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No respect for loyalty

My annual premium is due & I got a request to pay just under $10,000 due to the new way they deal with storms/floods/rainwater run off/surge all lumped in together. Ridiculous! Who can afford that? What ticked me off most is I’ve been with NRMA for 21 years & have 5 policies and they didn’t care less when I said I’d need to leave because I can’t afford such a high premium up more than double from last year. No respect for a loyal customer. It’s all about profits not customers. Sad.

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Hi Helen, sorry that you have been left feeling this way. The changes have been made to ensure customers are covered in an unfortunate event, but I totally understand how you are feeling due to the premium increase. If you would like this matter escalated Helen, please feel free to PM via Facebook Messenger and the Social Team can direct your message to our Flood Team for further advice. ~RenaeAt the time that I rang to discuss the matter with an NRMA representative I was advised that cost/price does not meet the criteria to escalate the matter. Therefore there seems no point it taking up your offer. Unless, of course, you’re suggesting that the original advice I was given was false? I doubt that because the staff member seemed competent and well versed. I was very happy with NRMA so it came as a shock when no attempt at all was made to retain my patronage after 21 years loyalty. I even said that ethically I will now need to move my other policies to another provider. Response? Care factor zero.We certainly do appreciate your loyalty of 21 years Helen. You have shown us great patronage, and we would be sad to see you go. If there is more we can do for you please let us know ~Renae

Pet lovers - review the policy

Absolutely disgusting our dog damaged our cedar doors due to being scared in storm. We had top cover so. Thought covered by accidental damage. Was told no but was up sold on their pet lovers policy to say if you purchase this upgrade on your policy you will be covered if it happens again - so we upgraded - it happened again 18 mths later only to be told covered by animals not living on premises as then pet lovers not covered by chewing -funny that conveniently not told that when sales person in claims up sold me on adding new policy - believe nothing they tell you - yes we need to read the fine print - no longer trusting we were in fact not told the truth!lo

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Hi Unsatisfied, Sounds like you have had a very frustrating experience. You should not be left feeling like this and should have received the correct information about the product prior to adding it to your policy. If you would like to lodge a complaint and we can look into the information surrounding this 'upgrade' you can escalate via this link to Customer Relations https://www.nrma.com.au/complaints-resolutions. They will assist you in finding a good outcome. I hope everything else is ok after the storm ~Renae

Escape of water claim terribly mismanaged

I have been with NRMA for several years and have four policies with them. On 23/11/2018 I had a burst pipe under my kitchen sink. The water flooded almost every room and went through several walls. Even though NRMA has both policies they appointed separate people to “restore” my building and contents. The contents restorers advised me that they would only assist with the drying of the carpets and put several machines in. The carpets were an older wool with hessian backing so they were starting to stain quite badly and seemed very unlikely to be able to be saved. They left on a Friday advising that they would reattend on “Monday or Tuesday” on Saturday the building restorer attended and found moisture readings of up to 35 when the safe level is 16 and under. She could not take moisture readings of the two most affected walls in the kitchen because the kitchen cupboards were in the way. Apart from the readings she advised that there was nothing that she could do as the carpet drying machines were in the way. She did advise that she thought the carpets should have been removed on the Friday. I called NRMA on Monday and advised them that the carpets were now very badly stained and stinking to high heaven and asked if they could please be removed so that the drying of the structure could commence. The claims consultant was quite curt and advised me that the carpet decision was entirely up to their subcontractor. The carpet restoration people did not check on the progress or change the filters of their machines until six days later when they finally removed their machines and wrote off the carpet. They only removed half of the carpet at that time because they were “busy”.

The assessor and the structural drying company then attended and the assssor was remarkably rude and dismissive saying that he “cant assess what he can’t see” ignoring much of the damage and the fact that NRMA’s process meant my kitchen walls and kitchen with chipboard underneath sat wet for six days! Once the structural drying was finished they decided everything was fine despite some of the wall moisture readings being elevated after ten days! After I complained a second assessor from the same company attended (despite being promised an independent assessor they never eventuated) and was slightly less rude but of almost the exact same opinion as his colleague - they want to do some superficial cosmetic work to make the kitchen look okay while the chipboard rots and who knows what happens to the walls.

