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Oakford Homes Your still the Best

Well, our fourth build with Oakford Homes, there are several reason we always chose Oakford Homes again. From the very start with Ron May, he really knows design and what you need and will keep working with you until everything is exactly what you want. The whole team in this company is like a well oiled machine, everyone knows what to do and they do it really well. We have got to know them all and find each and every one of them friendly and very helpful." Love your work people" Our Supervisor, well what can I say, hard working, helpful, always seems happy to take your call and discuss all stages of the build and address any concerns, Thank you so much, your the best. Now, we all know there are things that do not always go to plan, but, Oakford Homes we have found will do there very best to put your mind at ease and try to fix it. I would also like to mention, rarely do you hear from the tradies. I was fortunate enough to catch up with quite a few (all brilliant) and each and every one of them said that Oakford homes was the best for them to deal with and that they looked after their trade people very well.
Finally, apart from helping unpack all these boxes, there work is done, Thank you again Oakford Homes

Construction End DateDec 2018

Update to Not Happy Mr Oakford!

My previous post "Not happy Mr Oakford...... all is forgiven!
Father Christmas came early this year!
A bricklayer arrived this morning and repaired the area of concern and it's looking great!
Any concerns I had have been addressed and I'm totally satisfied.
Thankyou Oakford Homes
I'm very grateful to Oakford homes and especially to General Manager - a real gentleman!

Previous Review:
I'd like to express my total disappointment with Oakford Homes.
I love my Oakford Home or did, before it started cracking up. It has serious structural cracking to external bricks as well broken bathroom and kitchen tiles - all across the 'cut and fill' line.
Their 25 year Structural Warranty led me to believe the damage would be fixed/repaired but after four and a half years of investigative work to find a 'cause' which was inconclusive - I have been told by their representitive 'they will 'go no further'.
So much for your '25 Year Structural Warranty' Mr.Oakford!
Bricklayer made great repairs. All concerns addressed!

Questions & Answers

How can I obtain a ball park price on an Oakford design so that I will have some idea of what I can spend on a block of land..?
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First time home builders and we are looking into Oakford homes but the quotes we are getting seem to be a lot cheaper than other companies which seems to worry me slightly. I was wondering if anyone has built with them and could give a rough idea of how much the final cost was compared to the starting quote? we are not looking for fancy high class products as we are young and would rather build within budget and upgrade latter where possible. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks
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I wouldn't be too concerned with the price. We found oakford to be exceptional value and having built before understood all the different specs. They're specs are in most cases better than the others for a lot less. I'm not sure why, maybe ask them, but I suspect their margins are smaller and therefore you save. The quality wasn't compromised either. I think you will find building with them and very easy process.Who did you end up building with? And what was your experience like?

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