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137 reviews
sachaMelbourne4 posts

Different baby

Super easy to prepare, my boy had bad reflux, he was on NAN and nature before. Most of the milk came back up. Than my doctor recommended this milk.

Hands down best milk for my boys reflux, he burped straight away now and keeps the mall down.

Would highly recommend for any mums out there that are thinking of changing formulas, for babies with reflux, do it!

Cons: effing expensive. But my boy is much happier

Emma.W3 posts

Excellent baby formula

After trying numerous formulas with my reflux/colic baby this formula all but made him a happy little guy. He still spews on occasion but it's not often. Cons are obviously the price but you can't put a price on a settled baby. Also sometimes the formula doesn't mix properly and can be lumpy but its certainly helped my little guy

ekabmelbourne9 posts

Helped a lot for reflux

This formula helped a lot. vomiting of my bub reduced quite a lot. I will not say that it reduced 100% vomiting or reflux symptoms but definitely helped.

After starting with this formula, 2-3 days bub had little constipation but after that no constipation at all, my bub having poo 2-4 times a day and completely normal. I would highly recommend this formula to other unlucky parents whos bub has reflux


Reflux and constipation formaula saved us

Highly recommend if your baby has constipation. My new born cried and was unsettled for a week used the constipation and no more toilet problems. Had reflux problems changed to that and was perfect. Thank you as I could not breast feed I tried many formulas and this won was the best !

FarrenSydney3 posts

Love it! What would life be without it

Its easy to prepare, my baby seems enjoy it. We havnt noticed any side effects in our baby. Otherwise it helps our baby from reflux. My baby start having this due to his reflux (3months old) and have no problem at all. It save our life as first time parents! He still having it until now (10months) Our GP also recommend us to still having it although our baby is free from reflux. Excellent!

Edward2 posts

Perfect for reflux

After tried some baby formula for reflux, finally find this baby formula that really work for reflux.

You can really see the result straight away.

The price is a bit expensive compare to other product for reflux and not all stores sell this product.

Tips: if there is discount in chemist warehouse or amcal, start to stock up.

Jay7 posts

Worked very well

Our first baby had bad reflux this product worked very good, it mixed up easy and baby seemed to like it, I would highly recommend this product. Our second baby was also put on this formula after trying other brands for reflux, Nolavac is the only brand that seems to work.

CherryMelbourne3 posts

Amazing results

Our 7week son had been crying in pain and vomiting every feed. The dr said to look at a reflux formula to change too. I saw that novalac had many good reviews and thought it was worth a try. By day 2 our son was a different baby. The vomiting and crying in pain had stopped. This formula worked wonders for us, and thanks to all

The good reviews that meant we didn’t have to try too many to get right one. Happy days

JackieAdelaide5 posts

It's amazing!!

This formula is easy to prepare. This formula has been amazing for my son who has severe colic and reflux. Once he started having it after 3/4 uses his reflux stopped. He was no longer vomiting!

There has been no side effects. It's by far the best formula for a colic and reflux baby.

Natasha M
Natasha MAU4 posts

Worked for screams BUT

I found the formula easy to prepare. But very thick it sometimes block the teats.

I started my bub on this formuka after taking her off s26 gold for reflux. While it made her more settled it made her projectile vomit 1 to 2 times a day.

Also made her constipated.

Jules W
Jules WAdelaide7 posts

Worth every cent

After months of my daughter being on prescription medication for reflux that wasn't helping , i purchased Novalac reflux and within 2 bottles she no longer needed to be on medication which was a huge relief !!! She loved the tatse and settled well with it ,yes it is a higher prices formula but its worth every cent ! She also slept so much better and for longer because her belly was full , i have also used the Novalac colic before and that was also just as great ! Would recommend Novalac for sure ! And there is a few variations so there is one to suit most babies .

BindiIllawarra, NSW36 posts

So glad I found This formula

This formula was a god send for my baby girl. She was able to keep it in her stomach, it's easy to prepare the same as any other kind of formula.

She slept much better and the crying stopped. I would recommend it to anyone.

More expensive than other formula but well worth it, I purchase mine through our local chemist and get reward points and vouchers for shopping in return so the price doesn't bother me in the long run.

Ally m
Ally mSydney9 posts

Good but not perfect for hs

We tried this formula due to my baby becoming very constipated on nan comfort and aptimal ar and aptamil ha and s26 at all made her reflux worse or very constipated this didn't work for us it stoped her reflux but made her constipated :( but I have heard it works wonders.

