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4.7 from 40 reviews

Outstanding - 5 stars if that is the most I can give!

Right from the very beginning with our sales consultant to the very end, our whole experience with Oakford Homes has been extremely enjoyable with polite, friendly staff and contractors.

We have built four times and building a home at the best of times can be daunting and stressful but Oakford Homes made our experience stress free and enjoyable.

All the staff and tradies we came into contact with were so very helpful, professional and respectful. Our new home was well built and the project moved along at at cracking speed but it certainly did not lack in standards or quality. We would certainly recommend Oakford Homes to all and if we ever had to build again we would certainly
return to Oakford Homes. We are very happy with our new home.
Helpful, professional and respectful staff and tradies

Our dream home.

Thank you to Ron(Housing Consultant), Juliette(Project Co-ordinator), Sue (Client Laison) and all of the Oakford staff and contractors for a well built, beautiful, comfortable home. The help we had from Ron and Juliette was immeasurable before we built and the workmanship in building and fitting out is well above anything we have seen by other builders.

An individual home!

We had so many variations in creating our bespoke home that lesser builders would have shown us the door. But "no", Oakford were kind, patient and attentive and what a delightful result of which both the owners and builders are proud - we actually put on a lttle party with the builders to celebrate the outcome! We felt that we were dealing with family - decent and reliable people indeed.
Despite being a builder in my own right for many years it must be said that it is doubtful that I could have completed this significant project within Oakfords' price let alone having access to all their deep experience and talented tradespeople plus that all important customer service - very happy!
Oakford's willingness to work with a pair of fussy, mature clients who wanted something outside the square

100/100 Very Happy!

We are very pleased with all aspects of our build and the service we received.

We have found all Oakford staff to be extremely cooperative and selection staff very helpful. The whole experience of building with Oakford has been a pleasure and we would have no hesitation in recommending Oakford Homes to anyone considering building a new home.

My wife and I are both over 81 years old and friends question why we are building at our age. We say what's age got to do with it when you have a good builder!
Excellent staff, fantastic service!

Super finish at a budget price

When we designed our new homes, we didn't expect to find it so hard to find a budget builder who would build a house with a 45 degree roof pitch. Oakford were happy to take it on and at the right price too. The people in the office were so professional and couldn't be more helpful and the tradesmen who worked on the build were excellent. The homes have caused quite a stir in the village- everyone comments on how good they look. Set in the heritage precinct, they fit in with the surroundings very well.
A most enjoyable experience. All the tradesmen were very friendly and obviously highly skilled.

An excellent experience

This is the second Oakford Homes house I've built. Going back a second time on a purchase as big as your home says a lot. Even though this is a project home, the standard goes way beyond many others out there.

The staff I had dealings with couldn't have been more helpful. the Site Supervisor certainly knows what he's talking about. He listened to me when I had concerns and we worked together to make the project come together.

I have built quite a few times over the years and I have to say Oakford Homes helps to make an exciting thing run smoothly.

A fantastic experience from start to finish.

At 70 building our first home was a daunting prospect for us. We looked at what seemed like 100 homes before finding what we wanted. Oakford were happy to make some changes to the plan to make the home exactly what we needed. We are delighted that we built with Oakford, the quality of the home is fantastic and we’re proud to show it to our family and friends.

The building process was seamless from start to finish and at every step we received great customer service. Oakford Homes staff were knowledgeable and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Our site supervisor was marvelous and very quick to respond to queries. He had high standards for the finished product and suggested minor changes for a better end product. There were two very minor problems on handover (a missing oven manual and a kitchen cabinet door which squeaked) these were promptly fixed.

The welcome basket was a lovely surprise and a thoughtful touch.

Overall it was a smooth and stress free exercise. We have no problem recommending Oakford Homes.
The range of selections available as standard inclusions surpasses what many other builders offer. I feel like we got excellent value for money.

