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NRMA Life Insurance

NRMA Life Insurance

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They Mailed My Policy Documents To Someone Else's Address

I signed up for this policy online. It's fronted by NRMA but processed by TAL. Received my policy pack and information in the mail at my home address about a week later. I then emailed them to enquire about some details regarding my policy. I had expected an email reply but received two missed calls instead both of which I couldn't answer because I was on a road trip and the phone reception was bad. Got a nasty surprise when I got home. My husband showed me a letter from NRMA indicating they had tried to contact me but to no avail. There was another letter they mailed out which had my details and full confidential policy information including sum insured, premium due, policy number, beneficiary, etc. That's nothing unusual all right but what's most bizarre, ridiculous and outrageous was that both letters (addressed to me) were sent to the address belonging to my husband's ex-wife whom I had neither mentioned nor included in my policy at all! It's totally absurd beyond the most basic comprehension.

I had not made any request to change my address whatsoever. How this stupid mistake happened on their part is beyond my wildest guess. I was furious and called them for an explanation. The staff on the line said they needed time to investigate but refused to give me the name of the manager in charge when asked. What did they have to hide? The fact that they had sent my confidential info to an address that is not affiliated to me in any way is a case of pure negligence, breach of confidentiality and extreme incompetence on the part of one of Australia's so-called established insurance firms. I lost trust in them totally and decided on the spot to cancel my policy. The staff went thru a list of cancellation terms and duty of care before processing my cancellation. Duty of care? What a joke! They couldn't even protect a simple thing like my address details and making sure my confidential info doesn't fall into the wrong hands and they said they're exercising duty of care? They're so incompetent from the get-go, why would I trust my life with them?


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