I have a two year old and a five year old both of whom were premature babies with IUGR and I am stuck in no man’s land of paying for accomodation while I wait for customer relations to contact me. I do not believe that my house is safe for my children because the moisture readings of the kitchen walls have never been taken and they and my kitchen were left wet for six days and the chances of mould are quite high, I consulted an independent mould specialist who advised that they cannot determine if there is mould without direct access to the affected walls.

I am horrified by my claims experience and how I have been treated and must strongly recommend against NRMA insurance. I have “home plus” a supposedly premium product.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Shannon, I have sent a reply to another review with the same notes. I hope we can get this moving along for you asap ~RenaeHi Renae, I have replied with my details but it has been seven days since I contacted customer relations originally and was told that I would receive a call back “within a couple of days” thank you for trying to escalate it, I really hope that it works. It’s almost Christmas and this is having a terrible impact on my children.Please also look at the rest of my reviews, they are mainly really positive. This is by far the worst experience that I have ever had as a customer.

Price jump by 50 per cent due to flood rezoning

They have recently increased premiums due to my adjoining properties being assed as flood prone. Only they don't flood, not now, not ever. Why? Because I owned them in Feb 2011 when the BIGGEST flood on record ever occurred and my properties did not flood. I told them that, they were the insurer back then as I have been customer over 11 years and no claim was made. They don't want to take notice of reality so I cancelled my policy with them. I suggest you do so too.

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Sorry to hear you feel this way, we can confirm that many councils did rezone the flood risk based on increasing severity of storms and weather events. Although your home may not have flooded in the biggest flood prior to this most councils are expecting the floods to be gradually worse than what we have encountered in the past and this has caused a huge number of areas to be re-rated by their councils as flood risk zones. If you feel your council is incorrectly rating your area we can accept independent reports for flood data but we would assume the council is correct if they have rezoned as they would be employing hydrologists and geologists to review this infoamtion. Please make sure when changing insurers that they do offer the same level of coverage as often differences in price can be because of harsher exclusions and limitations of cover on the policies. If we can offer any other assistance or information please let us know we will be happy to help out if we can. ~Lochy

Disgusting service

NRMA builder would not guarantee their work so therefore would not do the repairs, i was left with the option of basically taking the payment for a quote estimated by the builder who would not do the work and done the quote for repairs from photos someone else had taken, dud not come to the house and omitted other items that needed to be repaired. Now I have been left to find my own builder to do the repairs and hope the payout covers everything once they start removing the vanity. Oh and not too mention if i can actually get someone to come and look at it.. I did not want a payout and all this hassle and stress i just wanted the repairs done.. I will never recommend and rest assured will be shopping around for not only a new house and contents insurer but cars and greenslips...

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So sorry to hear that Sue, if we can offer any assistance or you would like to escalate this further we would absolutely be happy to help out in any way we can. Although we do not manage the claims directly we can definitely try to follow up any escalations currently being processed or we can ensure that this does get escalated for you. ~Lochy

Disgraceful - They rip you off on your renewals

We have been with NRMA for some years, having 2 cars and our house and contents insured with them. One car renewal has arrived and it is substantially more expensive than last year. I then did a quote at my next door neighbors address and it was nearly $200 cheaper than what we have been billed. I called and asked why and the price was dropped about $40 because the system did not state that the car was garaged?? They ask these questions when you get a new policy and we have not moved. NRMA could provide no explanation as to why our house number is so much more expensive than our neighbors and are generally happy for me to take my business elsewhere (which I will be doing).

