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Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing

Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing

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Valvoline to Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing.

I Have changed my two car's from Valvoline 10W-40 to Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing. I Have been impressed so far. Both cars are Running quiet, not using oil and are obtaining good fuel figures. In my personal experience I Would recommend for anyone to switch (only if compatible for there particular vehicle and with full oil and filter change) and give Nulon a try. (I had been using Valvoline for 30 years so thought long and hard before changing)

CarFord Lasers 96 KJ and 99 KN model 1.8

very good oil

I do a fair bit of off road driving that includes heavy sand driving. After changing to Nulon full synthetic oil I found that the oil temp stayed constant even during low range heavy driving and it also stopped the noisy valve lifters on startup. I would recommend this oil to all off-roaders.

CarMK Triton v6

Fit for race engines!

I've got a 680hp SR20 2 litre, in a Datsun, use this oil almost religiously, it's well priced compared to other full synthetics, and offers outstanding protection!. Engine has been revved to 8,800rpm and oil samples show the engine is in top condition, as long as it keeps protecting, I'll keep buying. :)

CarNissan SR20


After rebuilding my engine i ran nulon premium mineral 10w40 for the first 500kms. After this I went to the Nulon full synthetic 10w40. You could feel instantly how incredibly smoother it was compare to its mineral conterpart. After feeling the difference I would not use anything but full synthetic from that day onwards.

CarMazda Bravo 2.5wlt diesel

Perfect for W203 C180 Kompressor

I have been using this oil (MB 229.3) now for over 3 years and never had a problem. The engine is quiet, runs smoothly and provides good fuel economy. The 6 litre bottle is perfect for the Mercedes 271.9 motor which has a capacity of 5.5 litres and is priced well against the more expensive Penrite oil while being every bit as good. Don't even think about that overpriced, overrated Mobil 1.

CarMercedes Benz

Great oil!

Been using this on my Mitsubishi Lancer Vrx lancer for the last 5 years and hasn't let me down. Engine is clean, and quite and can hold up to the longest of oil intervals.The oil has been very reliable and I buy a whole heap when on special. Better than Valvoline for sure.

Car2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Vrx

Good Choice for Ecotec V6 Holdens

I have been using this oil in my 2002 Holden Berlina V6 (192,000km's on the Clock) for a year now and done 2 oil changes with it, Good quality, Keeps the engine quiet, reaches the top quickly on startup and is reasonably priced (Got it on special for $28 per 5L bottle at Supercheap Auto)

So far the car uses no oil between services and the oil lasts the full 10,000km interval, so i will definitely keep using it for future services.

Car2002 Holden VX Berlina Series II V6 Ecotec

Great Oil for V6 Ecotec

Swear by this oil, Have been using it for years in my V6 Ecotec VT Berlina. At 275000 KM the engine is still tight and smooth. It's a great lubricant and always lasts well. Great Australian product and reasonably priced. Is available cheap at Coscto, usually pay $30-$40 for 5L.

Car1999 VT Berlina Series 2 Ecotec V6
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Still using it, now with 320000kms and the Ecotec V6 in my VT is still running like a champion. Great oil. Also use it in the wife's Accord Euro which loves it too.

Perfect oil for V6 ECOTEC

Excellent quality engine oil from my experiences.

Been using it for years now. My V6 commodore motors have lasted well on this fully synthetic lubricant. I pretty much stck with it. I do lots of long distance driving so i need good quality oil that maintains its viscosity and wont break down.

Can also stretch out oil change intervals compared to base mineral oils with same viscosity ratings etc

Sometimes ive gone to 20,000 klms between changes and it still looks light brown and clear, not black like with mineral oils. No engine noises or oil pressure problems etc

Happy to recommend to anyone who loves their car and wants quality and value for money.

CarCommodore V6 ECOTEC Engine
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Ive finally made the switch to Gulf Western Syn X 5000 fully synthetic oil. Cheaper and still high performance oil which my 2 ECOTEC engines seem to like. Very quiet, and much cheaper. Ive shortened service intervals even, because i can afford to without compromising oil quality.

Great engine oil!

I've been using this oil for the last five years in my 2005 Commodore V8 after I noticed engine noise with the cheap oil used by the local mechanic. Since changing to this oil I've been doing my own maintenance and it still comes out a nice light brown colour at each 10,000km service.

There's been no engine noise, no oil usage, no smoke and the car has 260,000 on the clock. Will continue using this oil to keep my engine in tip top condition.

