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Nurofen Zavance Tablets

Nurofen Zavance Tablets

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    Still in pain!


    Suffering from a really terrible migraine. Only thing I could find is Nurofen zavance.
    After two hours, still in alot of pain, will be sticking to Advil for a headache. Nurofen zavance is good for a toothache or back pain, that's about it

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    Komal K.Nurofen


    omg help..dental pain now feel like im suffocating



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    Tens syndrome and nurofen zavance


    I used to use the tablet all the time for really bad headaches and pain in my side for sleeping. Now I will not touch the tablet as we found out through my husband taking for a headache that you can develop TENS SYNDROME from this drug and find yourself struggling for your life in intensive care unit and later in the burns unit after your body blisters all over.

    From our experiance WOULD NOT RECOMMEND> live in australia

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    Amazing period pain relief!!!


    This works amazingly well for my immense period pains and lower back pain. It is long lasting and almost instant pain relief. I Highly recommend and I wouldn't change to anything else. Great product!

    Bad option for period pain relief.


    I suffer from bad period pains to the extent that I keel over in pain and often vomit due to the intensity of the pain. I purchased Nurofen Zavance in the hope that it would quickly and effectively relieve me of my pain. I took two tablets 75 minutes ago and am still waiting for this product to relieve the pain. My household heat pack is more effective than this product. From now on I'll be sticking to trusty panadol.
    Very disappointed.

    Only thing that works!


    So I've had a toothache for a while, I had tried Panadol, antibiotics - yet nothing seemed to work. So I tried nurophen zavance and it actually worked!
    After crying from pain from my toothache, nurophen helped ease the pain and help me sleep easier at night!



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    Does the trick – headache, be gone!


    For headaches or migraines, this is my go-to medicine. On the plus side, the tablets are very easy to swallow, and don’t have a ‘rough’ aftertaste like some others. Meanwhile, it generally kicks in within half an hour, and if taken shortly before bed, can help you fall asleep – but be sure to take with food. One negative is that it’s a little on the pricey side – then again, you’re paying for quality and it’s hard to put a price on one’s own comfort.


    JasonjGold Coast

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    Much Better Than Panadol


    2 of these and half a litre after a good night out = no hang over. These also work great with that nagging head ache. Awesome product!!

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    Questions & Answers



    Zavance Tablets

    I have a lot of lower back pai n taking naproxen and Panadol austio
    Tabs still on pain is it safe to take neurofen zavance

    1 answer

    Hello Sjanie,
    I have been told by a Pharmacist that a person cannot take Ibuprofen if they are taking a non steroid anti inflammatory such as Mobic or Naproxen.
    Stick to the panodol.
    If may be worth trying Curcamin Advanced which can be helpful for inflammation. A reputable brand is Fusion- made her in Australia, can be purchased at a Health Food Store.
    Hope this helps!

    Ebony Janee Cleal

    Ebony Janee Clealasked

    Zavance Tablets

    Can u become addicted to these if taken everyday?

    1 answer

    I think you could - but as with any Pain Relief Medication if you are 'needing' to take them for more than 2-3 you should really see a doctor.



    Zavance Tablets

    how long does nurofen zavance work?

    1 answer

    It depends - I guess I've never really timed it but if I'm in pain again after the 4-5th hour I'll have another dose. I find that if I have it before bed I will sleep all the way through. :)

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