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Nyal Cold Sore Cream

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I won't be buying this again

I recently bought the new liquid version of this product, and have found it to be useless. Even with the lid closed, it oozes out everywhere. The previous formula was thicker & was very effective in preventing a red sore nose when having a cold. I won't be buying this again.

A product I used to love, trust and knew it worked well

I have been using Nyal Antiviral Cold sore Cream every day for many years. I first usually to stop cold sores from the wind whilst horse riding. Once I stopped riding horses I continued religious as a preventive every night. The product was a 'thick' cream and worked. A few weeks ago I purchased a new tube (5g) and the consistency is like water. It does not work. I do not understand why such a dramatic change of the trusted brand. I am so disappointed. I have been duped into paying for a product that was not what I expected. I will be warning people not to use this in the future.

pretty good stuff!

I'm guessing I have the original (bought a few months back) it's pretty good stuff! had a cold sore come up over night, 2 days later it's gone!

Nyal cold sore cream where are you?!

I can't find my menthol /camphor cold sore cream ANYWHERE! What's going on? I've used it for decades! It's less than 6 months since I bought a tube of it and now I can't get a replacement. Tried 2 pharmacies today, no luck. That runny 'imitation' rubbish that Nyal makes and sells in the supermarkets doesn't work.

They have now changed back to the former excellent product.

I did a rather scathing review of this product on the 8/5/15, referring to this product as "Cheap Garbage". I have noticed since my review there have been others similar to mine.

Well Hallelujah!.. it seems the Nyal company must have seen/listened to the complaints because it would appear they have gone back to their former excellent product.

Today when I was in Chemist Warehouse I noticed this product, back to its former size of 10g, with the old original formula containing menthol & camphor, (which the new garbage product did not contain).

A good price too...$6.99.

Either Chemist Warehouse are selling perfectly good old stock or Nyal have listened to the complaints & gone back to the old former excellent product..... I think probably the latter.

For those of you out there that may not be able to tell the difference between the excellent formula product, (which I bought today), & the cheap garbage product, (which I reviewed on 8/5/15) .....

The good one comes in a 10g tube ... contains menthol & camphor & is manufactured for Nyal by Inova Pharmaceuticals Help Street, Chatswood NSW 2067.

The cheap garbage one comes in a 5g tube with apparently no menthol or camphor content & is manufactured by Valeant Pharmaceuticals Rider Boulevard, Rhodes NSW 2138.

I generally use this product for dried crack lips & find it very soothing & effective.

Hope this review assists all of you out there.

Why the change?

After using the menthol and camphor Nyal cold sore cream with success for many years I purchased the latest tube of "anti viral" cream. What a load of crap! Would have the same success using cheap moisturising cream. Will never purchase again. Why do companies feel the need to change just? Likely a higher profit in the current formula than the previous one.

do NOT buy

After applying the cream my cold sore doubled in size over night. In all the years of having cold sores NEVER has this happened until I tried this cream.


I have suffered from cold sores all my life. 25 years ago i lived in sydney for a couple of years ... Discovered nyal cold sore cream ... Wonderful. Cold sores were no longer a problem. Returning to the uk, i took a few tubes home ... To my horror i can't buy it or anything similar in uk! Only the aciclover based creams and they don't work and taste vile! Its also nigh on impossible to buy online for postage to uk! I have to rely on friends and relatives visiting oz/uk and bringing me a supply!
the thickness of the cream and that it works!
can't get it in Uk!

Not Happy with new product

I have been buying this product for many years. Was disappointed to find that Nyal has changed it to a 5g tube in Woolworth stores and charge $9.99 for it. Extremely disappointed to find it now made really runny. Sorry Nyal but this is great product is now a disaster . Will have to try to find origi al tune and buy10 . Not a good product anymore.

Only thing that works for me

I have been using this product for about 20 years i think. It is the only thing that makes my lips feel mosit and healthy - i suffer from very dry lips and then when that happens - get a coldsore. By using this cream regularly i have maybe 1 or 2 cold sores a year. Please don't stop making it! I wish more shops would stock it. I usually buy at least 5 at a time.
works! Lasts for a while and is not that expensive
Hard to find at times - otherwise - nothing. Would like a bigger tube.

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

I have used it for years -- no, decades. As another said, catch the cold sore at the beginning, and prevent it forming. That is something that "zovirax" also claims; but NCSC is less expensive, does not smell and taste foul, and is soothing -- to dry lips, formed cold sores, and dry nostrils. I use it to prevent blood noses, to which I am prone. Just watch out for hot, dry or windy weather (or air-conditioning), and apply a light smear; forget to, and suffer -- play catch-up. Great product! Never stop making it, according to the current recipe.

Five stars, and then some!!!
general soother; eases all dry lip and nose problems
I have had ONE person claim to be allergic to it. I suppose that can happen. I even know a person who is allergic to calamine lotion!

Keep it close at hand to use everyday

I have found it stops me from actually getting the cold sore if I use it at the first sign. I also use it on my dry cracked feet during the summer months when I wear open shoes and thongs. Rub it on dry area every day and cover with socks atleast 3 nights a week.
Inexpensive, readily available from supermarkets and non greasy.
Nothing so far.

All Rounder!

My whole family loves this product! Not just for it's effectiveness on cold sores but also for the relief of chapped lips (and noses). It has a great menthol scent that helps to clear your nose as well. I use this as a lip balm, especially at night time to help heal split lips. It is very thick so you do have to use it sparingly or you'll have a visible white layer of cream, but this also makes it very protective and soothing. My one complaint is the tube itself, it is an old fashioned foil/metal tube so over time the tube splits and the cream oozes out of the splits instead of the nozzle.

I will also add that I recently bought a new tube (in new packaging) and it is not the same formula. The tube is a lot smaller than before and it's not as moisturizing. It no longer has the menthol scent that I liked, so I have gone on a hunt and stocked up on the old stuff before "perhaps" it is no longer available. Whether or not the new formula is more effective on sores I don't know, but I do believe that because I use this as a balm constantly I think it actually stops me from getting sores more often and definitely stops them from getting any bigger.
good for sores and as a balm
tube splits over time, don't like the "new" formula

Must have cream for any household

My family has been using this cream for 30 years. Not for cold sores as none of us have had them. We use it for dry and sore lips and noses. We all suffer from hayfever, dry lips and the constant nose blowing takes a toll on nasal tissue. We also use this fabulous cream in cold and flu season. It's the only cream that gives relief from symptoms with the added bonus of the Menthol and Camphor helping us to breath more easily when applied to the nose. Don't buy anything else.
Everythin g- effectiveness, smell, texture.
Absolutely nothing i'ts fantastic.

Value for money

I purchased nyal cold sore cream from chemist warehouse for $6.99 for 10g, compared to zirvorax which was around $19 for only 2g! I got the coldsore 3 days ago (my lips got burnt) and it is nearly all cleared! Previous cold sores have lasted a lot longer.. Get this product every one
Cheap, love the burn n numbing feeling

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Questions & Answers

Can I use this cream on my 4 year old?
1 answer
Unfornately can't answer this question. My experience with Nyall cold sore cream was that it didn't work for my lip cold sores and much of that was to do with it being too 'watery' to stay on lips.

Can I use this cream while pregnant?
1 answer
On the tube of the new Nyal Antiviral Cold Sore Cream 5g it reads "See your doctor before using this product if you are considering pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding" and that's standard practice for most pharmaceutical things these days. Cold sores are transmittable and I took extra care with hygiene when my daughter was born.