love this formula, my daughter suffered constipation really badley and it worked so well, I found it started working within the week of using it which was great. Bayer corp is avery trusted brand so I was comfortable buying this product for my daughters nutrition.
Easy to mix, doesn't froth up, tastes good, IT WORKS!
slightly more expersive, but worth every cent.
mailbox469AU14 posts


I have only used one tin of this formula as a short term solution to my baby's constipation problem and am now using Belamys Organic Formula. But rate it quite well as it is a simple solution for constipation until you can find a formula which sits well with your bub.
Great product for constipation! Works quite quickly. No taste issues with my bub and she was able to digest product really well.
Small scoop means you really have to concentrate while making up formulas as by 6 months of age a baby needs 7 scoops per bottle. Hard to find - can only buy from chemist. Not recommended for ongoing use (says so on tin). Smaller tin (800g) but more expensive than other formulas.
Mythic223 posts


A decent solution to constipation problems and preventing them, but bub didn't seem wild on the taste. It's only in pharmacies too, so you might be better just shopping around more.
Not only didn't upset the tummy or give constipation, it stopped consitpation my bub was having as a result of another forumla from the same maker. Not a bad price.
Has a bit of a funny smell to it and cannot be found in supermarkets, so requires a trip to the pharmacy, bub didn't appear to like the taste and seemed distinterested after the first couple of times
AthenaWolven2 posts


Our little boy has had no issues with constipation using this product and is lots happier. His stools are pasty and are more often which I am liking and no stomach pains whatsoever, we more content with this product especially when I couldn't produce enough milk for our little boy :-) Would recommend this product for any infant with constipation issues, bleeding etc it has solved our kid's issues :-)
Our Little Boy is much happier on this formula especially after switching to this formula from S26. I like how it is not as thick as S26, our little boy likes drinking this formula more than the S26 and wants to drink it more often
ashtonsmum34 posts


overall a good formula - did what we needed it to. Only downside is it was hard to find and we had to drive around to numerous chemists to find it.
great for constipated babies
hard to find - only sold in certain chemists.
gitaw6 posts


Perfect for babies prone to constipation however only on a 'short term' basis as too many cons if used for long period of time. My comments based on using product for 2 months for my DS (from 2 months old).
Prevented constipation on most occassions
Made my son spit up often quite substantial amount (so not good for babies prone to posetting/reflux), small scoop (so have to use heaps of scoops as baby drinks more milk), difficult to mix (especially in cold/cool water), made my son constantly feel the need to poo during feeds (ie. he became unsettled during feeds sometimes), only available in pharmacies - therefore RARELY on sale.
happy_lifeQLD, 481771 posts
missylady09Perth, WA29 posts


Overall a waste of money, it doesnt do what its meant to, and its very expensive. rather Stick with old fasion methods, they seem to work better and are cheaper
Good measurements so no wastage, helped constipation a little bit.
Baby is hungry all the time, still constipated(not as bad) , very expensive and only avail at chemists
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