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They just don't like to pay

Nearly 2 years after my Grandmother has passed away and still not anywhere near ready to settle anything.
Apparently issues just keep coming up and once they fix that (after months on end) a new one mysteriously arises.
You would have thought everything would have been looked into all at once... and that's if these issues even existed to start with which I highly doubt!
I just think it's disgraceful that they continue to drag something as sensitive as this out while family members can't have any closer after the passing of their family members.
Disgusting department and I highly reccomend people use someone else.

This should be called Public crappy

My grandmother put the money in the public trustee 36 years ago for 4 of her grandsons after my father died (my father not allowed to touch the money but he can withdrawal the interest yearly).
Unfortunately, my farther has passed away in May last year. And the public trustee trying to dragging out the time, they made up story about my father adopted a child before (that is a lie because we asked them for the evidence and they can not show us. Then lately they said there is no adopted child as far as they know!?!?!?)
now they asked us to keep waiting for them to check with the legal team (after we waiting for the manager to get back on her leave, waiting for them to check this, check that and after a whole year, they have done nothing but lie to us and stuffing us around).
Now we are renting, we waiting for the money so we can buy a house but we don’t know how long we have to to waited for!
I'm going to talk to social media, 7 news or something like that because I believe there are too many similar victims of the public trustee need to raise their voice too
I already contact the Ombudsman and waiting for them to get back to us.

A Very Deceitful Department. NOT to be trusted.

My Grandfather had his will with Public Trustee, Now Trustee Guardian. The Will was finalised in about 4-5 mths. I was told story after story and after many Phone calls they kept putting me off with many crap stories about people on leave, File gone to another department. Finally after about 18mths I had to contact General Manager. Received my inheritance just short of 2yrs. In the mean time I lost my job and House. This money could have saved me. They just hold onto the money for as long as they can, to get the interest, without any concern for the Family members. Now, for a 2nd time, Dealing with them about another matter, they are still doing the same thing. A disgraceful Department to deal with and will only cause many problems for your family after you're gone.

NSW Trustee & Guardian - Criminals

Hi Everyone
Like to discuss this issue with as many people as possible.
This department needs to be held to account.
My Father has dementia and is living in a nursing home. He would throw himself under a bus it he knew the Government had taken control of his assets.
My Parents were farmers working 7 days a week their entire life only for the Government to seize their assets because of the $ value.
Looking at taking my matter to the high court, need like minded people to build a case of incompetence against the NSW Trustee & Guardian.
The NSW Trustee & Guardian claim to be working in my Fathers best interests but have defaulted on 2 of my Fathers Credit Cards which has seen his credit rating fall from over 950 to 1.
They also blocked a sales of one of my Fathers properties which I had negotiated a sales contract for which would have paid off all his debts and paid for his placement in a nursing home together with his ongoing care.
I have always acted in my Fathers best interest and have nothing to hide.

Ray Wilson

Unresponsive, unavailable and I'm Unimpressed

Initially I was all for a financial management plan in the hands of NSW Public Trustee and Guardian, actively supporting the submission. Some three months down the track, I'm Cher, wishing I could turn back time. I've been told that my expectations are too high and not to anticipate having someone return my call within the day. Unfortunately, my expectations are evidently also too high anticipating a return phone call within a week, or a fortnight as is the case. Similarly, emails have remained unanswered, and given my experience, I anticipate they will remain unanswered. I have been issued information by the Public Trustee that I've later found to be incomplete, misleading, inaccurate and erroneous and acting upon it has caused financial injury to another elderly person. Although I have drawn their attention to this and lodged an official complaint, I am yet to recieve response, action or rectification. Decisions have been made without consultation with another party who is not subject to financial management order, whose affairs are not handled by the Public Trustee and the Public Trustee will not release any information about those decisions to date. There seems to be little accountability or transperency. Unwilling to let things get too much further I'm now seeking legal advice and assistance. With my experience to date in mind, I couldn't, in all good conscience, recommend NSW TAG to anyone. Quite the opposite. Go elsewhere. A solicitor will be worth the price.


I have a letter from the Secretary of Attorney General confirming that this department is dysfunctional. NSWTG continue to email forms for a 71 year person as though he is a child. They provide appeasement money of $1,000 to ensure that it can't be said that my brother has not received any funds from his Medical Negligence Settlement. Please everyone go to your local Member of Parliament, this is a state Government issue, I have gone to mine and he is helping me but he cannot do it on his own. Apply pressure. Consider class action against NSWTG. Surely there is a way we can band together and have something done.

Deceased Estate- No closure over 2.5 yrs later..

As stated in the title of this review.. no closure. Solicitor appointed to move matter along or to sue the trustee. I had to do a lot of the work for the PT by gathering the information needed by them to move things along & still they at a stand still. The PT will drag the matter out to siphon fund from the estate in different fees. Avoid at all cost!! Biggest headache & totally useless!! I cannot see how they justify their fees. Property not sold 2.5 yrs later... money taken out of accounts fraudulently by other family members in the mean time & trustee not lifting a finger! Terrible useless service that is paid for dragging matters out & to only line their own pockets. They do not even do the work they are required to do but ask you to & still you will have problems. Do not use.. EVER! Appoint a solicitor or someone else that is trusted but avoid the Public Trustee.