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi love2travel, All premiums are based on rating factors that do include addresses and where the car is kept. If you would like the Social Team to review your policy please PM us via Facebook Messenger on the NRMA Facebook Page Thank you for taking the time to review our Home Insurance product and sorry that you have been left feeling this way. Let's investigate and ensure we have all details spot on ~RenaeFor anyone interested, I did PM NRMA on Facebook Messenger. It was an absolute joke. After a dozen messages back and forth asking questions about information that was already provided I was told that "everything appeared correct". I have now taken my business elsewhere at close to 40% less than my original renewal. There are 3 more policies to come so I can look forward to saving lots of money on insurance over the coming months.


After 50 years plus of having NRMA house insurance my 88 year old pensioner father made his first claim after a storm left a hole in the roof ( and damaged multiple properties in the area) After waiting 2 weeks we get a phone call saying that the pitch of the 50 year old roof was 12 degrees and the standard is 15 degrees - and that contributed to the damage- and the claim was denied. So my dad is left with a gaping hole in the roof and the NRMA have wiped their hands of it and said bad luck. That’s what “Gold Membership “50 years of loyalty gets you in your time of need. Ruthless, heartless with no sense of what is the right thing to do- instead they will look for technicalities to avoid having to pay out and genuine claim to someone who really needs their help.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Anthony, thank you for the taking the time to review our Home Insurance Product and give us some honest feedback. It sounds like an extremely sad story for your father. We don't like hearing that any customers have been left feeling like this. His loyalty to us over the 50 plus years has showed his trust in us. Your father does have the right to follow our Customer Resolution process, here is the link: https://www.nrma.com.au/complaints-resolutions. If the Social Team can assist in any way please know that you can PM us via Facebook Messenger ~RenaeUpdate. Today I had the “ pleasure” of telling my 88 year old dad that NRMA stood by their original decision not to honour the claim. They are adamant that it was a maintenance issue and therefore it was his responsibility. So the hole is still in the roof and dad will wait a few months to save to get it repaired. The good news is that he has a ladder so he can get up on the roof and check the roof pitch himself, check for any tiles that are loose, check the batons aren’t damaged in the roof, may as well check the electrical wiring, check the foundations of the house are ok, then go under the house and check the flooring is good, check all the windows are solid and in place, check all the plumbing is ok and check that any other house maintenance issue that may be caused by climate change or act of god is addressed. In the meantime I can check he doesn’t renew his house policy with NRMA, not renew his 50 years gold roadside service membership, not go to any NRMA car workshop again...... and then for light relief I can check NRMA’s dwindling share price. Let me tell you their “ It pays to belong” slogan only works one way and it isn’t the policy holders!Just a update to my dads claim. After making a complaint to the AFCA the NRMA missed the deadline to reply (yes they are that useless) and my complaint was sent to a case manager. At this point the NRMA stood by their decision to deny the claim. A conciliation phone hook up was organised between myself, the NRMA representative and the AFCA case manager as the mediator. Both sides had a fair and balanced opportunity to state their case. To say the NRMA's justification for denying the claim was laughable would be a understatement- i mean they really had nothing- the best part is when the were referring to the photos of the internal baton damage of the roof, when the photo was just a picture of a tarpaulin that was covering the hole. Both sides then had 7 days to go away and come up with a offer that we could both agree on and if not the AFCA would make a preliminary decision. As per usual the NRMA used up the entire allocated 7 days.and knowing they had absolutely no chance in hell of winning they backed down and agreed to pay the claim in full. Now i'm not writing this to gloat ( although its very tempting) but id like to warn all consumers that my battle wasn't a isolated case.the NRMA will go to any lengths not to pay out on storm damaged roofs and offer just to pay for the internal damage. Please do not accept their decision if you believe they have made a mistake in denying your claim. In particular look out for the elderly who are insured with NRMA who still believe the company is trustworthy and reputable like they were decades ago- because the elderly are more vulnerable and will just accept their decision.