Thank you OAKFORD good work

I am a 65 year old first home buyer who lost $3000 with another builder because they wanted an extra $11330 for the footings. I lost trust in the builing industry. I had a recomendaton from a friend who did not have a problem with variation with Oakford. All I had to do was to give them a soil report and they gave me a fixed price in 3 days.

The house took 10 weeks to get approved

The house took 14 weeks to complete and I was in by christmas as promised, without extra cost.

[name removed] Oakfords saleman was a professional person to deal with he had a lot of helpful ideas I could have at little cost.

[names removed],were good to deal with

[name removed] our supervisor allways returned calls and fixed up small concerns along the way the 3 month warranty has passed, 2 tiles needed replacing we have spares left if required. touch up paint was also left, for all different colours.

I would build with Oakford again.
Quality control, customer service,that says it all

Update to Not Happy Mr Oakford!

My previous post "Not happy Mr Oakford...... all is forgiven!
Father Christmas came early this year!
A bricklayer arrived this morning and repaired the area of concern and it's looking great!
Any concerns I had have been addressed and I'm totally satisfied.
Thankyou Oakford Homes
I'm very grateful to Oakford homes and especially to General Manager - a real gentleman!

Previous Review:
I'd like to express my total disappointment with Oakford Homes.
I love my Oakford Home or did, before it started cracking up. It has serious structural cracking to external bricks as well broken bathroom and kitchen tiles - all across the 'cut and fill' line.
Their 25 year Structural Warranty led me to believe the damage would be fixed/repaired but after four and a half years of investigative work to find a 'cause' which was inconclusive - I have been told by their representitive 'they will 'go no further'.
So much for your '25 Year Structural Warranty' Mr.Oakford!
Bricklayer made great repairs. All concerns addressed!

Oakford Homes when experience, quality, professionalism & budget counts.

Over the past 12 months our building project has involved a Torrens Title hammer-head land division and the subsequent construction of an Oakford designed home for our daughter. Prior to building, approval for the land division initially involved design, planning, drawing and construction input by Oakford's very capable design person Gloria. This input also involved close liaison with our local council and surveyors and greatly helped ensure that both the land division and building construction approvals would be granted.

When selecting a suitable home design and building company, we spent considerable time at display villages. It was not until we went to an Oakford display home and met the sales representative, that we felt a sincere interest in assisting us in our endeavour. We found him to be a very knowledgable, helpful and obliging representative, who's longstanding practical trade and sales experience enabled him to offer us invaluable advice. He was able to establish a realistic base contract price in keeping with our daughter's projected budget and expectations. Final construction came in below budget and without any unforseen costly "extras".

After initial land division approval, [name removed] from Oakford Homes assisted our daughter with the selection of building construction materials, fixtures, fittings and finishes. We found all of the nominated suppliers and their products to be of a very high standard. The professional advice and assistance provided by companies such as Beaumont Tiles and Aldon cabinet makers enabled the associated selection processes to be carried out easily and within budget. Additionally, the selection of bricks, roofing, fixtures, electrical points, window frames, plumbing and hardware accessories and paint finishes etc, were handled in-house with Oakford's representative Juliette. With her very professional, capable and helpful assistance this complex and daunting selection process proceeded easily and without stress.

After a four month delay waiting for Land Division Titles, construction commenced in August 2012. Oakford's appointed construction supervisor co-ordinated and supervised the material supply and construction phases through-out the next 4 months, until hand-over in November. The house was completed well within the projected time-frame, and to a very high professional standard. He liaised regularly through-out the construction of the house and his exceptional organisational skills and personal commitment, ensured the project continued smoothly and with-out delay, often through-out testing winter conditions.

Living adjacent to the construction site we were able to talk to and observe all of the trades people, on a daily basis. The tradesmen employed by Oakfords displayed a high level of skill and competence in their respective trades and the quality and finish of their work was first-class.

