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Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor

Nurofen Feversmart Temperature Monitor

3.3 from 120 reviews



120 reviews

chloeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 2 reviews

We have only just purchased it and think its great for younger children


Our 12 month old has just gotten his first sickness gave me please of mind knowing his temp by just looking at my phone only issue drops out quiet regularly

Purchased in August 2020 at National Pharmacies for A$10.00.


HaileyCentral West, NSW

App doesn't work


The app doesn’t even work at all. I’ve tried to find the new download or the new version of the app and I can’t find it the app needs to be updated as soon as possible. I wish I read reviews before wasting money on this product!

Purchased in July 2020 for A$140.00.


ThomasSydney, NSW

App does not work with the latest iOS


Bought the product in desperate need but the app would not work stating server certificate error. Customer service says it would not be solved within next few days. Given the app is the major part of the product that does not work at all it is a failure until the app can be fixed. I would not recommend to parents who are desperate to avoid this product until further Nurofen solves this issue.

Purchased for A$119.00.

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Brooke S.

Brooke S.Perth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Wow, amazing product!


This is such an amazing product. Our 7 month old recently had his first head cold with raised temperature. This product gave us such peace of mind to monitor his temperature and provide medication through the night as soon as it was required. Simple alerts to our phone made it so easy to use.

Purchased in May 2020 at Wizard Pharmacy for A$42.00.

Olivia W.

Olivia W.Central Queensland, QLD

Peace of mind


Such a fantastic device- it is great peace of mind to monitor my baby after her immunisations to make sure she doesn’t have any fevers. My only criticism is there aren’t many adhesive stickers in the packet which will cost some money in the long run and hopefully our chemist continues to stock them as we have to travel for other pharmacies.

Purchased in April 2020 at Star Discount Chemist for A$180.00.

Natalie howard

Natalie howardHunter Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews

This perfect so good!!!


It’s great so happy I brought this it’s worth the money it’s so easy to use and no fights with my son to take his temperature love love this item!!!

Purchased in May 2020 at Priceline for A$139.99.

Robert A.

Robert A.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Massive product flaw


We own a nurofen feversmart for our 1yo daughter - Both wife and I have the app on our phones. We connect to the same device but receive wildly different results. E.g. my wife's app will show a fever at 38.2 degrees C and mine a 37.1 "green" no-fever reading. We have no idea which result to trust. Also the info for Feversmart says "armpit temperatures" are lower than regular temperatures. Does that mean that a normal temperature reading is actually a very low temperature, and a high temperature is a normal temperature? Please be clear.

Purchased in September 2019 at Priceline for A$140.00.

sorunaersa G.

sorunaersa G.Central Queensland, QLD

Might need more time to work out the kinks


Kept losing connection even though all parts were practically next trip each other. When connected it was great, but the whole point is having that stay connected. Otherwise I may as well be using a standard thermometer are regular intervals.

Purchased in March 2020 at Chemist Warehouse.


BrittWanniassa 2903, ACT

Few problems arising


Worked fine the first time now I have issues with the Bluetooth and its always reading temperature as under 33 degree... I can clearly see she is not 33 degrees I've tried fixing the position and everything else... Maybe its faulty... But as for the first use it was amazing and I loved it... Now I'm not so sure...

Purchased in January 2020 at Capital chemist for A$130.00.

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MelPeel, WA

Love it!


This was a lifesaver while caring for my sick four year old and taking care of her 11 week old sister. Was piece of mind while she was sleeping that her temp wasnt rising

Purchased in May 2018.


becd118Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 10 reviews

Waste of money


Temp pad wouldn't stick on. Kept falling off.
Kept dropping out & took forever to re connect. Didn't move phone or charging station & was within the range that is in the instructions

Purchased in October 2019 at National Pharmacies for A$90.00.


KL.South Australia

  • 19 reviews

Extremely disappointed. Wouldn't recommend.


Purchased the Fever Smart with high expectations, especially for the price.

