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Odyssey Lean
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The meals are pretty delicious

I have been doing Odyssey Lean for a while now and I never get bored cos they add new menu items pretty often. The new miso chicken is really yum and tastes really clean and not oily.

The meals are delicious and filling

I wasn’t sure if the meals would fill me but they do and they taste good. The chicken dishes are my favourite. I think portion sizes were my problem and the meals make sure I don’t overeat. Love it!

No flavour, vegitables half uncooked

The first week, I loved it. Clean flavour and meat was tender. The second and third week, all the meals came dry, unflavoured and meats so hard (over boiled perhaps?)most of the dishes are chicken breasts. Not sufficient spices to identify the different flavours and if salad, the vegitables are soggy and not sufficient amount. Not sure if they have changed their chef but even after adding my own spice and oil, I hardly could finish eating any of the dishes.

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Start DateJanuary 2019
Additional Physical Activities Sport
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Hi Natsuko, We appreciate your review and the time you took to write this. We deeply apologise for your bad experience with our meals recently. I have informed our kitchen of this and sent through a formal report to make sure we have a specific standard with all of our ingredients placed in our meal. At Odyssey Lean, we also have expert chefs and nutritionists working together to update our meals to make them even more tasty for customers to try. In order to improve your experience, please get in touch with us via email at support@odysseylean.com.au to see if there is anything we can do for you. Our apologies again for the past inconveniences you have come across with our meals. Have a lovely weekend, The OL Team

The meals are great!

I wanted to eat healthier and my girlfriend suggested Odyssey Lean. I am not a great cook and don’t have much time for cooking with my job, so the meals and the delivery have been awesome.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Timely DeliveryYes

Odyssey Lean helped me a lot in breaking the unhealthy cycle

Really needed help with eating healthier. Had seriously fallen off the bandwagon and the meals helped break the unhealthy cycle. I used to get takeaway for work lunch, but now I take an Odyssey Lean meal with me to the office each day. Way healthier and cheaper than takeaway and yummier.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Timely DeliveryYes

My boyfriend and I both love it

My boyfriend and I decided to try the meals together. We love them and are still ordering them. So convenient when we don’t have time to cook/meal prep but still want to eat healthy and not put on weight.

Tiny portions!

Healthy meals but TINY portions. I ate 2 dinners instead of 1 because I was still hungry. Not good value for money, I cancelled my subscription after the first week.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Timely DeliveryYes
Start DateFebruary 2019
Additional Physical Activities Cardio

So glad that I found Odyssey Lean

So far I’ve lost 6 kilos on Odyssey Lean and I plan to lose 4 more. I thought I’d be taking a few steps back over the holidays but I’ve kept eating my Odyssey Lean meals and I haven’t gained anything (even though I did have a sneaky feast during the time). I feel so great and I never thought I’d actually start to feel confident in my body but here’s to 2019 being the year that I do!!

Glad that I can eat delicious meals without cooking

I hate cooking and I usually hate microwave meals, which leaves me in a difficult spot. My friend said he and his wife have been ordering from Odyssey Lean so I thought I’d try it, although my expectations were pretty low. I have to say, I seriously love it. I don’t feel like I’m eating microwaved food at all, which I think is because it’s not frozen, but whatever the reason I’m happy. The food is great and I don’t have to cook.

Great delicious food

Great food, filling and really nice. Surprised to see it wasn’t frozen like most of these meal delivery programs, that makes it a clear cut winner above the rest, in my opinion.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Odyssey Lean

I have been eating Odyssey Lean for over 2 weeks and I just wanted to write a review to say thank you to Odyssey Lean because I feel amazing. I have gone down a dress size but that isn’t the best part for me. I have never really felt well. I’ve always felt a bit “meh” even on the best of days. I thought that was just my normal feeling. But I’ve realised now that it is because of how I was eating. Now, I feel incredible and I have so much energy. It’s great!

Odyssey Lean is exactly what I am looking for

I don't believe in dieting, but I do believe that eating well, in a small portions leads to healthy weight loss. So I generally avoid companies that support quick weight loss in the form of shakes and calorie counting. Odyssey Lean seemed different to me, and even though I ordered it rather reluctantly, I am so glad I did. The food is wholesome and perfectly portioned. I've been enjoying it!

