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Nuna Leaf

Nuna Leaf

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overpriced and overrated

It gets the low mark mainly due to its price tag. Its basically a seat that moves only when you initiate the movement. It’s no wonder the company slashed the price its a total waste of money and I wish I never purchased it.

Purchased in April 2019 for $377.00.

Nuna leaf curv

I won the Nuna leaf curv. It’s a beautiful quality product and we use it everyday. I love that it can take up to 65kgs (there abouts) and that it has inserts to support baby at different stages. That’s our version of a bouncer.

Purchased in November 2018.

Eco-friendly and does the job

Bought a Nuna Leaf Curve in Dusk Color. Its stylish and very modern. I have used it for my son since birth. Its quite expensive but thanks to afterpay. I commend it for being eco friendly as no electricity needed and thus its very safe - no trip wires. It is easy to reposition around the house but very sturdy as well. Bought it just few months before they released the Nuna Leaf Grow, would want the added adjustable feature though.

Best baby buy!

Love it! When looking for products for my kids I want something that will last and get plenty of use. My Nuna Leaf definitely has. Purchased for my first born and also used for my second.. and they are still fighting over it now aged two and four. They love kicking back in it now to watch TV or read a book. The added bonus is that it looks great! Strong and sturdy. Highly recommend.

Dangerous Toy Bar- Nuna official reply is maddening

True, its stylish and well its stylish, but the toy bar for the little one to play with is easily removed by our 6 month old and then he nearly jabs it in his eye. NUNA responded " oh, don't use between the age they can sit up til when they can walk" . So U$D 300 is spent to pacify the child between birth to the age they can grip but then until the age they can understand "no don't pull on that" because lets face at 1 when they walk they will still grab and pull whatever is in range.
Disappointed with the product and seriously disappointed by their response.

After 12+ emails they are offering a refund for the whole seat and play bar. Watch this space to see if they actually come through with the offer.They finally made a refund after another 8-10 emails but not in full (no explanation why). They offer no explanation. IF YOU BUY the play bar for the leaf you will need to superglue the ends on but the bar is so easliy removed by any playful infant.

Extremely handy, and does what it should.

Well, the Nuna Leaf. Built like a Sherman tank, only heavier. Simple, is able to be locked and has a removable insert.

We were given one from a family member who didn't use it all that often, and it has definitely come in handy. The angle of the seat can't be adjusted, but seems to be right on the sweet spot, as bub falls asleep just fine in it, and seems to help his reflux. He also has no problems with doing his business in it, which brings the next point, it has a removable insert, which can be thrown in the wash when accidents do occur.

The waist straps are sturdy, although for a bigger baby, they might dig in, so we throw a cloth over his legs when using no legged suits. Velcro on either side is not of the cheap variety, so you have no worries about your baby going anywhere, but gives out a hefty 'rip' when taking baby out, to move them to their bassinet or cot.

The swing function is gentle, but lasts far less than it should, and this swing is a little awkward if you are cramped for space, as you need to position it so it won't swing into furniture, unlike a traditional rocker. All in all very handy, but not sure I would pay market price for it, not without trying something a little more conservative first. Reading that there is a new model which features a self rocker; this would improve the use immensely, but probably not give it another star in my books.

+ Sturdy. Extremely well made.
+ Ability to freely swing, or lock to stationary.
+ Removable insert and mesh backing without.
+ Good quality harness.

- Cannot adjust incline.
- Swing lasts way, way too short and no ability for baby to rock themselves, apparently unlike others.
- Harness velcro is quite loud when being undone, and cannot be detached when they are older.
- Expensive for what it actually is.

Great, but could be awesome

The Nuna Leaf is a great item to buy for your baby if you plan to make the most of it and use it right up to toddler ages and beyond. It swings silently when pushed, and the insert is made from a soft fabric that will not be abrasive on your baby's head. The angle of the Leaf is perfect for a newborn to look around at the world, but also to have a nap. My boy likes to sleep in the Leaf so he can be close to us as we potter around in the kitchen.

The swaying motion that does not rely on a motor, but rather on being pushed by a parent (or later the child), and the ability to use the Leaf up to 80kg (so Nuna says) is one of the reasons I purchased the Leaf. The fact that my child will be able to use this item waaay into the future is a great point to consider. New studies have found that many children find the swaying motion not only calming, but that it has positive effects on emotions and brain function, especially if your child has ADHD or Autism. I recently purchased a number of chairs for the school library that I work for where the chairs all wobble when children sit on them - the ability to wobble or sway has greatly increased the attention span of many children and allows them to channel some of the extra energy some of them have into moving on their chair rather than poking their neighbour for example.

To sum up...

* Very sturdy frame
* Removable insert that can be easily washed (watch for shrinkage).
* Silent swinging action
* Can be used from birth right up to 80kg (grade 3?)
* Sturdy harness that is nicely padded
* Can be easily disassembled into two pieces to transport

* The harness cannot be de-attached. If you want to use this later when the child is older you will need to throw a blanket over the seat to pad the harness buckles.
* The harness catches use velcro - this is very noisy to undo if the baby is asleep (you can make the harness large enough to slip the baby in and out without undoing it when they are small and haven't worked out how to squiggle out yet).

* Does not move by itself – has to be pushed.

* Does not move for very long when pushed – maybe 60sec? (If you want something that will continue to move that you can put your baby in and then walk away from, then this is not for you).