Great experience

I have been with NRMA more than 10 years and never claim. I have seen previous reviews about bad experience when comes to claims. My personal experiences are great so far. Most of the time when i visit the shop or ring for paying my insurance, they did go through the insurance with me. So not sure why comment said they take money quick but dont pay claim. Only complaint i have is NRMA downsize their shop at penrith.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Zhan, thanks for the review! We appreciate your honesty and kind words. When it comes to claiming our job is to put our customers in the same position prior to an accident occurring. We are happy to hear your overall claim experience with us has been a positive one. Majority of our claims are paid and we are here to give our customers peace of mind when insuring their assets. Thanks again for the compliment <3 ~Rubie

If it can happen it has happened to me. Approx 5 claims with NRMA and all paid.

I have claimed for everything from cyclone damage to a truck driver demolishing a brick fence to a sewage leak requiring an entire lower storey of my house needing to be cleaned, ripped down interiorly and rebuild and repainted with my contents put in storage and accommodation provided. . Excellent service each time. The sewage leak had the unfortunate inclusion of the tradesmen stealing my possessions but I blame that more on them than on NRMA. The sewage leak claim had the cleaners on site and cleaning within an hour or so of me ringing NRMA afterhours. I always knew NRMA was a great insurance company (my mother worked for them in the early 60's and speaks very highly of them) but I didnt realize how great they are until I watched my neighbour trying to deal with RACT. The difference in service is well worth the difference in price.

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible, all claims have go overseas

27 yrs with home and cars insurances with NRMA and tried to talk to someone in Australia seemed impossible. My house roof was broken and leaks, ceiling in one room was all wet. I really don't know what to do? Time to change now.

Insurance claim madeNo

Customer service outsourcing such a terrible mistake

More than 6 years. Always loved the customer service at nrma But today I called to make a claim and I was put through 6 people, another specialist but nobody had a clue in the office in the Philippines as to how to assist me. Unbelievable and I kept calling either they would transfer your call or hang up just horrible. Never encountered any trouble when dealing with Australian operators here. Recently I spoke to [name removed] from the Brisbane office the level of assistance she provided was incredible. Can't say thank you enough to her for solving all the matters. I have my cars, business, life insurance everything with nrma and now I just feel like moving to another insurer. I feel drained after spending so much time on the phone. Tomorrow I am driving to Hornsby to the nrma Westfield office for a face to face consultation. Can't get over you have lack of product knowledge and training.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi there, thanks for the review! We appreciate you sharing your recent claim experience with us. We wanted to say thank you for being so understanding and patient throughout the process yesterday. We are sorry to hear that lodging a claim was not a smooth transition but we are over the moon to hear that we found a resolution. We would love to pass on your feedback to everyone who assisted you yesterday. Feel free to PM us your claim and contact details. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention - seems like we have some training opportunities to look into! We hope you are ok from the incident! ~Rubie

Home buildings

I made a claim , the first and only since 1993. They made an "offer". What does that mean? It should be a formula not something to be haggled about. Communication was poor until I was able to call a different team - the complaints team.I am not happy with the outcome or an offer.When renewal comes up I shall be moving (and I am not some one who does that lightly).

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi JC33, thanks for your review. You are well within your rights to escalate your concerns to our customer relations team if you are unhappy with the managers decision. Please let us know if we can help you with this, happy to help in any way we can. ~KazWhat does an offer mean? When and why does NRMA do this? I would like you to answer please.We are not in the claims team JC33 so we cannot answer this question. We would be happy to arrange for the claims team to contact you to explain this to you. Please PM your claim number so we can arrange this. ~Kaz