TarynPerth, WA58 posts

Seems to give my bub an upset stomach

I only use formula once a week when i work, this formula seems to give my baby an upset stomach so I have stopped using it. I highly recommend the colic mix and losec instead, they have made the biggest difference in my babies life, hes happier, feeds well and sleeps better.

NiaMackay5 posts


Best formula for premmie, reflux baby born at 24 weeks. I tried every brand out there, then tried this one and thank God it saved my sanity. I wish I'd have know about this from the start. At first Bub had constipation on it but that soon resolved by adding 10ml more water. You have to mix fairly warm so that it doesn't clog up the teat too.


Amazing for my baby!

My daughter adores this formula! It's easy to prepare, it minimizes her spit up, and she loves the taste. S26 disagreed with her horribly, and she threw up a lot of pumped breast milk. Since beginning novalac reflux, she has been such a happy baby, and has been sleeping through the night from two months. Her poos are more solid about 50% of the time - I find that adding an extra 20 mls of water solves this.

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Works, but also doesn't!

2 month old son suffers bad reflux, novalac reflux helped after just 2 bottles for that. But almost 2 weeks after using it, he only just overcame his constipation after switching to a new formula. 3-4 days it took for little one to poo after starting on novalac and his poo was hard as a rock with small amounts of blood. Never heard such horrific screams from a baby trying to poo before. Excellent for one end, absolutely horrible for the other.

CarrieRoss81Perth, Western Australia4 posts

Only formula that helped the reflux

This formula is easy to prepare at relatively the same quantities as other formulas and baby seemed to enjoy the taste. Incidence of reflux related behaviour reduced up to 95%, some constipation but this is common with ALL reflux type formulas as thet are thicker. Tried other reflux formulas and this was by far the best.

LaniPerth2 posts

Great for baby's with reflux

The instructions are easy to read, it takes 7 scoops to 210 mils water. I would recommend getting larger bottels to use this formula. My son enjoyed the formula overall. I enjoyed the fact it didn't smell really gross compared to other types of reflux formula and didn't overally thicken in the bottle, rather in his tummy. He had no issues whilst on this formula.

MariaSydney, NSW4 posts

Life saver!!!

My son had a really bad reflux. He was on S26 and than I switch to Nan. Both formulas gave him really bad reflux accompanied by painful gas and green pu. It was horrible to watch him he was suffering soo much.

I finally got a hands on Novalac Reflux. I was hesitant to start him on another formula but I was desperate to try to help him so he feels better.

Within couple of days he still spit out but it was far away from the amount he used to. He felt more comfortable after feeding, finally very content and happy baby. Also his sleep improved , he was very calm and settled immediately .

Looking back I wish I start him on Novalac Reflux earlier but as a first time mum you learn as you go.

Clare Bear
Clare BearCranbourne4 posts


I bought my first tin of the novalac reflux formula yesterday for my 12 week old son and so far it seems to be working quite well. He was previously on s26 anti reflux formula but was still throwing up quite a bit so the doctor recommended novalac. He is still throwing up a little bit but nothing like before.

Stellabrisbane2 posts


Our son was on the Aptamil Gold AR for his reflux and he was good for a while and then started to spew a lot of it up with also having constipation. The regurgitation was just the normal posetting that is suppose to be normal it was a lot. Our doctor preach us with Zantac and Novalac and so far so good. My son is more calmer without the wind pains. Poos regularly and doesn't bring up too much of his milk now. This product is quite good. I recommend changing teats to a two whole so that the milk goes through better and definitely mix the formula through with hot water first.


Life saver !!!!

My bub DD is 6 weeks today and had bad reflux since 1 week. Sleepless nights, intense crying, refusal to take breast or bottle... u name it, she had it all.... tried novolac reflux after discussing with GP and it was the best decision I took.. magic began after 3rd bottle and my daughter slept well, took bottles without fuss and no more crying. . Thank u novolac for this great product ...love it :)

SkyeSMerrylands4 posts

8 months and still on it

My bub is 8 months now and I havent switched to normal fomula mainly because im not sure how it would be on her tummy. She sleeps well but still wakes up after a good 6-8 hours stretch for milk.

I have to make sure the water is the right temperature though other wise it would go lumpy.

SkyeRSydney, NSW3 posts

Bub loves it!

This formula is a bit tricky to prepare because you have to have the correct water temperature otherwise it will not mix well. My bun used to power chuck her milk when she was on nan but this formula has helped lessen it - she's 7 months now but still chucks a bit but definitely not as much as before and she sleeps well too. She had some issues with being constipated after few weeks of being on it but i found that if I add extra 10ml of water to the bottle It does help.