Finally, the entire building project was not only within the contract budget price, and completed within the projected time-frame, but was built to a high professional standard. Therefore we are very happy that we selected Oakford Homes to construct our daughter's house, and from our personal experience would not hesitate to recommend them to others, intending to build.

Excellent builder, couldnt have asked for more!

We signed up for our Oakford home in March this year and moved into the great final finished product in Sept, the process from start to finish was excellent, our home consultant Ron from the Encounter bay show homes was very good, he was so easy to communicate with from the start and did everything we asked. He knew exactly what variations would be what without having to keep going away and getting back to us and he made the process of signing up very easy.
Once the building started all the contractors and the site supervisor Neil were great. Neil rang most weeks and kept us in the loop of what was happening and he even invited us up to the house a couple of times and walked through and explained things. The contractors were always friendly and the office staff answered any queries on the same day.
The final product is amazing and everything we asked for, we have built three homes and we will always build with Oakford as they go over and above anything any other builder has ever done for us and still remain very competitive on price. I have recommended friends which have also built with them and couldn’t be happier.
simple communication, good contractors, the whole ease of the build was great

Our dream house is now a reality

We recently moved into our new Oakford home, and love it! We modified an Oakford plan (which they were pleased to do for us) and are so happy with the finished product. We found the salesman professional, patient with us, and sincere.

Early in the process there were some serious problems identified by the engineering report with building this particular floor plan on the land we had chosen. However, thanks to the dedication and caring of Oakford's staff, they were able to advise us on overcoming the problems by making appropriate changes to the plans without compromising our needs.

When we saw tradies on site we were treated with courtesy and respect. The house is everything we had hoped for - and more! We would have no hesitation in recommending Oakford Homes, and if we ever built again, they would be our builder of choice. Thank you Oakfords!

All Good!

Great from the start if you are building a split level especially-you need to go and talk to them. Have not finished yet but so far its moving fast and looking good. Were mislead and wasted a lot of money with one of the volume builders who had very poor customer service and charged us for things that Oakford did free of charge. Very reputable company and prior to the previous comment have only heard good things. Their standard range that they use is awesome also.
Run on schedule, have a great standard range, good customer service, no pushy sales people and they are knowledgable.

I'd Do It Again

I was recommended Oakford Homes by someone who had built twice previously with them and was very happy, good quality, ongoing support and built ontime were his comments. The sales person at the show homes whom we first spoke to was extremely helpful without being pushy, and put up with me changing my mind 10 times. The selections process was streamline and simple with quality products. The build was stress free, good tradies, there when they said they would be, good quality workmanship and they finished before the due date which saved me some interest payments.No hidden extras and great after sales service with any issues. Happy Me !!

A place to call your home , very welcoming

We first were referred to oakford homes in 2003 after having majour problems with our previous home built with another builder. After speaking with the staff at oakford and being very happy with everything we then continued to build our first home with them. We could not fault any of the staff and there politeness and being more than eager to help , every thing ran smoothly from time of signing contract to completion of our home,we were thrilled with the finished product, any minor things were fixed without any problems at all, They have now only 7 weeks ago completed our 4th home with them, and well i feel i need to say no more as this should speak for it self. 2 of the blocks these houses have been built on had to be cut and filled and yet have had no problems with cracking . I would recommend anybody looking to build a home with a project builder, you could not go past oakford homes. I recommend them 100% . fantastic supervisors and a construction manager that was great to deal with. In just finishing this review i would say a well built and good quality homes and wouldn't hesitate to build with them again.
Polite staff, well organised and got the job done, very good contractors
Only minor things, to be expected as people are only human

Oakford Homes are the best

A 73 year old lady building a large home on her own? Yes, most people, having heard stories from others, wondered if I could cope with the stress. I began with another building firm and with the continuous increase in prices, being given unreliable information and being treated rudely when I asked questions, I decided to change to Oakfords. The money I lost was worth it. Oakford's staff are friendly, helpful in decision making, they treated me with respect, they took a personal interest in me and knew who I was and where I was building whenever I called at their office or phoned in. From the time I signed the contract (which was explained in detail to me) to the completion of my home 7 months later, the process was completely stress free. I did not have to pay for many 'upgrades' because their selectons are of high quality standard. I am delighted with my home and my children and grandchildren are enjoying 'their inheritance'.
Oakford Homes is recommended by Heather of Strathalbyn
the closed contract so I knew in advance how to budget. The finished home was exactly what I wanted.

