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Hi. I plan to buy a Henry Home. Does it come with a dust bag inside or do I have to buy a dust bag separately to start using it? Thanks.


You鈥檒l need to purchase bags. You can buy a reusable fabric one or Purchase paper or synthetic single use. Ebay has the best prices for single use bags.


Hi there, each Henry Home comes ready to use with one bag already installed in the machine and another spare bag, hope this helps!

suzan聽路聽Henry HVR200

I bought a henry today hvr200-11. Whats advertised on the outside of the box is different to whats inside. The vacuum works well on a tiled surface but shocking on carpet-cannot move the head forwards or backwards. useless - very disappointing. I've seen a few utube video of the sample problem.


Hi Suzan, sorry to hear you are having issues with your floor tool on carpets. The Henry 200 is supplied with a combination floor tool, with two settings - one for carpets and one for hard floors. Make sure you change to the carpet setting by flicking the switch on the top of the black plastic floor tool that shifts the brushes on the floor tool into the up position. Also, on the bent stainless steel tube section, you will find a small plastic suction control valve. Try turning this to the fully open position (you will hear some suction here when your Henry is turned on) which should allow the floor tool to move freely on most carpets. If these solutions don't work for you, please don't hesitate sending an email to support@myhenry.com.au and we can try to help further on email or by phone call.

SK - MyHenry Team


Have tried all options-am taking it back to the shop.
The tool advertised on the box is different to the one supplied. Tool on box has one adjustment and a roller at back of tool, the item in the box has two adjustments and no roller. Just grabs carpet and can not move forward or back. Just dreadful.


Hi Suzan, thanks for the reply. Can you please email support@myhenry.com.au with the vacuum serial number (this is will be a 9-digit number on a label on top of the machine under the handle). We will try to help you resolve so as to save you a trip back to the store if we can! regards, SK


S/N 213327890


Thanks Suzan. As I can't respond here privately, can you please send your preferred contact details by email to support@myhenry.com.au and we will attempt to resolve for you. Regards, SK


Sent through details


Hi Suzan, thanks - someone from our customer support team will be in touch with you via email shortly to assist further. Have a great day!

Lolo聽路聽Henry HVR200

Hi there what's the difference between Henry 200 & Henry home? Thanks


Hi Lolo, Henry Home has a 6 litre capacity and comes with a 2 Year Domestic use warranty. Henry 200 has a 9 litre capacity and comes with a 2 year commercial use warranty. Hope this helps!

Linda D.
Linda D.聽路聽Henry HVR200

What is the difference from the hvr henrry 200 and the 200 / 11


The HVR is a great home vac with a smaller capacity at 6 litres as opposed to 9 litres for the Henry Commercial vac.


Hi Linda, all Henry vacuums have an HVR model number. The 200 series relates to the drum size - these are all 9 litre commercial models. The 200-11 is the current commercial model with a 620 watt motor that has been on sale in Australia for the last 5 or so years. If you see a model with 200-12, it will be an older commercial machine with a different motor. The HVR160 is the slightly smaller domestic model with a 6 litre capacity. Hope this helps.

Angel S.
Angel S.聽聽

henry or miele c3? which is the best for a cleaner or another brand?

Teresa聽路聽Henry HVR200

Could I please ask if this vacuum cleaner is suitable for outdoors? I have harsh surface paving (unsealed granite) that I need to clean having ongoing construction next door, there is large amount of sand on the paving and windows seals.
Thank you.
Kind regards,


Hi Teresa. Henry is okay for using indoors and outdoors (as long as he isn鈥檛 exposed to the elements such as rain) and be aware that he is suitable for dry vacuuming only 鈥 not for any wet vacuuming. For use on rough paving, be sure to use the supplied floor tool with the brushes down to avoid damaging the floor tool. After using on the pavers, it would be advisable to check for any wear and tear before using the tool on more delicate surfaces later. You can also purchase a specialty hard floor tool (https://myhenry.com.au/collections/accessories/products/henry-hard-floor-tool?variant=36164667539615) that is ideal for use on all hard surfaces. Hope this helps and please don鈥檛 hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Nikki Voakes
Nikki Voakes聽路聽Henry HVR200

The foot won't come off a friend's Henry and the tubes won't come apart. Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Nikki. Over time, the wands and floor tool can become stuck together. If possible, it might help to have two people to work with each other to help pull the individual components apart. Try to twist the floor tool and the tubes apart rather than just trying to pull them off. If you can do this to break the seal, you should be able to slide them apart ok. Try this and let me know how you go. SK

Nikki Voakes
Nikki Voakes聽聽

Thank you, will pass that advice on to the person.