Adam R
Adam R

Finally getting Sleep

Such a big difference with in 12 hours happy baby. Our second 3 week old little darling is suffering silent reflux and we were getting 2-3hrs sleep a night so glad we got in to see the doctor yesterday. Feel bad that we hadn't seen the doctor sooner. have found the formula to be a little too thick for the avent teat size 1, size 2 is working.

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saphmGold Coast7 posts
JordanBrisbane2 posts

Lifesaver!! Never going back

Tried S26, Nan Comfort, Bellamys and nothing agrees with Bub like Novalac.. We've used both colic and reflux formulas and they have been so gentle on his tummy, his poos are healthy and yellow, no real issues with constipation either. Great for reflux we have no spews on this stuff! But he power chucked everything else!! Easy to prepare and has a convenient smaller scoop for more precise measuring! Thank you Novalac

Kerrie4 posts
StolzHunter Region, NSW10 posts

Good but not great

This did slow down and lessen the reflux, but didn't stop it or reduce it as much as I would have liked. It also constipated my baby and generally wasn't any better than a non-reflux formula. She did however like the taste. Not readily available though. Hard to get in a country town. Pricey compared to other formulas.

Emilie29AU17 posts

Works a treat

Easy to prepare, shake for 30 seconds. This formula thickens in stomach, however we did need to go up a teat size to accommodate the thicker consistency. After 4 days , my daughter has less vomiting and is generally more settled. Has caused her some constipation, otherwise i highly recommend this formula.

jenjen4 posts

Highly recommend

Happy happy , We were advised by our doctor to try Novalac Reflux when bub was a week old at first i wasn't happy she seemed more constipated however doctor told us to preserve with it give her water between feeds and if needed constipation drops .

Took nearly a month but she started pooing normal but right from the start she was a happier settled baby .

Happy settled 3 month old little girl who sleeps through the night certainly makes for happy parents.


NO smelling vomit!!!

We tried several different AR formulas before finding Novalac. The majority of AR formulas thicken in the bottle making it difficult to get out unless going up teat sizes however Novalac thickens in baby's belly so it's easy for you to drink down. The biggest thing I noticed with Novalac was that IF she spit up (which is rare) it wasn't smelly like every other formula and her poo's turned back to the colour and smell (tmi) as the breast milk feeds she was on. She was a much happier baby who was getting better sleep. We will continue using this formula until 12 months!

SophieSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts

Great, so far

We are only on our 3rd bottle using Novalac Reflux and already my Bub has not thrown up. He had colic for a month until we tried Novalac Colic, which worked greatly in our favours. It was worth every cent but once he wasn't in pain any more we decided it was time to move on from the Coloc formula and try the Reflux as he was still vomiting after every feed at least 3 times. Now after 3 bottles not one bit of sick. Will defiantly have an update at the end of our first tin to see how it goes.

Jamie5 posts

Great! SO glad I got it

I went through a few regular formulas and bub was very spewey and refluxy. Finally gave in and tried this, and I am so happy. We've used it for about 10 weeks now and although she still chucks every now and again, she's not constipated and she's not crying in pain. If she ever gets a little constipated, I just add 10mls of water to the bottle and its all OK. Other AR formulas just made bub constipated and then they blocked the teat, but this is opposite.

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HelpingRandoms17 posts

Improved baby

I have just switched to this as my 2.5-week-old has suffered on brand: s26, with reflux and severe constipation. After a day of hysteria we bought Novalac Reflux and she has already seemed so much more settled. She even suddenly drinks for the bottle without making so much noise. Perhaps as this formula is smoother and slightly thicker.

I hope to report back if I see any negative changes but so far so good!

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JusteenMetropolitan Adelaide, SA12 posts

Third review

Ok so baby number three turned 6 months last month and as we had zero reflux on the Novalac reflux formula I thought I would try her on one that is readily available and not being shipped to China ! We tried A2 platinum formula for 2 weeks (two tins) what a nightmare ! It didn't cause her tummy ache or constipation but she was spilling up to three times after every bottle and it was a real sickly smell too ! So back on Novalac reflux and after one day no spilling back to her usual self and she doesn't smell of vomit ! Will be leaving her on novalac now until 12 months ! Novalac for the win.....again

PaytenMarian3 posts
PreetiGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC4 posts

Is a life saver

I had huge expectations before I bought this product for my baby, my Lo was suffering from severe reflux, he couldn't sleep well, was always crying and uncomfortable, although he was on Zantac, the heartburn was still there. After reading several positive reviews I decided to try Novalac reflux, haven't looked back since. Was using nan ha before, was extremely unhappy, horrible smelly poo and baby was in obvious discomfort.

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