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Is it okay to put carrots in nutribullet? is it going to damage the blades or overload the motor?
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Usually you can, but you still need to cut them up a bit. I also try not to run the Nutribullet for more than 5 seconds at the time. I am gentle with it, I guess:-) The motor is too small for a continuous blending > 5sec, like industrial versions. Hoping it helps.

Can I use frozen fruit and yogurt in the Nutribullet 900?
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Hi Suzanne, Yes you can use frozen fruit and yoghurt in the Nutribullet, we've done this with our Nutribullet (but we don't put ice in our Nutribullet). The reason for this is because ice might be crushed the first few times, but it probably puts a lot of strain on the machine. If you want to blend frozen fruit/ice etc. I'd say look for a 1200W blender. Good luck!thanks!

I just want to know where I can get extra cups as son has left them at the work sites...? :(
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I have all the cups and accessories....it the motor that was destroyed

Just purchased my first Nutribullet. Took it out the box to make a breakfast smoothie and the blades are blunt.....I mean I can press my finger against it and run it up and down the blade. To me it looks like a factory error. Is this some new blade technology I don't know about? I just want to check before I drive the 90kms back to the store I bought it from to exchange!
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Blenders can have sharp blades or blunt blades or a mixture. Blunt blades are the ones that pulverise ice and seeds etc that sharp blade cannot handle as well.

Will the nutra bullet pro 900 chop dates up? I note it only has the 1 blade?
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Hi Im not sure where you got the 1 blade idea from. They have 2 sets of blades. Yes, it will do dates and thats what we use every morning for our smoothies but the dates are not completely smoothed they have tiny pieces left after a 30 second blend. I like the texture though. My only complaint which continues is the leaking cutter base, and Nutra Bullet refusal to replace it unless we jump through some hurdles as described.Thanks ! Sorry , yes I was getting confused the 900w pro only has 1 blade so unsure whether that would suffice think it's called the extractor blade ?There are two blades, however in my experience they become blunt fairly quickly, especailly if you are blending nuts and dates.

How do you get the seal back in once you've taken it out to clean the gunk from underneath?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRgNLD1ACyYHold your two index fingers down together on the same part of the seal and slide them apart to the left and right respectively, describing the full circle round to the 360 degree point when it will just pop into it's groove real easy. Make sure the seal and your fingers are wet. Works every time.Hold your two index fingers down together on the same part of the seal and slide them apart to the left and right respectively, describing the full circle round to the 360 degree point when it will just pop into it's groove real easy. Make sure the seal and your fingers are wet. Works every time.

My NutriBullet is only a couple months old but I notice a stale smell. Sort of like old spinach or green vege, I have only used the former on two occasions and always clean well. Today I used a small brush for quite some time but couldn't entirely get rid of this odour. Also noticed that between the blades and around the blade connection could potentially trap food. Any advice would be appreciated .
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dab in vinegar wait 10 mins then wipe clean with damp cloth the vinegar will kill bateria thatcauses smellVinegar does work. Try to put one part vinegar, 2 parts water and blend for 10 minutes and then let it sit, and wash with warm soapy water.Thank you, I have tried putting a lemon through and it has helped but not entirely. I think gunk must get around the gasket or something.

Can I put a handful of dry nuts into the Nutriblast NB9-0907M model (without any liquid) and mill them using the pulse method?
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I haven't tried that myself yet. I think it would work. This would help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w8bMuQz6w4might not be good foe the blades in the long term with dry foodCan you buy a separate milling blade? Mine just had one blade set included which is for blending.

My nutibullet container won't fit into the base anymore. Has anyone else had this problem? I have lubricated the white "thingys" but when I put the top together, it doesn't go down far enough to make any connection. If I didn't know better, I would think I was using a part to another blender.
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I have no answer but this just happened to me. I have been fiddling for 40mins sith no solution. EXTREMELY frustrating.Also having the same problem suddenly! Can't figure out what's in the way and blocking the cup from going down.Hi check the wheel on motor base where blades sits. You may have put something hard in cup and it broke the wheel's blade. Touch the wheel blade you will feel broken edges. It's hard to see unless you touch it because of transparent plastic. It is replaceable, only you need new wheel you can replace yourself.