Usually $65/6L but almost always on special at one of three major retailers for around $50-55. Best I've seen was $27/5L at Supercheap in December 2016.

CarVZ Calais 5.7L V8

Excellent Premium Motor Oil

Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Motor Oil.

I have used this product a few times and have been very satisfied with the results. This oil has a noticeable ‘quietening’ effect on engines, particularly OHV types. It maintains good oil pressure and is quiet on cold start ups. No GLI is stated for this oil, either on pack or within the Specifications. However, it meets the Ford Specification WSS M2C 945A, a very demanding requirement.

I have used this oil on Holden EcoTech V6, Holden Red 308 V8, Ford Barra 6, Ford I6, Mitsubishi 6G72 V6, Ford Windsor V8, Toyota 1MZ and Toyota 3VZ engines. All have performed well with this oil. There is one observation: The older design OHV motors seem to respond best i.e. quieter running. Consequently, I will now only use this oil on the V8s.

This is a sensibly priced ($50 to $60 for 5 litres) Premium Oil that if used consistently should improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear. It is also on Special several times each year in the specialist auto stores; I have just purchased 5 litre packs for $27 (ish) each.

A final note: If you are going to invest in this Premium Oil, be sure to have the correct Oil Filter. Oil Drain Back (after stopping) can be a big issue and the benefits of using this oil will be lost. The wrong filter with the wrong drain back valve can damage your engine longer term. If in doubt use the Manufacturer’s Product – it is inexpensive insurance.

Car1978 Holden V8, 1997 Vienta V6, 1998 Magna V6, 1998 Fairlane V8, 1997 LTD V8, 1998 Falcon XR8, 2001 Ford Falcon I6, 2004 Ford Barra I6, 2001 Statesman EcoTech V6 & 2001 Avalon V6.

Oil Change

Started servicing the Camry V6 2001/2 (220k) myself. Chose this Nulon oil. Car has not been this smooth for years! Noises that started appearing the last couple of years have disappeared - it's running smooth as! Will now also try the other products. Support a local.

Geat oil

Been using on my au v8 for over 200,000 ks and my engine has no noise at start up like when I used castrol oil in the first 60,000 ks. Uses no oil and I change oil every 10,000 ks would recommend to use

Nulon 10w-40 Hi Tech is great!

I have been a long time castrol oil user, I recently wanted to try another oil in my VT Calais as the motor was a bit noisy and i wanted to find a good synthetic now the motor has clicked over to 275,000k's. I went to my local Autobarn store and serviced the car at home, i also grabbed a drift oil filter with the magnet in the bottom of the filter. After the service I was so shocked at the amazing difference! My car ran quieter, smoother more responsive it honestly feels like a different car to drive, I'll be sticking with Nulon for all my cars from now on!
Great protection, car ran smoother, easy to pour, peace of mind.
Not cheap but it's worth every cent!

Nylon products are great.

I have been running this in a 2005 bf falcon from 105000km, now 210000km. It is ran to 10 -12000 km between changes. It is much quieter and healthier sounding than many other similar age & km engines. I also run this oil in a small block chev ski boat with similar results. Both engine build oil pressure quick both hot and cold regardless of the age of the oil.
Ability to buy in 20l

Questions & Answers

I'm torn between Castrol Magnatech 10/40 or Nulon 10/40 as I'm getting a bit of slight engine noise on a dead cold start in my 2005 Territory that's only done 109,000km's since new. Any thoughts on using Nulon in my 2005 Ford Territory Barra motor. It's only done 109,000km's from new. Any thoughts welcome. Jim T
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I was using this Oil in my old 2004 SX Territory 4.0L (Non-Turbo) RWD. It had 350,000+ km's and made a little noise on startup but the engine was high km's. I also used the 10/30 Nulon Semi-Synthetic in it as well without issue. Castrol or Nulon should both be fine.

I wonder how 10-30w would go in V6 ECOTEC? Anyone tried that yet?
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Depends on where you live and the climate. I live in Tassie so I opt for a thinner oil in 0W-20 but if your in Darwin I would choose a 10W-40 which is a thicker oil so when it gets fairly hot gets thinner. Your engine would heat up much faster than mine so I use a thinner oil on the outset.

Is Nulon Fully synthetic 10W-40suitable to use in a 2008 Nissan X-Trail 2 litre turbo diesel? It has only got 16000klms.
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Hi, check with any good auto parts shop, they will have a catalogue with what is recommended for most cars.NO. go with 5w-30 nulon fully synthetic. 10w 40 is gonna be too thick..


Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi-Tech Fast Flowing
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