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I bought some of this oil a while ago and it is a great product for really dry skin problems. I sometimes get very painful dry and cracked skin on the back of my hands due to my sensitivity to dish liquids and hand cleansers. The nutri metics oil is so soothing and quickly rehydrates the skin again. It is very oily and not something I would use as a moisturiser but for ultra dry skin problems where the skin is painfully dry it is very healing and the oiliness works where a normal moisturiser would not.
very highly moisturising, great smell


Way too expensive, as with lots of nutrimetics products. Not very good performance on my skin, may be better suited for mature skin types. Would be better if it wasn't so oily. I found it didn't absorb properly.
It would be very good for extremely dry skin as it is very oily. Take advantage of it when it is on special or ask for a sample to try it before you buy a full size jar of it.
Much too oily for my skin and left a shiny look. Very expensive, not very good value for money. Only available through a nutrimetics consultant

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hey, it's not meant to be a face moisturiser. hope that helps. try it on elbows, knees, heels, cracked lips, eczema, cuticles... and on your face as a buffer to masques, which gets removed when you take the masque off. it's not a facial moisturiser. hope that helps :-)


Would recommend it for eveyone. Fantastic!!! Was sold to me as the Crown Jewel of Nutrimetics and I would have to agree.
Everything. A great all over treatment oil. Can be used for so many things eg. cradle cap, nappy rash, cracked nipples when breast feeding, dermatis, tinea, chapped lips, healing scars & burnsdry skin, hair treatment etc.


This product is perfect for very dry skin. Can use on any part of your body. Would recomend for use at night while you are sleeping as it's a bit heavy for day use.
Smell, trusted brand, texture. A little goes a long way.
A little greasy, not for day use. A bit expensive.


i love this esp during summer after being in the sun it really puts the hydration back in and avoids peeling!
i love the moisture it gives a little goes a long way
can be pricey. If u are in a hot climate or leave it somewhere where it will get warm is melts to a liquid


This product smells so fantastic, it can make your mouth water if you are feeling hungry. A little goes a long way, but when it goes runny from the heat, you can end up with more than you need on your hands. I get the little jar of this and like to keep it in my handy in my bag. I wouldn't recommend using this on your face if you have oily skin, but it is still great for elbows, knees etc.
It can be used for so many applications.
The price is high compared to what I normally buy


I use mine on my lips and they have never been in better condition, heals nappy rash fast - don't need much, prevent strech marks in pregnance, burns, scars, dry hands - as a night creme (once or twice a week for dryer skin types) i use the EL version as a night cream once a week as i'm an oilier skin type. I would recomend that every home have a pot. You don't need much and it will last ages. It's on special this christmas as well.
Top quality, So versatile, every home should have one
is price but it takes 4.3kg's of apricots to make the large jar and is high in vitamin E so you would expect it to be.


This is one product I make sure I always have on hand. It can be used for dry lips, dry skin patches, prevention and fading of stretch marks, as a cuticle oil, a hair de-frizzer, and it is great as an overnight foot or hand treatment. I haven't found any other product which can do so many things, as do it well. It does melt in warmer weather, but it can be kept in the fridge. It is a little bit expensive but it can be purchased in a smaller pack, and as it only lasts 12 months, this would be the best option for most people.
Can be used for so many purposes, and great for adults, kids and babies.
Melts a bit in warmer weather, making it a bit runny.


I love this product and I think its worth the money because it does so much in such a variety of ways. My bub was screaming in pain from nappy rash and this soothed it, plus it smells so good! It even comes in a lip stick so you can use it on your lips and I must say mine feel a lot less dry when using it!
This product is just SO versitile! There are so many things I can use it for: dry skin, sores, nappy rash, as a hair treatment. It is so much in so little a container and I think its a must in a first aid kit.
The fact that it doesnt come in a bigger container!


Both my mother and I have been using this for about ten years and it works wonders! You only need a very small amount because it is loaded with moisture so a little goes a long way. I use it mainly for very dry or neglected areas like elbows, knees, heel, and neck and hands. It instantly softens and has a delightful fragrance. I wold not recommend use on face unless you have intensely dry skin as I do tend to break out.
Wonderful moisture rich product. Last for ages. Great smell and soft gel-like texture.
With a high moisture content, is not good as a face cream for oily skin.

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How much should I use on my very dry hair and how long should I leave it before washing it off
2 answers
I would recommend using the shampoo and conditioner first. Their is a hair serum to that you can buy as a set. Nutri rich oil is better suited for skin not hairOh no, guess I’m about to find the result as I have put it in my hair

I have really dry hair post bleaching going from dark to light Can this help? Have been told a high moisturise and low protein
No answers

Is Nutri oil parabeen free n safe to use all over the body?
4 answers
I will find out about being paraben free? I would say it would be as it only has natural ingredients in it. yes you can use it all over your body. It has apricot kernel oil, vitamin e, carrot oil, Shea butter plus many other oils. I use it for dry lips, skin and you can even use it as a facial with hot towel. You can only try it. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Hope this helpsI just found out that the answer is yes it is paraben free. Thanks go to the website www.nutrimetics.com.au/jhelgeson or you can order just on website. Hope this helpsThank you so much for the quick response.


Nutri-Rich Oil
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Release dateJun 2007

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