* This was a MAJOR con for me when I found out AFTER I had purchased my Leaf… Existing Leafs will NOT be compatible with the new Nuna Leaf Wind (the new motor attachment that they have developed that will allow the Leaf to sway by itself – to be releases by the end of 2015). I had been really looking forward to purchasing one of these to go with my Leaf, but Nuna says…
“The wind attachment will not work with previous models. In order to make it safe for use, design changes needed to be made to allow the Wind attachment to work properly and fit securely to the unit. The current Leaf models did not allow for this connection and would not be safe for use.”
Youtube link to the Wind here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSZAP03zvIY

Overall, the Nuna Leaf is worth purchasing if you want an item that you can you beyond babyhood. If you were planning on buying one though, I would wait until the new model that is compatible with the Wind is released at the end of 2015.

Heavy, bulky, expensive, big joke

Getting sick of writing bad reviews for Nuna products! I bought this chair 2nd hand near new because I loved the cool look but was no way going to pay $300 for a swing, yep I got sucked in. I wish I went with the baby bjorn bouncer as its light, folds down flat for transport and can be bounced by baby.

This swing gets in the way, stops swinging after about 5 rocks, the stand is very wide and made from thick metal, it's so heavy and awkward you can't pick it up and move it around easily or take it anywhere. It has additional accessories that cost over $50. This product is such a joke I don't know what they were thinking.
The incline of the chair is too low also, my baby was trying to sit up more with her head at 3 months.
Was going to keep all this stuff to hand down to my sister but I wouldn't want her to have such crap.
And by the way why would it have such a high weight capacity? It's not like you 20 year old kid is going to be still using it.

Absolutely love it.

The Nuna Leaf is expensive. but i'm glad i bought it. It looks classy and my little girl looks so much more peaceful in it than her other rocker. The only thing is, it doesn't sway for long but it hasn't bothered us we just give it a couple of pushes and she's asleep! If you're wanting something that keeps rocking without having to give it a push every now and then, then the nuna leaf probably isn't for you. Overall i'm so happy with it and seeing my daughter asleep in it makes me wanna buy one of the adult ones. Haha. Thank you Nuna! ♡

Older-Sibling-Proof :o)

STURDY - We love this rocker. Our newborn rests comfortably in it and by sitting it within foot's reach I can gently nudge it to keep the motion going (just as you would any non-automated bouncer). We love our Baby Bjorn bouncer but found that our toddler, who is always trying to give his little sister kisses, leans on the frame and inadvertently bounces it quite a lot. The Nuna is sturdier and he can lean on it without rocking her wildly. It can also be set to not swing with a simple flick of the switch at the base. Officially it has been our toddler's chair but he is happy to share it with his baby sister and prepares it neatly for her to sit in which is cute!
WEIGHT CAPACITY - holds a toddler/child (up to 60kg?).
STYLISH - not covered in gaudy designs like most rockers/bouncers.

HARNESS - not removeable. When I first purchased the chair I wondered to myself why the design didn't cater for the growing child - why not make the harness removable? This could be easily done (and if Nuna manufacturers read this and improve the design, I hope they thank me by sending me an updated model!) :o) Our toddler is not happy with the built-in velcro harness. Even with the quilted insert, he can feel the metal buckles underneath and flips up the insert and fiddles with the buckles. it's his little 'Zen time' chair where he sways and zones out or reads a book but the buckles spoil this a little.
SPACE-TAKING - the compromise on sturdiness is the large footprint.
PORTABILITY - if you're looking for something portable, this is not the rocker for you.

stylish yet flawed

We bought this rocker as well as the extra canopy and toybar as we wanted a rocker that has a hood. Also appealed because it holds up to 60kg and rocks on its own without batteries. Unfortunately the manufacturers website didn't say it only rocks on its own for about 60 seconds before you have to push it again, though it has been updated now. The other downer about it is the Velcro used in the harness. It disturbs the baby when you need to put them in asleep. I don't know why they couldn't use buckles like almost every other rocker does! The fabrics are very plush and its easy to remove the insert if you need to wash it. I was a bit disappointed with the way the hood attaches as its way too easy for baby to knock the hood off the frame and then it falls on top of their face. This pretty much renders the canopy useless. I also found the rocker itself too bulky to use outside of the home which was another thing we wanted to be able to take it to family gatherings etc but its too heavy and bulky to be carting around.

Great swing looks amazing

The Nuna leaf is a beautiful looking baby swing. Everyone that comes to my house compliments me on it. It is supposed to swing on its own but it does stop after swinging after a short time but I still love it. It has a button to lock into a still position. I also purchased the toy bar and hood with mosquito net and I love both. No one believes me when I say it doesn't use batteries.
No batteries required looks fantastic
Expensive but worth it

Absolutely Amazing... Best purchase ever!

Purchased this baby bouncer/rocker for newborn bub and let me tell you it's truly heaven sent! A simple flick of your wrist and the bouncer gently rocks until you stop it- no batteries needed... it's so smooth and soft bub just loves it... It really is like a leaf! A definite recommend for purchase for anyone looking for a stylish and simply amazing bouncer/rocker!
Stylish, safe, gentle.

Questions & Answers

Does the chair bounce up and down at all?
1 answer
not continuously as i recall - we sold it quickly as it posed a danger with the toy bar. Bounces for a minute i guess.


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