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Not enough shade range

Ive always found nude by nature mineral cover foundation to be a great product. Ive never had reactions. My only issue is, they need to have a bigger shade range...
Light tone is too light for me
And Light to Medium tone gives me a pinky beige finish which is really obvious and shows up a little dark looking! So doesnt blend with my natural skin tone :(
I liked using this foundation as its easy to use and doesnt make me break out like most liquid foundations do.
But until you guys make more shades im afraid il have to try another brand :( :,(

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Hi Jesss, Thank you for your email, we always welcome feedback on what new products or shades our customers are looking for in our assortment. We have passed your feedback on, and rest assured we are continually working on expanding our shade assortments in the Australian market. If you haven't tried already, our Medium shade is in the same range as Light/medium but is a neutral shade, therefore has less of a pink undertone. If we can assist you with anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team via customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Disgusting betrayal

I assumed I was buying a natural product and now realise it’s full of nano product which are classified as natural ( like mica for one) however nude by nature are very dishonest because these products are linked to cancer and many other illnesses and diseases.
Thanks nude by nature for being dishonest.
You could have sourced ingredients that aren’t carsenogenic. You should be held accountabe.
i trusted your advertising and used your products especially the powder foundation for many years which has been my favourite.
Today I read an article buy dr samual Epstein ( who wrote a book called toxic beauty)and realise I’ve been applying a toxic product to my skin under the illusion I was using a very safe natural product.
you are disgusting!,,
You should be held accountable.

I am throwing out all my products.

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Hi Emm, we can assure you the use of nano-particles is strictly avoided, and you can rest assured we do not use any nanomaterials as ingredients/raw materials in any of our Nude by Nature products. We use high quality, cruelty-free and ethically sourced natural ingredients in all our products, and these ingredients are safe and comply to strict NICNAS and EU Regulatory criteria and guidelines. We trust this has alleviated your concerns and that you can be confident to continue using your favourite Nude by Nature products. In addition, all our products are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and always formulated to be as safe and gentle as possible and without synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics such as Silicone, Siloxanes, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens, and do not contain Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride. We are also proudly cruelty-free and certified by PETA. If we can assist you with anything else, please contact our Customer Care team at customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Great easy to apply

As I am getting older I am always in the lookout for things that don't dry out my skin, powders enhance the lines I feel.
These are perfect over make up just slide the stick on your face and rub it in with finger tips or sponge. I have had a lot of comments on how good my skin looks and it lasts really well and I always use a make up setting spray.

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Hi Meagan, thank you for your feedback and we are pleased to hear that you are enjoying the products so far! Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Love love this beauty line

All amazing, products, not to heavy, very good ingredients, not harsh on your skin, very effective the description on the website on all their products is a true statement, I personally love the nude by nature primer, it’s a holy grail must for me.

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Hi Demi, thank you for your lovely feedback! Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Love love it

I love nude by nature. The Natural Colors are beautiful. The lasting product, doesn't need to be re applied while I'm out

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Hi Kristie, thank you for your lovely feedback! Thanks,Team Nude by Nature.

Foundation is horrible.

I purchased a bonus pack Nude by Nature foundation in Classic Tan with a bonus concealer. Omce the foundation was applied, it literally began to flake in my hands and form clump like pieces on my face. I has to then wipe it all off and obviously ceased using any further. Such a waste if good money. The bonus concealer on the other hand is great, however I have overpaid for this.

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Hi Annalisa, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you had some challenges with using the foundation. Please contact our Customer Care team at customercare@nudebynature.com.au and we will can assist you further. Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Does nothing at All! Waste of money!

Bright eyes makes no difference to my eyes. If anything people tell me I "look tired".
I've used it correctly and long term and I look after my skin, but very disappointed with the product and won't be using it again or recommending it.

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Hi Jacinta, thank you for feedback regarding the Bright Eyes. If we can assist you with anything else, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team at customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.


