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Nutra-Life Cold & Flu Fighter

Nutra-Life Cold & Flu Fighter

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There are few products with andrographis (creat). This one has more than most. It has been the best cold and flu preventative I have found in my (many) more than 50 years. Taking them at the first sign of a cold and the cold either doesn't happen or is very mild. There are not a huge number of stockists, so looking on the internet including for the best deal is a requirement. We always re-order on the internet when down to the last box.
Reasonably priced, especially on the internet, very effective for myself and family.
Not a large number of stockists about.

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are you going to stock this product again? It is the only product that prevents me from getting a cold but I'm told it is no longer being made?
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This web site / forum is not the company. You should address that question to the company., FWIW Chemist Warehouse now stocks Natures Sunshine andrographis and a number of places stock Fusion Health Acvtiviral. Check them out. Neither is an exact match, but.

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