I have been using my NutriBullet for a week and love it. I just noticed that there are three rubber "dames" in the base of the machine of which I have lost one. The fit into the little holes. Are these something that I need? If so, how do I replace the one that is missing? I didn't see these until a few days ago.
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I don't think the 3 rubber pieces have any function. I would not worry about the missing piece. If you want to be sure then why not contact Nutribullet directly .I have this exact same problem and it won't work with the missing one. I'm not sure if they're required or not. Did you find out? I'm going to email nutri bullet directly asap.I'm not 100% sure, but I think the three white rubber things act like springs so that when you push down on the beaker to lock it into action and then release after the drink is ready, the beaker will pop up and disengage.

Can you put ice cubes into the nutria bullet 900? I am presuming that it would not be a problem.
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I didnt have any problem with ice, until mine stopped working properly. I'd recommend not putting just ice in - LOTS of water/fluid with it.Yes you can. I always put ice into a cup of water , let it "soften" a little bit before pour water in Nutri bullet.

I had purchased nutribullet online in February 2015. The machine is still under warranty and it is not working anymore. Not sure where can I lodge a complain. I am based in Melbourne. Please advise.
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Hello Niraj I am unsure of the response to your question - when you bought this were there warranty papers to be completed??? I would try to get a copy if the receipt you received for the purchase and then contact the manufacturer direct - good luck My problem was to me, a basic flaw in the design....they have online contact edbgoldair.com.au 1300285538

Do i have to do seed apples and pears before blending?
1 answer
Most definitely!... Also they will need to be chopped up in small pieces and or sliced thinly- doesn't fit much in the cup- also you will need to add water all the time which takes away its benefits. I now have bought a juicer- value for health if you love your juices. This is not what NutriBullet provides for me.

Who do I contact in Australia to replace either the burnt out motor or the complete powerbase for a model MY-A1H?
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Hi Rob Contact your retail store with receipt and they should honour the warranty of your nutri bullet providing correct use has been followed as per instructions. Failing that you could either contact nutri bullet direct from details inside original box or purchase another model. PS The 600 watt motor is strong enough for any blast you would need.Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately this item was a gift, I no longer have the box and it is 13 months old so out of warranty. Can any one provide the contact details for Nutri Bullet direct? Thanks!Unfortunately MY-A1H is one of the very convincing counterfeit products, ask the ebay seller for a re-fund and use the money to get one from a proper store when on sale.

how do I ORDER one by phone?
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Hi Kylie, just google Nutri bullet Australia and it will take you to the official website where you can order online or they have a number you can call them on.Hi Christine, I purchased from COSTCO directly.Thank you :)

I keep getting black oil leaking from the wheel under the blade, am I drinking this? Every time I rinse it after use, all this oil comes out!
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Oooh, I don't know, but would probably assume yes. Definitely contact NutriBullet. it doesn't sound safe.

Overfilled a little and I cannot open. How do I open the container?
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I'm not sure what you mean as the lid/ blade screws onto the container. Perhaps upend it into sink of hot water in case liquid has run into thread. You may have over tightened the lidIt keeps over flowing out and goes in to the motor doesn't blend everything at all it's us lass

I'm having significant problems trying to contact NutriBullet regarding a warranty but they do not answer emails or their overseas phone number - is there an Australian contact number? cheers Dean ...
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Sorry Dean, but I think you can only return it/claim warranty with the actual company/distributor you purchased it from in Australia. The number I have is for the TV Shop from where I purchased mine. 1800 222 684. They may be able to give you a number for Nutribullet if you rang them.I am having the same problem. Any advice would be appreciatedFYI: Under Consumer Law in Australia you have the right to go directly back to the manufacturer. Don't hesitate and be deterred due to the company being American Owned. We have laws in Australia that these types of companies have to abide by.

After blending all ingredients how long can it be sitting be for it turns into sugar? Can I make it in the morning and have it for lunch at work.
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It doesn't turn into sugar, but it does oxidise - best to drink it straight away - or freeze it to lock in the nutrition.

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