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I cannot remove my cup is stuck on the motor base, please help
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I was making a smoothie today like everyday. it was working and when I tried to remove the cup it would'nt come out. Its stuck in the motor base.. So I had to switch off the power (switch). No smoothie today. Any advice please.
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Hi, I purchased my nutribullet 2 months ago and it's not as efficient in blending as it first was. It take way longer so I have to keep putting it back on to blend. Is this normal? I just want it to be how it first was when I purchased it?
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Mine worked perfectly until the day it just snapped.

My nutri bullet is 3 years old it has stopped working. Sometimes it starts then nothing ? Thanks Paula
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Is this product suitable to simply grind a handful of almonds as well as 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds and 2 teaspoons of linseeds or is the large cup too large to do this effectively? This is all i need it for.
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Hi I would just buy a small chopper like a mini tiny food processor that you only use for this sort of thing. They are not expensive and with all the sales on I’m sure you’d get a bargain!

Hi, in want to know if I can chopp seens of coffee with the milking blades?
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Are the cups for blending in the original magic bullet compatible with the nutribullet 600 model? Also, are the base size the same for the two models? Reason for asking for help with the questions is that I have a original magic bullet and need to know if I can use the blending containers from it on a nutribullet model 600, if I buy one. Thanks
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When screwing the blade section onto the jar, it doesn't quite screw all the way and because of that gap the whole thing doesn't go down far enough to slide the clear tabs so the motor is engaged. It would seem the rubber seal is stopping it from screwing it all the way, if I take the rubber seal out it works, but then the liquid could potentially leak everywhere. Any ideas of how to solve this? I tried putting the rubber seal in hot water so that it is softer and blades could be tighten onto the jar but that didn't work. Help please!!!
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That’s no good, I’ve never had that problem maybe you should return it coz that doesn’t sound right. I have taken my rubber out and cleaned it with any problems! Not sure why you experienceing this maybe Call up NutriBullet or return it. Sorry can’t help!If you haven’t had it long take it back, I never had this issue. Otherwise go to bumming warehouse and look for a smaller thinner seal?

how good does it crush ice cubes?
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I only put 2-3 ice cubes in per drink but I have never had a problem. I have never filled mine just with ice cubes so I cannot comment any further, sorry. Cheers, JaneHi I make optifast shakes which require ice so I just pop a handful of ice cubes in 200-250ml of water then the shake and blend it. Tackles the ice well. If you’re wanting to chop etc maybe buy a small chopper ? Good luck!

Just bought my nutribullet. I have plugged it in and tried to use it but it won't turn on. ? I have looked on the internet to see what it is that I am doing wrong. Still not sure what it is. I have played with tabs as many had mentioned they get sticky. It doesn't seem to be the issue. I know I have set it up properly. The only thing I can think of is that I need to push a reset button or maybe their is something with the motor? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Hi thanks for the question, the NutriBullet does not have restart button, however having worked in the electric gadget industry many years @go. Every so oftern a dud is let through from the factory. Australian consumers laws are in place for a reason, so the company must replace it for a new, working one. It is just bad luck, this company does make a nice product and lm sure that they will help you out.I don't think it has a reset button but Have you tried pushing the cup in The blender and twisting which locks the cup and starts the motor inn secure way. Only pushing the cup works as well. Otherwise ask the shop to replace it for you as it is New and under warranty. Hope it helps.K. Thanksgiving for the information. I will contact the company were I bought it from and ask for a replacement. I Cross my fingers that they can help.

Hi, just wondering if it’s normal for a nutribullet to flash light from the back? Kind of light a lightening light? I was mixing a smoothie at night and it did this. I thought, strange, didn’t know there was lightening out. Realised it was the bullet! This is my third time using it
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I have had 2 Nutribullets and neither have ever done this. This does not sound normal, it sounds to me like some sort of electrical fault.Thank you! I might bring it back then

I don't know how I managed to do it (except I probably should've had my glasses on), but I went to make a juice this morning and the Nutribullet 700 and it wouldn't turn or work. I turned it off at the wall and put my glasses on to notice that I have cross threaded it for want of a better word. In other words, it's on an angle with one of the little plastic "wings" sticking out and I can't budge it. Any advice please?
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oh no! my best advice is you find a big strong man to use those muscles to undo this troublesome mess!Problem fixed. It just needed two people, one to hold the unit, and one to twist the top. Phew!

I am thinking of getting a Nutri-bullet. Where would you recommend buying one and is there anything I need to watch? Most comments are positive, but I am getting mixed messages as some say theirs break down.
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Hi, just be sure you buy one with 12 months warranty, and buy the 900 pro, just my opinion. l bought mine from Ebay as at the time it was cheaper, and l got a warranty. The 900 has a better motor, and you need to keep the unit clean, as sometimes you can get spills from the contents.We have only had ours for a month so the reliability is yet to be proven. We've had no problem with spills from the contents. We have only used soft items such as fruit and liquids and certainly won't be including ice or the like which would surely be harder on the machine. For us it only runs a few seconds at a time due to its speed.I would recommend keeping a good lookout at all major stores as we bought our basic model 2 years ago & got a great price from Big W, especially with Christmas coming up they will sure to be on sale at various stores. Our nutri bullet has only just retired after 2 years of at least weekly use if not daily over summer & we also used ice & frozen fruits in our machine. You do need to shake in between pulses to not stress the machine & always haves small amount of liquid to help contents blend faster. Remember not to run machine constantly for more than 1 minute but you will read all that info if you purchase the machine. Best value for money in my honest opinion. Good luck with your choice.

Does the seal for the 900W fit the 1000W?
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I'm pretty sure it does... but I would double check with the manufacturer

How do I unstick blade from cup on nutri bullet?
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What do you mean by that? did you closed it to tight and now its stuck?

every nutri bullet i have bought and i have bought 5 seems to start ejecting juice as its been blended which leaks down to motor and stuffs it this happens every time over months of use??? Any help?
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Hi Theresa. This has only happened to me once and it was because I hadn't screwed the lid on properly. Otherwise this has never been an issue with mine.I have had the same problem mine leaks through the blade somehow and it's getting worse it's definitely not leaking through the seal of the lid. I never over fill it either. Only had it for a year

Does it do ice cubes?
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Yes, it does! :) Enjoy.

I can't seem to find a milling blade for the nutri bullet 1200, is there one?
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My understanding is that the extractor blade does the same job.Marlaw, that finally occcured to me last night, so I put it to the test with sunflower seeds and it did indeed do what a mill would do. Then I carefully dried everything and put water in it, and I had no leaks, so perhaps it was my doing, we'll see. Thank you for your response.Only problem is that the extractor blade does not work as well as the milling blade i only have the extctor my self but i have a friend who has both

is the blade on the 600w same as the 900w?
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It's the motor that's different not the blade900 comes with 2 extractor blades. 600 comes with 1 milling blade & 1 extractor blade. hope this helps!As far as I'm aware the blades are the same !!

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