Never stay with NRMA insurance anymore

I have been with NRMA car insurance for nearly 10 year and home/content insurance for 4 years.Recently had a small claim for my swimming pool decking damage due to storm/water overflow. my claim was denied due to the complicated policy that you don't understand , they just play with word to dismiss your claim. I just wasted my money and time. never stay with NRMA , they are big scammer.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Younas, thanks for sharing your thoughts on your recent claims experience. Did the team tell you exactly why the claim was not covered under your policy? We would be happy to arrange for someone to contact you to help explain further if you would like. Please provide your claim number if we can help. ~KazHi Kaz, the claim number is #NRQ182660334Hi there, we have reviewed your claim and can confirm a decision letter was sent on the 6th of August explaining why the claim was not covered. The letter contains a written explanation and next steps. If following our review you remain dissatisfied with our final decision, you have a range of options to pursue the matter further, external to our organisation. One of these options is to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) by calling 1800 367 287 or visiting www.fos.org.au . Thanks! ~Rubie

Cant amend policy

After 25 years with the nrma I have found them to be the worst company I’ve had to deal with
after I paid for the insurance I tried to ammend the policy
I called their call centre and they refused to do anything just hung up on me I have been trying to get in touch with them, so far they have ignored me I’am just getting emails saying they will get contact me in ten days
I have never known them to be so ignorant and arrogant
No doubt if I have an accident they will ignore me and refuse to cover the claim they can't be trusted
My policy number is MOT585830960
Their self service centre is totally useless
I want a full refund and the policy cancelled I renewed the policy on 03_08_2018

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Louis, thanks for getting in touch. We can see your policy has already been cancelled under our cooling off period. Please contact the team on 132 132 and they can arrange for your refund, they will need you bank details to process this. If you have any issues please PM our Facebook page and we can assist. Thanks. ~Kaz

Mislead and Disappointed

Ive been a member of NRMA for 21years. Ive paid over $35,000 in premiums across those years. Ive only ever made 1 small claim 10 years ago. When participating in a webchat enquiry with an NRMA representative about claiming for a laptop that was damaged when accidently dropped, I was told I did not have accidental damage coverage. I said but I have home and contents coverage. What about the new for old replacement? I asked when is damage NOT accidental? The representative then disconnected the call. So when I ask a simple question that she couldn't couldn't answer she disconnected the call. I was quite taken aback. Where is the service advertised on the TV where NRMA put their arms around you? So my policy covers damage done to the property of a visitor to my home, but not mine. If damage is result of malicious damage I am covered but not if its accidental? I live 50klms from the coast but my policy covers sea water inundation. Im 60 klms from an airport but my policy covers me for impact from falling aircraft. Ive always believed in the NRMA. Ive also believed that my items were covered after a phone call from an NRMA sales representative who discussed my cover and assured me that I was covered for everything. On examination of the policy, I see cover can be home or homeplus. Under one your portable goods are covered under the other they are not. However my policy document does not state which cover I have. I trusted NRMA. I in good faith believed I had appropriate cover. I am disgusted with the way I have been treated! I will be cancelling my home contents and car insurance. Thanks for opening my eyes NRMA.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi there Meme, Sorry to hear that your claims experience has left you feeling this way. Your consultants should certainly have educated you on your coverage so you were clear about what you could claim on. Our policy has a 'list of events' that you are covered for. These are clearly outlined in your policy booklet. In addition you can select additional cover that suit your needs(like accidental damage), so you are not paying for something that is not required for your lifestyle. I apologise that this was not discussed with you. If you would like any further information, or would like to discuss your policy further please PM the Social Team via Messenger. We are happy to assist where we can:) If you have already cancelled and insured elsewhere, we are sorry to see you go. We hope in the future we can assist in building that trust again and having you as a valued customer. Kind regards ~Alison

Happy to take your money zero chance of paying out a claim

Havent made many if any claims on house and contents but the one time you do they find a way round having to pay out on a claim . Policies are worded in a way to make it complicated to understand in laymans terms . Found staff communication less than satisfactory . Will be moving on very disappointing sevice ..