Total incompetence!

Won't even go into the number of times over the nearly 3 years my brother and I have been dealing with this crowd. Suffice to say, unanswered emails, telephone conversations (we'll get back to you and never ever do!) Finally told that all the payment to us from half our Uncle's Estate had been 'approved' and had gone to their Account Dept on 12th January. Numerous phone calls, emails as to when payment coming and have had staff say they can't understand what is holding it up (yes, we'll get back to you!) It is nearly 3 months later! So am writing to Ombudsman, Trustee's complaints department (they must be busy!) anyone who will listen! And will start from next Monday to phone every day! Please if you are thinking of appointing someone to look after an estate - contact a good local solicitor who will have some interest in looking after your Estate. DON'T whatever you do, appoint these people!

Criminally incompetent - Took all the assets and walked away

My recently deceased father asked us to appoint T&G for my mother.
They very quickly pulled all the money out of all bank accounts, took the house and all belongings - and then walked away - 5 months later they have not paid any bills (inc her aged care home).
Massive late penalties are building up and the money that should have easily lasted my mother 10 years will now unlikely last more than a couple of years due to their gross mismanagement and neglect.

I am looking to take legal action against them.

Never trust anything the Public Trustee tells you

My step-father died in 2015 without a Will. I took his papers, proof that I was his only relative after my mother had died in 2002 and photos of me with him when I was a child. I was told that I was elegible but would have to wait until the PT did their searches. After many phone calls over the next 6 months where I found that there was a different person every time, handling "my case", I was told in no uncertain terms that as a step child I was not elegible to any inheritance and the PT would keep the lot! I then went to a solicitor who told me that this was nonsense and proceeded to correspond with the PT. I was asked to provide an affidavit which I did and this was sent to the PT. It took threats to take them to Court before they finally took action on my behalf
Three and a half years after the death of my stepfather, the PT finalized his money but with their costs and the costs of the solicitor, over 60% of the money left in my stepfather's bank and superfund was lost.
I was left with the distinct feeling that the PT was deliberatly trying to keep any money they could. If I had not been in a position to pay for a solicitor, the money would have been kept and that would have been the end of it as far as I was concerned. There must to 1000s of cases where people where not able to use legal help and who's righful money was robbed from them, THERE SHOULD BE A JUDICIAL INQUIRY INTO THIS DEPARTMENT AND HOW IT IS RUN!

Incompetent and inefficient - royal commission needed

TAG were appointed to manage the financial affairs of my grandfather and to be his guardian because the family weren't getting on. Took them months to acknowledge their role and assess his financial situation. Their 'assessment' was pathetic - one paragraph that might have been written by a twelve year old. They got a real estate agent to do a paper valuation of the house based on its location and a drive by looksie, because TAG didn't bother getting the keys from the relative that held them. TAG never stepped foot in his house to see if he had any personal property of value. TAG asserted that they had no powers over his personal property (demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of their role and powers as set out in their empowering legislation) and attempted to delegate this off to a relative. When questioned about this, they didn't respond. When the question was escalated to a supervisor, they again failed to respond. Customer service is non-existent. The case workers won't take calls. You can only ever get through to low level staff in their call centre who frankly have no idea what they're talking about.
They charge on a daily basis, even if they do nothing. This creates an incentive to be inefficient and inept because they'll be paid regardless. Their fees are outrageous for the services they provide - basically you've got uneducated base grade clerks making serious decisions without any understanding of the legal framework or principles of administrative law.
As guardians they did absolutely nothing proactively except send an acknowledgement of their appointment. From therein, complete silence until my grandfather was in hospital and end of life decisions had to be made. Basically, TAG delegated this off to the doctors to decide, supposedly in consultation with the next of kin.
We assumed that TAG would act independently, without fear or favour, but they were a complete waste of time and money. Never again.
I completely agree that there should be a royal commission into this office.

Disgraceful and Incontiable - Do not use

I was placed in charge of dealing with the Trustee and Guardian on behalf of my uncle was placed in the "care" of this mob after he lost mental capacity. The following is my personal experience in dealing directly with the NSW Trustee and Guardian.

In the space of 5 years they stripped him of all his assets. Refused to provide an account of where his money was being spent until I threatened to complain to the NSW Ombudsman.
When I was finally provided with the accounts there was hundreds of thousands of dollars missing which they are now "investigating".
Once appointed you will be expected to sit down and shut up whilst they surgically and strategically strip your loved one of all their assets.

Royal Commission

There needs to be a Royal Comlsson conducted in the way they handle their clients. People in the country cannot wait 6 weeks or more for help. No public transport here to catch.