Great and delicious meals

Love, love, love the food! The variety is great and flavours aren’t like any other weight-loss meals I’ve had. The Fiery Buddha Bowl and the Grilled Barramundi are my absolute faves!

A big thumbs up for the freshness and deliciousness of the meals

Being a naturopath, I don’t believe in dieting. For me it’s about lifestyle and eating well continuously - not just to lose weight. I love cooking, food is a great source of comfort for me and enjoying making it but with the growth of my business, I have less and less time to cook, especially mid-week. I was really picky about which meal delivery program I’d choose because so many have frozen meals that remind me of airplane food. Odyssey Lean looked different and I love how they focused on wellness. I gave it a try and it gets a big thumbs up from me. No additives or preservatives and everything was fresh and delicious. I’ve even told a couple of clients about it because I thought it could help them take some pressure off dinnertime.

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Thanks for writing us a review Lerissa :) We've never just been about dieting or losing weight, but on creating delicious, healthy and diverse meals for our customers! It's awesome to know you agree with our approach!

It was great having Odyssey Lean with me during the holidays

I was trying something different during the holidays this year. I always put on a lot of weight over the Christmas and New Year period and I end up feeling pretty awful and yucky by the end of January. So this year I decided to try and stick to a healthy lifestyle all through the holidays. I ordered Odyssey Lean and I’m so pleasantly surprised at how tasty the food is. It’s better than anything I made at home plus it is so much healthier. Thanks Odyssey Lean and I feel like I finally got myself a great start for 2019.

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Nothing like an early New Years resolution to make sure your ahead of the curve! We're so glad to have helped you buck your usual trends and be a better you :)

Great price, even better taste!

I have really been struggling to keep to a healthier diet as I work late most days and barely have time to prepare any meals for dinner or lunch. Odyssey lean is great because everything is reasonably priced and so tasty! It means I'm not speeding through the mcdonalds drive through on the way home from work, and I'm revitalized at lunch to work harder through the rest of the day!

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It's great to know we can give you some more time to yourself and give you energy for your day! Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel!

Easy and convenient

I’m a DJ, which may not seem relevant in this review but it is. My eating habits are terrible. I end up eating party and wedding food three times a week: It’s starting to take its toll on my weight and even my mood, because generally I like to eat healthy and exercise. I finally got onto to ordering Odyssey Lena and it’s been great. I take my food with me when I’m working and I try to stick to eating just that as much as I possibly can. It’s been a life-saver. The food quality is excellent and very delicious. I’m eating more protein than I normally would which is good too.

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Thanks for the review Helena! Wedding cake is certainly not known for it's health benefits ;) It's great to hear we can help you eat healthier and keep those decks turning!

Will continue to order

Great food, nice and fresh. Very different to other companies I’ve tried. Yummy and helping me manage what I eat, a bit better. Will continue to order.

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Thank you for the kind words Zita!

Loads of delicious meals

I get bored with food programs pretty quick for 2 reasons- the food is boring/ or no variety, it’s tastelss or it leaves me so hungry that I end up eating other stuff anyway. Odyssey has yet to bore me in any aspect. The food is great and there is a lot of variety. So far I’m a very happy camper.

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Thanks for the review Shani! With new meals each week we'll do our best to ensure your as happy a camper as can be :)

It helps me control my portion very well

I usually do the cooking in our household but I struggle with portion size. Very slowly, my wife and I have put on weight. I then realised a packet of pasta should really feed more than 2 people. Dieting is so unappealing to me, because I love food. And all those frozen “diet meals” look revolting. I stumbled across Odyssey Lean and the food looked really tasty in the pictures (which doesn’t mean anything until you taste it). But when it arrived, it was fresh, not frozen and it looked appealing, even before I heated it up. The portions are way smaller than what I had been serving but surprisingly they have been really filling for both of us. We are onto our third week and we are both feeling great. I’ve lost 2.2kg and my wife has lost 1.6kg - great start!!!

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That's great to hear! Hopefully we can help you reach your goal and keep your tastebuds happy doing it :)

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