I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchase. The Fever Smart will not connect to any phones in our house, which makes it completely useless. We have followed all trouble shooting steps and still unable to pair the devices. Frustrating especially when it's not the cheapest option and is now 100% useless to us.

Please read the reviews before purchasing. Since we have had issues I started looking up reviews and there seems to be a few that are also facing the same issue. Wouldn't recommend.

Purchased for A$120.00.


bakjafPerth, WA

  • 8 reviews

Too expensive for what it is


The device keeps disconnecting even within the range. Wizard pharmacy won’t accept return either!

UPDATE: I have been more satisfied with this product since the beginning as it has helped my wife and I monitoring our baby well. The disconnection happens if the device battery is not fully charged which does not make it a perfect but at least we came along with it. Therefore I have improved my star rating.

Purchased in September 2019 at Wizard pharmacy for A$139.00.

Darren of Sydney

Darren of SydneySydney

  • 4 reviews

Gotta love technology


Great device to monitor temperature without the need to continually disturb the child. Works very well as long as the base station is within range. Impressive battery life given its size.
The only negative is that its not tiny, though our 10 mth old didnt seem to be troubled with it and he had it on continuously for ~1.5 days. I'm sure future devices will be smaller. Would definitely recommend for the little ones.

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist.

Doesn’t work if your baby sleeps with their arms up. So it didn’t work at all for us.


Doesn’t work if your baby sleeps with their arms up. So it didn’t work at all for us. Would be a great idea if it actually worked. Very expensive for something that is of no use.

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for A$150.00.

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ZanaSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Can’t live without it


Purchased in July 2019 at Amcal for A$139.00.



  • 2 reviews

Needs improvement


Only one orange monitor ; hefty price tag 2 would or more would be better, especially when you have more than one child.
Device drops out a lot & cannot split screen monitor.

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.



  • 3 reviews
  • 1 like

Don’t recommend.


Brought the monitor at the Pregnancy and Babies Expo in 2018. Right from the start it never sounded when sending alerts even though my phone wasnt on silent. I have wasted so much money on the patches as they just dont stick more then a hour or so, it consistently looses connection and now when my baby has a fever the battery was reading 80% within 10min its saying 40%. So disappointed.

November 18th 2019 Update: I wouldnt recommend

Adhesive falls off childs skin. The app regularly crashes. My child has a fever and I cant use the product. Got sent a new one cause the battery didnt last an hour.

Purchased in June 2018 for A$70.00.

Gia J.

Gia J.

  • 3 reviews

Unreliable, I had to exchange it as it was broken


I was sold a broken monitor by chemist warehouse. The monitor would drop at any random time during the night while my baby had a fever, it was very slow to reconnect and after a few times of dropping, it didn’t reconnect again, leaving me not knowing if my baby was ok. Very unreliable.

I went to exchange it and it was a nightmare!!! As in chemist warehouse Mount Hutton NSW they NEVER respond for what they sell, they have THE WORSE customer service to return products.

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for A$124.00.

Yennifer M.

Yennifer M.Sydney, NSW

It’s an excellent product


Very accurate and I love that it checks automatically every 15 min and gives me an alert. To improve: the time of warming up for The first reading but still is an amazing product.

Purchased in June 2018.

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Can I please have your Email Address
Thank you

1 answer
Komal K.Nurofen

Dear Lina

Thank you for your message.

You can email us at inquiry@rb.com

Nurofen Consumer Relations



I need help. I purchased a fever smart this afternoon. I let it charge for approximately 2 hours. I have connected it too my phone and attached it to my daughters arm pit, when warming up after 10 minutes it says it’s disconnected. It’s stuck on properly and the base and my phone were right next to her. I can’t get it too work!

2 answers

Probably you have to call the customer service. You can find the contact number on there app . But I’m not sure when they will call you back. I call them for my challenge and no one get back to me after almost a week.
Otherwise you can probably take back where you bought it from.

Komal K.Nurofen

Hi Tiffany. Thank you for your feedback. Please kindly give us a call on 1800 022 046 so we can help you.
Thank you, Nurofen Consumer Relations.

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