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Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation

Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation

1.6 from 29 reviews

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Multiple products and all terrible!

Purchased Flawless Liquid Foundation
Purchased Pressed Mineral Cover
Purchased Soft Focus Illuminator
Purchased Airbrush Mineral Primer
All products seem to separate on the skin and do not deliver a consistent cover, it always looks patchy. I have tried several times, thinking maybe it is my application method. It isn't. These items have all gone from my makeup bag into that basket in the bathroom where all crap makeup goes to die. Don't wast your money on Nude By Nature, they are all truly horrible products that don't deliver what they promise and for the cost, it is really disappointing. I'm going back to Thin Lizzy.

Purchased in August 2019 for $75.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Skin TypeNormal Skin

looks great. Feels good

I’m surprised to see so many bad reviews here. I am using the Flawless liquid foundation and it gives good coverage and makes my skin feel soft Love it heaps

Purchased in May 2018 at Priceline .

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Skin TypeDry Skin


I was searching for water based oil free foundation because that is what had been recommended. I found Nude by Nature was the most affordable and available of very few such products.
I bought it when it was 50% of at Priceline for my teenage daughter to try.
She was disappointed by it. She said it was a perfect match for her skin colour and applied well, but once applied it then looked like it wasn’t even there, like it had disappeared and been absorbed into her skin.

Do not waste your money.

I agree with the other bad reviews here. This is a terrible product. A complete waste of money. It provides almost zero coverage and is patchy and messy. The product can not be blended and looks terrible on the skin. The liquid concealer that I puchased to match the foundation is equally useless. Money down the drain.

Won't blend properly!

Thought I would spoil myself and get something decent other than a supermarket foundation.
I used first with a primer underneath and it wouldn't smooth out properly. So I removed then used a moisturizer, primer, and tiny bit of foundation. It dries too quickly, doesn't blend in, looks cakey and blotchy!
Looks horrible and it's the worst foundation I have ever used. What a waste!

Horrible foundation!

I usually use a foundation from the supermarket, but thought I would try this, spoil myself a little!! So not worth it, very hard to blend. After being on for no more than 2 hours I have line marks, where the foundation has cacked in around my eyes. It has come off in patches, leaving some very pale skin and some red, where when I left home, it looked fine. I have an office job, so no reason why this should have happened. 2 days of trying this, and I am going to have to throw it in the bin. Waste of money!! I will go back to my supermarket foundation that does none of the above and costs half the price!

Excellent Product

This is an excellent product. It's by far ths best foundation I have ever used. Apply with Nude by Nature #2 liquid foundation brush For perfect coverage every time. ..

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Hi Meg, thank you for your great feedback! Thanks Team Nude by Nature.

Terrible times a million.

I usually buy $15 maybelline foundation but I thought I’d spend a little more on myself and get something different. I spent $40 on this foundation and read the reviews on it after purchasing to see everyone saying it’s terrible, they’re correct. It doesn’t blend, it dries so fast and I will be throwing this away. Waste of money.

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Hi Tay, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you have had some challenges with using the Liquid Foundation. We would like to hear more about your experience and discuss this further with you. Please contact our Customer Care team at customecare@nudebynature.com.au as we would love to hear from you. Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Horrible. Worst ever. waste of $40!

The lady in priceline put on me WITH MAKE UP ALREADY ON.
she said "blends beautifully on your face actually" i did say and ask i had make up on that may be why it looks so good.
She said "no nude blends well" took her advice cause she was the make up "expert"
My skin looked great so i bought it.
Thinking nude product would be like the powder everyone raves about.
Alone the foundation is pure useless!
but with a full face of makeup apparently... it looks good.
I threw the $40 product in the bin. I couldnt even give it away!

So don't do it.
Advise anyone else also to not do it either.

Worse product ever

I love all cosmetic, but this product is terrible. Never had anything worse than this. First of all it is unable to apply for face. It is just not bland with the skin. Was mixing it with other foundation, cream, primer - nothing work. It is horrible.

Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation - Classic Beige

I spent good money on this foundation and I am very disappointed.
It's patchy, super dry and absolutely impossible to blend on my face.
I've tried everything: moisturising my face and then apply the foundation as well as applying it directly onto my skin with my fingertips or with a brush. Nothing worked. Always the same terrible result.
Finally I found a method that is almost working:
1)I apply some face cream on my face,
2) then I spritz some Photo finish primer water on a brush,
3)squeeze some Nude by Nature foundation on the back of my hand
4) dip and blend the wet brush in the foundation and apply it on my face in small strokes.
I literally paint my face!
It's working and I will try to finish this foundation. But I will never buy it again!

Worst foundation ever

Hands down the worst foundation I have ever tried! Dries before it can be applied, patchy, clumpy, flaky.. I have tried it with and without primers, clean skin, oily skin, sponge and brush application. It's an actual nightmare.

Flawless liquid foundation Ivory

My daughter and I have pale skin, so we selected this colour, when put on it will not spread easily, tends to be very patchy and makes our faces look like a white mask!! No matter how we prepared our faces beforehand, it is a useless product. The tester in store was of an entirely different consistency! We wont be wasting our money on this.


I never write reviews, ever - yet feel the need to explain how awful this foundation is. Easily the worst purchase I have ever made. The foundation doesn’t blend whatsoever, and instead just sits on top of the skin in clumps. The finished look is streaky and doesn’t cover any blemishes on the skin. Please do not waste your money on this product!!!

Really actually terrible

It's impossible to blend in. It's like streaky moisturizer, and it won't build up. Layering it just sloughs away the bottom layer leaving bare skin patches. I'm actually pretty shocked at how unfit for purpose it was. My cheap covergirl/olay foundation smells and works 100 percent better than this. Forty bucks wasted. Do not buy.

SO average and costs forty dollars.

It balls up on your skin like the bb cream. It does not have buildable coverage it just drags across the skin. I wish this was a good product providing it's so natural but nope it's awful. Will be sticking to nars sheer glow.


YUCK! This sits on the top of your skin, doesn't blend at all! It is easily the WORST foundation I've tried. I have literally gone out of my way to write this review (I never write reviews). As soon as you apply it to your skin you'll see what I mean... How do I get my money back...

The Emperor's New Foundation

I have too many cosmetics. My bathroom draws are exploding, my bank accounts imploding but at least my face is glowing. Priceline loves me, I'm probably on plutonium level points.

One day whilst I was on one of my priceline pillaging expeditions i picked up what i assumed would be a gem. Well there's a reason you should never assume. And nude by nature liquid foundation is that reason. Where do i even begin?

Coverage - see title
Scent - somewhere between Ajax and Pine O Clean
Texture - Arizona

I was very disappointed since the powder is my holy grail. I wasnt expecting nude by nature to let me down that much. I guess everyone has flaws. Unfortunately so does my face and this stuff just doesnt cover it.

MINERAL FOUNDATION - Strongly dislike, very disappointed

I've used the powder foundation for some time now and I've loved it, but find the application hard to control.
I purchased the liquid mineral foundation to try instead and I'm very disappointed.

The smell is what struck me first to be blunt it is foul, really sour and rancid almost.

The coverage is way too sheer to be classed as a foundation, it's more life a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. And you can't build the coverage as advertised on the product, adding more and then trying to blend it in just creates drag marks in the product.

And it's very very shiny, it makes my skin look oily after application and during the day combined with the natural oils from my skin the effect just gets worse and worse.

And the longevity is poor also, if I accidently touch my face during the day I'm left with a big smear mark where the product is rubbed off, and during the day the foundation settles into fine lines around your eyes and mouth etc and you will get creases.

Unsable product, waste of money $40.

This is horrible

I got this from the website and was excited because I thought it would be very nice but I wouldn't blend, it left tiny clumps and was horrible (I tried it with hands, brushes and even a silisponge). Would never buy again.

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