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NUK First Choice Polypropylene

NUK First Choice Polypropylene

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    Great bottle for after 3 months


    I tried many bottles brands for my little one. He was 2 months premature and was bottle fed pretty much from the get go. We started using Nuk bottles from about 3 months and have not used another brand of bottle since.

    The only negative is that the teet leaks - have had a few occasions where I have had water or formula in my andbag and nappy bag - otherwise a great bottle

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    Works well for my baby


    Initially I was hesitant to purchase nuk because they aren't hugely popular in AUS (avent and tommee seem to be most popular). I only bottle feed 1-2 times a day and bf other times, I found this bottle gave my son a comforting and enjoyable feed where as previous bottles where a struggle for him to finish and was not a settling experience .. I've tried avent and mimijumi but nuk works best. My only critisism is that milk goes everywhere in the cap when shaken which can be annoying when you open the cap and it's all wet/flooded. Other than that great !

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    bella35BRISBANE, QLD

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    amazing wow


    its a fabulous my first child took it no problems we tried so many other slim neck bottles and she got colic in the first week. then we tried nuk it is soo good and the air system is soo smart she hasent got colic soo far she loves the bottle with any thing inside.
    baby took straight away sterelizing is not as bad as some bottles we have tried
    expensive, nipple cracked easly

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    very nice.. it is much cheaper than other brands though also expensive.. the nipple is very different and my baby loves it compared to other brands i tried.

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    Great Bottle!


    This bottle is actually my second bottle for my son. At the beginning I used another costly bottle. However, I was not happy with that one and changed the brand. I am very happy with this bottle now as my 10 months old son likes it very much. I use it to feed him water and juice. The nipple shape is great. It has a curve like the real nipple which helps the baby psychologically. The material of this bottle is also great. The plastic is BPA free and the size is also very generous.To me it is one of my best baby items purchase.
    Great design, great size

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    Great bottle, best I have trialed. Avent was too leaky, Medela not made to fit his mouth. Once you get past the initial cost shock, it still works out cheaper than Medela
    I was using Medela bottles until baby was 3 months. After having him use Nuk dummies, I tried the bottles. The shape of the teat is so much easier for him to use, he seemed to not "choke" during feeding time as the hold on the teat was on the top side so therefore it relied on him sucking for the teat to release milk.
    Expensive, the seal caps are too hard to take off the collar when you are holding bubs. Too big to use in Avent steriliser

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    6053gailGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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    I love these bottles. I get the glass wide necks and have found these to be the best bottles I have tried.
    Nice colours. Easy to clean. Baby loves this bottle. Economical as come in three packs. Also comes with disc to stop leaks while travelling.
    Nothing really. I do find that the teat seems to collapse when baby is drinking but it doesn't seem to bother her.

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    Questions & Answers

    Michelle J.

    Michelle J.asked

    Where can I complain about the nuk bottles?

    No answers
    Alia D.

    Alia D.asked

    Hi my baby is 6 weeks old and is using nuk bottles with small teeth. He is always constipated and struggling to poop sometimes he does not have a messed nappy for up to three days. After every feed he battles to break a wind and throws up alot. What should I do?, I am not sure if it is the nuk bottles???

    1 answer
    Nadjia D.
    Nadjia D.

    formula fed babies can have a poop only every 3 days or once a day their isnt a one size fits all.
    If your baby is constipated his or her poop will be hard little pebble like poops.
    If it still as the density of peanut butter your infant is not constipated.
    feed ur baby in a upright postion ( sitting with his head lifted at least 45° ) Burp him/her more often between each once/ or 60ml
    keep him her at an upright position for 30 minutes after each feed.
    Consult your doctor if your child spit up seem to discomfort him/her and make sure she or he doesn't have GERD or Lactose Intolerance... and in some very rare caisses eosphegus obstruction. ( very rare )

    From 1 month to 3 month babies bowels and stomach valves are immature... it normal for spit up and discomfort to accure, their no absolute fix for what doctor call colic, it usually resolve itself by 4 month.
    Be sure you keep the venting valve at the top of the nipple and unobstructed by milk, they should be a gap to allow air flow in. If the teat is filled with milk and the valve obstructed the air venting system won't work.

    check out the baby center for more information on babies this age to help you understand what's going on :) Good luck.



    I just wanted some suggestion on which bottle and can get for my 7month old son? Im using tommee tippee and avent bottles at the moment , but i want to know what bottle are better and ones that dont leak through the teat??
    Thank you

    2 answers

    I found the pigeon bottles to be great as well.

    Nadjia D.
    Nadjia D.

    a good bottle should have a steady leak from the teat... That's normal.
    If a bottle doesn't leak it defective.
    It shouldnt jet out but drip steadily.
    As per pediatrician recommendations.

    You won't find any pediatrician approuved bottle that do not leak.
    Bottle aren't ment to be given unsupervised and an infant shouod never be put to bed with a bottle.
    A gentle leak shouldn't cause any problem since infant are supposed to be fed supervised by an adult at all time.
    When carrying milk out with you you shoukd never pre-mix formula before you use it. Keep water and Formula seperate or use product design to be given already mixed by the manifacturer.
    Formula is only good 1 hours at room temperature after being made and 24h in the fridge. Remember to keep tract of the time.

    Otherwise Good luck.
    Personnally, I've use Gerber Nuk for all my kids and so have my parents used Gerber products for me and my sisters.
    Gerber is a well established compagnie that fallow pediatric regulation well and as over 80 years in the baby marquet.

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