This is an ongoing saga now. Had no transport now since November 2017. Had a review done on their decision and the person responsible for the review didn't even have the decency to answer all questions submitted. The problem has escalated to NCAT. Still no transport and live a considerable distance from town. I care for a person who had a brain bleed and suffered quite a bit of damage and needs a vehicle to get to medical appointments and the necessary medication she has to take for her to survive. Getting to the desperate worried stage now and still waiting on appeal to NCAT. Approached a local newspaper to print this story but was unable to print due to legal reasons. I have no idea why...!!!!.FINALLY it's over NCAT has ruled and revoked order. Trustee and Guardian no longer will have control and good riddance to this mob. Yes Mr Turnbull this department must and needs a royal commission investigation. NSW Premier should hang her head in disgust on how this department treats and administers their clients interests. People who are thinking of using this department for Financial advice should check into their history before deciding. BEWARE..........

Attrocious Management

My mother was placed in a nursing home when she became old.
Even though she was able to raise the funds to
cover her nursing home bond and had no other debts , T&G went and sold her home despite her very strong objections to the sale.
The property was sold for a bargain basement price and she got less from the sale than what she had actually paid for it when purchasing it. T&G placed the money from the sale in cash deposits earning 2% P.A where as if her property had been rented out as instructed her income would have been 5% P.A .
If that wasn't enough her property is now worth over 65% more than what T&G went and sold it for.
My mother was not allowed to keep any of her personal possessions that were in her home and she was never paid anything for her household appliances and everything else that she owned of value that was on her property


We are a group of private manager who have fought the threats to us for t&g over the insurance they attempted to impose on managed persons estates. They acted without any legal powers and made threats against me and my brother without legal basis. I advise any one thinking of allowing this mob of incompetence thug not to! They act as they wish and against the best interest of their clients! Read it on their own site the groveling letter sent out to those they attempted to intimidate and did with some into paying monies not required by law.....We fought them and won but it only through happenstance that we where brought together after fighting for a year by ones selves against the weight of the state !

I depend on them for basic things.

I wouldn't wish this horrible service on anyone. They are always late on my rent and bills that I have setup for them to automatically pay for. I've lost two jobs due to not being able to pay for my vehicles basic needs.

Void of understanding no sense of humanity

After having my Alcoholic mother (who has alcohol induced brain injury) placed under financial guardianship at my request, I was then denied position of person responsible. They put in place my mothers neighbour who did nothing for 12 months, after which I was appointed.
The so call 'Pod' of people dealing with my mum's interests has changed more times than I can count. They are awful to deal with, many times saying they 'don't have time' to help resolve what I think are small issues. The people on the phone are rude and dismissive. I would consider them an absolute last resort.

Awful treatment of family members, I have been told numerous times my mother must only be under them because of family conflict which is simply not the case in this matter.

Awful, rude and lacking empathy.

Incompetant- revenue raising

My Father passed away 13 months ago and we are still wating for his estate to be settled!
During this time I have rung them regularly to check on the progress. All I get is that they are under staffed and half the time staff I have been talking to are off on sick leave.
They rarely return phone calls, are evasisve and will not give or do not seem to know what is going to happen next in the process!!
My parents appointed the NSW T&G thinking they were doing the best for their children. They would be disgusted if they knew the level of service that we are being provided.
IF anyone has appointed the T&G as the execitor of your estate change it before it is too late.

Dishonest & Underhanded

Extremely difficult to deal with do not want to put anything in writing want it verbally so no record of dealings once they are in charge that's it goodbye to everything

Untouchable scumbags

[name removed] have so called been managing my mums estate and money for 15 months now. Her house is just sitting rotting away her car will be worth nothing now and many other despicable things in this time have occurred. I have complained to the ombudsman who made them write an apology letter. They seem to be another gov det that is untouchable and answerable to no one. My mum was treated like a princess when my dad was alive now these scumbags treat her like worthless trash all with HER money WHY? Are they not looked into by an outside body???

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Questions & Answers

has anyone tested out section 25 allowing PTG from prosecution
No answers

appointed as a POA. Can I be removed from office for taking Due Care?
2 answers
I am terribly sorry to have to report to you The answer is YES !! it was contested by family After a NCAT hearing I had POA enduring Guardianship All were revoked and the ptg was put in placeJust added supreme case JudgementThe applicant wishes to bring what he terms a cross appeal against a decision of the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal of 9 December 2004. By that decision the Tribunal appointed the Adult Guardian as guardian for Elizabeth Jane Rickleman for certain personal matters, and continued the appointment of the Public Trustee of Queensland as administrator for her in all financial matters. The Tribunal also declared invalid an enduring power of attorney by which Ms Rickleman appointed the applicant as her attorney.

How come have to give my tax files number?
2 answers
Don't give them anything. Completely cut any arrangements you have with them and get as far away a possible. They are a useless, incompetent, unprofessional waste of time. On a scale of 1-10 I give them negative 10.I agree totally After presiding over 22 months of abuse neglect and assault now (for the streamlining of paperwork) are infringing upon human rights