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Olympus OM-D E-M1

Olympus OM-D E-M1

MPN: V207010BU000
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Best camera I have ever used

Until recently I had been an avid one eyed Canon Camera user having 3 in my collection until I was introduced to the Olympus OMD EM1. It is so very simple to get along with. It only really requires you to own 2 lens. The smaller lens which I don't use much is great as it doubles as a macro lens. I use the 70 to 300 most of the time as I photograph wildlife and often can't get real close. It has a tele photo digital converter which will double the zoom length. Very handy. It also has some great features if working with manual focus including a feature where it will magnify the object you are manually focusing on so you know you are truly in focus. I am about to go on a trip and put this though it's paces as a travel camera. I am sure it will work well. It's very light and compact which when travelling is a must. To many good shots have been missed in the past because I didn't want to lug all my camera equipment around with me. I have had the camera just over 3 months now and use it every weekend. I am still learning some of its features as it has many. Excellent value for money. if you only ever want to buy one camera which will do everything ... This has to be it.
It's small, light and easy to use.
Chews through batteries so buy at least one spare straight away.

Faultless camera system

I work with cameras on a daily basis. Currently I'm rocking a 5Dmkii with 24-70 and 70-200 plus a bunch of other Canon goodies. I've been borrowing these new Olympus cameras for a few years now and this new guy has been the one camera that could pull me away from my full frame.

I've been using it for a few weeks and I simply cannot see the point in keeping my Canon gear when this thing pumps out an image which is pretty much equal.

The camera is insanely fast, I believe it is one of the fastest focusing cameras in production. 10 frames per second too so not too shabby there. Cropped sensor but still a better sensor than what you get with the Canon 7D/70D etc.

The 5 axis stabilization does exactly what it should. Allows handheld shooting at a 1/3 of a sec so can't complain with that.

The lens selection is awesome too, not cheap but they are built like they come straight out of the 70s. Proper solid metal casing with decent glass. Again, you don't seem to get this quality with Canon nowadays.

There are plenty of these mirrorless system cameras on the market at the moment, but this one is my personal fav.

I recommend making sure you get it with one of the weather sealed lenses also, you won't have a weather sealed camera otherwise.

I'm one happy chappy!
Size, image quality, ease of use in manual.

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Price (RRP)$1599
Built-In FlashYes
Release dateOct 2013

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  • GTIN13: 9338518000993
  • MPN: V207010BU000

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