Absolutely great people and houses

The people from Oakford homes made this a really pleasant and easy experience. The choice was easy from the start after looking at heaps of display homes, Oakfords quality made the choice easy. [name removed] was really helpful and took all the time i need to choose designs and fittings. [names removed] were really helpful in the office with contracts and helping to choose the doors and colours etc. (something we quickly established that i know nothing about). [name removed] was helpful all the way through the project giving me update calls and making suggestions throughout the process. The build went on time and there was nothing that i could fault when it was complete. [name removed] gave me a run through the houses and asked me to call him if there were any problems. Needless to say i havnt called him since.
Nothing but praise for the people and the product.

More than a house, it's my home.

I was determined to buy an old cottage style home in the hills, but could not find anything that quite suited my budget and design preference. I eventually decided to build the cottage design Eastwood (with modifications) with Oakfords. Building can be really stressful but choosing Oakfords was the best decision I made. Even my bank manager endorsed the company, suggesting you'll have no worries with them. She was dead right.

Oakford staff from the beginning were always helpful, knowledgable, and courteous. The price was very reasonable for what you get. The actual build went like clock work and was actually built in under 6 months. Friends and locals comment on what a fine looking home I've built. Thanks Oakfords I'm really happy.
Style, workmanship, easyliving, functional.

From start to finish everything went according to plan

We first built with Oakford Homes in 2010, two courtyard homes on a subdivided block. From start to finish Oakford’s staff were helpful, friendly, polite and professional. Whilst I’m sure we weren’t the only clients they had to look after at the time, we certainly felt like we were. Even prior to the build starting, they gave us helpful advice about who to see regarding the subdivision and other associated bits of information. The job was finished on time and other than a couple of things that needed to be sorted out at the end (isn’t there always?), everything went according to plan. We are now on our second build with Oakfords and I’m sure this won’t be the last.
helpful, friendly, polite and professional, value for money, quality product

On Schedule, On Budget and very helpful

As a property developer it is critical that my projects are completed on schedule and on budget. I have built 6 spec homes so far with Oakford and all have been successfully completed in a timely and cost effective manner.
Their selections are extensive and their selections staff second to none.
I was also very impressed with ideas and house designs they come up with to suit each individual block of land.
Their trades people are courteous and professional as was their project supervisor who kept me up to date constantly throughout all stages of the build.
At handover there have been very, very few defects that have needed attending too and they have always been minor and rectified immediately.

Southbend Property Group P/L
On time, on schedule, good staff from top to bottom, easy to deal with. No surprises

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Questions & Answers

How can I obtain a ball park price on an Oakford design so that I will have some idea of what I can spend on a block of land..?
No answers

First time home builders and we are looking into Oakford homes but the quotes we are getting seem to be a lot cheaper than other companies which seems to worry me slightly. I was wondering if anyone has built with them and could give a rough idea of how much the final cost was compared to the starting quote? we are not looking for fancy high class products as we are young and would rather build within budget and upgrade latter where possible. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks
2 answers
I wouldn't be too concerned with the price. We found oakford to be exceptional value and having built before understood all the different specs. They're specs are in most cases better than the others for a lot less. I'm not sure why, maybe ask them, but I suspect their margins are smaller and therefore you save. The quality wasn't compromised either. I think you will find building with them and very easy process.Who did you end up building with? And what was your experience like?

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