The colours in this palette look great. But when you apply them, they are very light. The pigment is not as strong as it looks in the palette. You have to keep applying to get some colour. Not good if you like slightly deeper colours. I put a review on the website, last week, but as yet is not published. It looks as though only positive reviews are added. If that is the case, then very disappointing.

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Thank for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you had some challenges when using our palette. We would like to hear more about your experience so that we can forward this to our product team. Please get in touch with us at customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

Permanently scarred my skin!

Just going to preface this without the fact that I WOULD give this 0 stars if it was an option. I have been using this makeup for the past six months without realising it was the sole cause of my cystic acne. Before trying this product my skin was flawless. I got the occasional pimple before my period but never anything like this . My cheeks became covered in acne , and not just the regular pimple, I’m talking deep, painful-to-touch cystic nodules buried deep beneath my skin. When the pimples came to the surface they left deep scars on my face that I am left with permanently . My condition left me with very low self esteem and confidence issues. I didn’t want to be seen without my makeup so I caked more and more of the powder on... After months i was pulling my hair out trying to find the cause of this problem before switching my beloved nude by nature mineral powder foundation . Within one day, the pimples had shrunk to half their size , and within two days they were almost gone !! This makeups first ingredient is mica, a dangerous nanoparticle that penetrates then skin and gets stuck deep in your pores . DO NOT USE THIS MAKEUP UNLESS YOU WANT TERRIBLE CYSTIC NODULES ON YOUR FACE THAT SCAR PERMANENTLY!!!!

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Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear that you have had a reaction to the our product. Nude by Nature products have been comprehensively tested (on humans, not animals). Our productcs are always formulated to be as safe and gentle as possible and without synthetic ingredients or preservatives like Silicone, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Siloxanes, Triclosans, Phenoxyethanol, Parabens or Talc. Despite this, some people are naturally allergic or intolerant to unique ingredients and raw materials. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions or require assistance at customercare@nudebynature.com.au

Natural Mineral Cover

This powder matches my fair skin tone very well. I find other brands are either too white or brown. The light/medium from NBN is quite unique. It's not to heavy and covers to your needs (put more on for more coverage). It doesn't have great staying power but that doesn't bother me too much as I don't like to look like I have a face full of make up.

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Hi Luc07, thank you for your feedback and we are pleased to hear that you have found the right shade for your skintone! For a smooth and longer lasting finish, we recommend the Mineral Finishing Veil which is best applied over your foundation to control any shine throughout the day and sets your makeup. Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.


I have been using nude by nature products in the make up range for the past year and it really is good for thr price tag. Matching the skin colours to the make ups is easy and their foundation has a great coverage. You can do light coverage or full. I cannot be happier finally a make up that is nice and affordable

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Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback and it's great to hear that you are enjoying our products so far! Thanks, Team Nude By Nature.

This is great!

I love Nude by Nature. If you are a natural girl then this is what you want. I love the highlighting sticks and im inlove with the bronzers. I’m all about that glowly skin so I have to give this 5 stars! ✨

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Hi Mikayla, we love a good healthy glow too! Thank you for your feedback. Every single ingredient within the Nude by Nature range has been carefully selected to deliver exceptional results, including some of nature’s most trusted ingredients possessing moisturising, anti-ageing and skin nourishing benefits to help perfect the complexion.Thanks, Team Nude By Nature.

Do NOT buy! It causes severe allergic reaction - Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer

I've just had a severe allergic reaction when I applied Nude by Nature Perfecting Eye Primer to my eye area. Within a few seconds by skin started to burn and break out in welts. Five hours later, my eyes, skin, scalp and left arm still feel like they're burning and the skin feels sensitive. This product should NOT be allowed on the shelves!