Di D
Di D聽路聽Henry HVR200

Is Henry any good at picking up dog hair


Hi I鈥檓 afraid I鈥檓 not sure as I don鈥檛 have a shedding dog-


While I don't own a dog, I think it should have no problems - it's pretty powerful. I use it in my shop to vacuum up sand, metal nuts and bolts, gyprock dust - all stuff that is challenging for most vacuum cleaners.

JeromeTaylor聽路聽Henry HVR200

Has anyone been able to find out which is the best broker among those listed here?

Karissa聽路聽Henry HVR200

Which model is the best and is Henry good with animal fur? I have been through a LOT of vacuum cleaners and sick of it! I have used a Henry in housekeeping so know they are good but not sure what they are like with pet fur! I have 3 cats in at night and outside some of the day and a dog that comes inside in the evenings.


We have the yellow henry. We have 2 dogs 2 cats and 4 kids and I don't have an issue with hair.


We don't have animals but I bought a secondhand rug that had dog hair in the flat tight weave, I assumed I'd have to pull each one out by hand but I just used Henry and it was all picked up.

ANNIE聽路聽Henry HVR200

Does the Henry come with a non disposable bag (eg cotton or the like) and does any one know where Henry is made and if he was to get sick, are parts easily obtainable and is he easily fixed? ( Sth Australia)


The bag is disposable, costs about $2 each on ebay. Have only replaced it once - but have read others don't use a bag at all - not sure that I would recommend that - so get to vacuum (large home, two story) 4 times before need to change bag; but the bagged ones do produce better suction so that is why I went that way because had been bagless for sometime with other vacuums. I think comes from UK, have a two year warranty via ebay with mine but haven't had to use it. Looks a very robust simple vacuum. Hope this helps a little. Sandra Wellington Point Qld


The primary bag is described in the instructions as 'Synthetic'. So to answer your ques, it is a disposable bag. There is a secondary bag which protects the vacuum motor from any dust particles that may happen to get through the primary bag and this appears to be an excellent quality cotton bag. So far there is absolutely no indication of any dust passing through the first bag to the second. We are still using the original primary bag and there is no indication that it will need replacing anytime soon.

Henry is made in England and as much as I hate to admit it I think that the Poms have finally got something right. The supplier we got our Vacuum through sent it with 1 bag in the machine and 13 spare bags plus an extra head. Maintenance is not a problem with parts readily available in Australia.

If you decide to go ahead with Henry, I would suggest that you google something like "best price Henry vacuum cleaner Australia" and take it from there.


I really appreciated these answers they are very helpful THANK YOU

Oni聽路聽Henry HVR200

We have just got a new carpet and our dyson is useless at sucking up the little bits of cotton etc. Have been wondering about a henry, but what one would suit us? We use it about 2/3 times a week and have got a reasonable size house. Must be able to vacuum cars as well as messy garage/workshop downstairs.


Haven't had to pick up little bits of cotton, but Henry would be valuable in a messy garage/workshop.


Yeah Henry will do it. We have one for our restaurant. Gets used in the dirtiest of places. I would suggest the larger wattage motor like 780 watts. We use it in car. The first one I bought was a George which is bigger machine and blue in colour. George sucks wet and dry and has a water tank unit for valeting. That unit is nearly 20 years old and still works to today. I have valeted my cars and house restaurant carpets as well as hoovered up saw dust and rubble from building sites. Trust me you will not be disappointed he sucks like a trooper :D

YellowGTC66聽路聽Henry HVR200

Dose a Henry HVR200-12 need a bag?


No, I do not use one Mate.


They do have bags and I use them. It keeps the filter a bit cleaner. They're very cheap and widely available. Under a dollar each on eBay. They last ages too.


Yes I use the ones that came with mine, but have seen others say they don't use them, just keeps the filter cleaner for longer. Bought my on ebay for $389, came with 12 extra bags, would expect need to change the bag every 3 months, as only vacuum once a month.

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