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Joanne, thanks for taking the time to share your recent claims experience. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with the service you received and the claims outcome. We would be happy to arrange for someone to call you to explain the claims decision clearly, can you provide your claim number please so we can arrange this for you. ~Kaz

Quick to take your money but won’t rush to give you something back

I have been a NRMA customer for car insurance the past 15 years, and a house insurance customer the past 10 years. They have been good but only because I’ve never made a claim up until June this year. Beginning of June this year I made a house insurance claim for water damage which has caused damage and mound. The gentlemen on the phone told me a builder would be in contact within 72 hours and NRMA would have a copy of the assessment with a decision within 10 working days. 3 weeks after the claim was put through the builder called and came to assess 4 days later. It is now the end of August and am still waiting to hear back from NRMA. Are all insurance companies this quick to take your money monthly but couldn’t care less when it comes to giving back?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there Anon, Thanks for your honest feedback, but apologies by how your claims experience has left you feeling. We pride ourselves in the way we assist our customers and have done for many years. If we can be of assistance in escalating your concerns please PM us via Messenger. We can pass on your details and have this matter looked in to immediately. ~Alison


Customer. Support? Read reviews on the pathetic treatment of other reviewers. We've been with nrma for over 50years and in that time submitted 2 claims of minimal value. Severe illness meant that I missed the renewal date of the home and contents insurance policy and nrma has refused a claim for broken glass in the front door for $370. Then immediately sent a new policy renewal for $1574. No more renewals with Nrma for me.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hey Faye, thanks for letting us know about this and sorry to hear about the trouble you have had. We would certainly like to see if we can provide any assistance for you in regards to the claim situation if you could confirm your claim number for us we would be able to get this escalated for you to have one of our claims specialists review the claim and get back in touch within the next 24 business hours to let you know if we are able to offer any other options for you to get this resolved. ~LochyWhy does it take for long. Standing clients leaving nrma before someone at nrma offers to consider providing customer support? Too little too late. And I think it is beyond pathetic for Nrma to be responding in this way. Provide honest service at the time of the issue.Our offer to help is always open Faye if you change your mind. ~Kaz

NRMA Customer Service - Claims handling - A Joke

I had always believed NRMA was a premium product.
Working in the insurance industry for over 14 years, I have always insured with my employer. For the last 3 - 4 years I have placed all my policies with NRMA - not the cheapest insurer, however I believed they had the best reputation. How mistaken I was! My kitchen pipe burst on 23.12.2017 flooding my apartment - the fact that I was home at the time meant I could remove the water quickly and therefore not lose all my belongings (the water penetrated through the kitchen wall into my wardrobe – through to the study and all through my lounge and dining area). My bamboo flooring began 'tenting' within 24 hours. I kept all windows and doors open for over two weeks - with ceiling fans continually on. I purchased dehumidifiers and placed them in the kitchen cupboard, my wardrobe, the linen cupboard and in the lounge and study.
I lost an iron, a pair of boots and an extension lead due to water damage. My kitchen and living room flooring was damaged and most of the skirting boards are destroyed.
As the kitchen flooring was insured under building insurance – this was repaired without an issue as was the kick-board under the cupboard where the pipe burst. Thank you Honan Insurance.
My contents insurance with NRMA though will not cover the flooring that has been damaged – some of the bamboo is warped and I am concerned the underlay has been compromised and now mould may be growing - a very dangerous health risk for an asthmatic like myself – I have written this to the NRMA claims team twice with no response. They now have advised they wish to “close’ my claim?
It is a sad day when a company sends the customer service team off shore – there is no ‘care’ for customers any longer and no 'easy' way to contact a supervisor - I have requested this more than twice - again with no response.
I have advised NRMA on two separate occasions that I would escalate this matter – and still no phone call or email to me.
I am trying here, on this forum, one last time hoping NRMA will review my claim before I have to take the next step- as I feel I now have no other option than to go to the Financial Ombudsman for assistance in resolving my claim.
Would I recommend NRMA insurance to anyone??? Not a chance!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hey M Kelly, thank you for your review. We would be happy to help escalate your concerns to the claims manager. Could you please message us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance and let us know you are from Product Review and please include your claim number, happy to help where we can. ~Kaz