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Hi Kath, we were concerned to hear you experienced an adverse reaction while trialling the Perfecting Eye Primer product. To provide reassurance, Nude by Nature products have been comprehensively clinically tested (on humans, not animals). Nude by Nature products are always formulated to be as safe and gentle as possible and without synthetic ingredients or preservatives like Silicone, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Siloxanes, Triclosans, Phenoxyethanol, Parabens or Talc. Naturally, some customers can still be allergic or intolerant to unique ingredients and raw materials. We recommend that if irritation occurs, consult your Doctor, and please feel free to contact our Customer Care team following this at: customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks,Team Nude by Nature.

Why didn't Hey change it

Have been using the BB 5 in 1 cream for years now, loved the cover the lightness on my skin, the smell, a friend commented on the smell when we greeted each other. Went to stock up and found it was all different. Thick gooy mess that smelt like crap. Was left trying to find something else. Why, Oh why would you change a perfectly good product? Perhaps made cheaply in a third world country now to save money. I read an identical review and I'm guessing there are a lot more of us looking elsewhere. Bye bye BB


Nude by nature stays put all day . I'm a hospital cleaner and sweat alot given the big job i do every day. No more nasty skin break outs . It doesn't budge much even with my motorcycle Helmut and gives me a flawless and never caked up look at night. I like the sunscreen in it for extra protection. I'll never change from this beautiful product and so quick to apply. Simply love it. All the best from Caz

Major reaction

Never had a reation to any other foundation or skincare product before now. And I have used a long list of brands, from 100% natural products to chemical packed nasties. So never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have this reaction. I purchased the Nude by Nature liquid foundation, got home and was so keen to try it out... within minutes of applying it (I wasn't even finished my eye make up), my skin started to feel hot, then itchy... it got so bad I had to get it off my face. After wasing it off, my face was burning (and visibly looked burnt!!!). My skin was really tight and swollen, very red, it was itchy and painful...

Three days later, I am still in extreme discomfort, I cannot apply anything to my skin, and it is so dry and peeling. Nothing is giving me relief at this stage... not Aloe Vera, not vitamin E cream, not calamine lotion... basically I have to wait this out!

I do not recommend the risk of trying this product... I won't be forking out the money to be allergy tested, when this is the only product I have had a reaction to.

A tad more expensive but if your after a mineral make up thats "good for you" I have used Younge blood and was pretty happy with their products... regretting not spending the bit extra now!


I just bought the flawless finish, might be a little bit too light for my skin, seems to dry a little bit lighter then when first applicated, but I can seem to even it out with some darker loose mineral powder.

I love it though, this is my first nude foundation so just getting the hang of it, i have very sensitive skin and it seems to work really well with it.

Happy to add it to the rest of my makeup routing which is slowly but surely becoming NBN dominant!!

Makes me break out.

I do not have sensitive skin. In fact my skin is quite hardy and I wear lots or make up often. Recently switched from a Rimmel foundation to this one (because I found the colour/tone slightly better).... massive mistake. Made my face break out... red... as soon as I took it off. Funnily enough it looks great on, but if my face is going to look red and blotchy afterwards... whats the point!?!

Best highlight palette!

Have been using their highlight palette for a while now after changing from NARS and I love it! There are three colours there and they work well together, so much easier having three amazing colours in one package. Definitely recommend! Amazing!

New to Nude and very impressed!

Very light on skin and natural looking, good coverage, well priced, quality brushes.
I just bought the starter kit to try and was impressed for a middle age women. I will now be replacing all my make up with this brand.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, I am very pale with a cool undertone. Could you please let me know which is your lightest cool toned shade? I can't figure out if it's the Light or the Fair. Thanks so much.
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I have the nude serum oil and can't remember what it was for and how to use.. can any one help please
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Does your Liquid Mineral Foundation contain sunscreen ?
2 answers
Hi Ally, The Liquid Mineral Foundation does not contain any SPF. We believe sun care is incredibly important, and as a general rule would always recommend the use of a facial sunscreen as part of a daily skincare routine. Please find products in our range that do contain SPF. - Sheer Glow BB Cream (SPF 8) - Natural Mineral Cover (SPF 15) Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.Thank you , your help is much appreciated. Cheers Ally

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