Won't accept split payments

Dreadful experience in attempting to make a credit card payment over the phone for strata policy.
The property only has 2 buildings and the co-owner had made payment for their half of the insurance policy.
I was unable to make my payment over the phone as their system couldn't allocate the BPay and wouldn't accept my payment unless I paid total account. I had to call back multiple times, spending over 20 minutes each time just to try and make a payment. Each time I had to go through a full security screen, although all I wanted to do was pay. This has taken literally hours. I have no idea why I can't just ring up and put the card number through with the policy number. The poor Filipinos working in the centre must be using archaic technology as they have to check everything manually. Very very poor system.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Gwen, Thanks so much for reviewing us and giving us feedback. We understand your frustrations and will ensure that your concerns are passed on. Unfortunately you can not part pay a policy by BPAY as the money won't allocate, it will just show was an underpaid amount. Hopefully our systems will allow for this soon so strata customers can pay separately. ~Alison

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We are looking at buying a new house. The house has a carport and pergola (attached to the house) that were built a few years ago. The current owners of the property have advised both structures did not undergo council approval. We are not put off by this - we love the house, the structures look really well made and they certainly add value to the property. We would be happy to purchase the property but we are curious if NRMA Building Insurance would cover the house and both structures? Or would we be only able to list the house on the policy given the structures are unapproved? We can't find anything in the PDS statement that answers this particular question so any policy advice would be appreciated.
2 answers
Hi. Ours got the same, pergola and carport. Unapproved structure as a lot in Canberra. This wasn’t an issue.Hi Enigma, you will be covered - however, we would not rebuild or repair something not to council code. In this case we would either cash settlement for an amount or we would rebuild something that is council approved. Keep in mind a claim can be denied if damaged caused to the property was because it was not build to standard. Example being if the way it was built was causing water damage to the property - this could potentially cause the claim to be denied. Good luck with your decision & hope this helps! ~Natalie

Hi, after watching A Current affair this week on the indifferent treatment of some of your customers I have questioned whether I should stay with NRMA or switch to another insurer. I must say after reading this review site it does not give me much confidence. Can you give me any reason why I should stay
1 answer
Hi Andy, in relation to the customers in the program you’ve mentioned, we have apologised for the delays they experienced while we reviewed their claims and have now resolved the issues for both customers. When a customer suffers damage to their home we may need to use a variety of experts such as builders, roofers and engineers to assess some of our claims and to ensure the repairs meet building standards and regulations. One of the customers' home had damage that had occurred over an extended period and was due to leaf debris blocking rainwater from flowing off the roof, made worse by previous poor repairs by her builder. This was highlighted by a previous claim they made a few years earlier. Where the repairs were also undertaken by the customer's own builders. We have now settled the claim for the internal damage and spoken with the customer about the repairs required to her roof to help protect her home from further water damage in the future. The second customer featured on the program had pre-existing termite damage. The repairs done to this home was not to standard. This resulted in the roof lifting and further damage to his property. Our experts are currently reviewing the extent of damage caused by the termites. This will allow us to determine the next steps required before the repairs can begin. Whilst any delays with home insurance claims are disappointing, if you are looking for a reason to stay with NRMA Insurance these are examples where we have chosen to extend our cover to situations normally excluded by home insurance policies. ~ Jono

When i phoned customer service for my solar system damage by a storm was advised to get a report from a level 2 electrition on damage then 2-3 replacement quotes for my claim. Only to be told when I rang back to lodge my claim nrma would be arranging a builder to asses the damage/replacement of my solar sytem then why did i get a report costing me $199? When nrma has to aprove the damage with there own builder?
2 answers
Hi Lozza, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can appreciate how frustrating this is to be told two conflicting things and have this additional charge. I would like to have this looked into and rectified for you. Can you please use this link to our Facebook page to reach out via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review, include your original message and your claim number, DOB, address and contact details so we can contact the correct person in claims to escalate this for you. ~ JonoThankyou for your reply, i will contact FB NRMA and hopefully i will have a better outcome. Lozza


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