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Olympus TG-4

Olympus TG-4

MPNs: 36000846 and V104160RA000
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Tough little thing!

I've been known to drop and destroy cameras and so I picked up one of these puppies and I'm really happy with it. I have been using it for nearly two years now and on our last holiday I dropped it down a rocky cliff face - sure that it wouldn't survive the fall. It did. Still works like brand new. The only criticism would be that the little black dial thingy (I believe that is the tech term) falls off from time to time.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Doesn’t work in water

Condensation has been a problem from the start. None of my underwater photos are clear as the lens fogs up so quickly. I carry this camera on walks so I don’t have to worry about damaging it if it gets knocked around. The rear screen has a bloom effect on it which Olympus say is a scratch but it’s a bloom on the screen. I don’t know what would cause that but they won’t repair it. It hasn’t effected the photos I take.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Don't buy this camera or its underwater housing

I bought the camera 1 year and 2 months ago and the underwater housing a month later. The underwater housing began fogging on my most recent vacation, so I used the camera out of the housing, but the camera leaked. Now neither the camera nor the underwater housing work. I am stuck with $600 of useless junk that will cost almost $300 to fix because I missed the warranty period by 2 or 3 months. Also, my snorkeling vacation was ruined because I couldn't take underwater pics. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Olympus TG-4 is a great under-water camera

I have had this camera for a little over 12 months now and it has seen under-water work over probably 30 or more days of snorkelling. It does what it is meant to do - take excellent under-water photos. And it is easy to care for after use; just pop in fresh water for a while and dry off. It has a vast array of settings, but in reality, it can be used as a point and shoot camera without bothering about all the settings. One would need to download the manual and carry it at all times to work them out anyway. It does have short-comings; (1) Battery charge life is short. It will last for a couple of hours snorkelling. I have a non-genuine second battery with its own charger to overcome this problem. (2) As a land camera, it takes great photos. But the zoom is pitiful, and no where near as good as one will get on an under $200.00 ordinary camera. It is fine underwater, where closeness to the subject is required anyway; but forget it for land photos. So it is just that, an underwater camera. I have had no leaks. Previous cameras have lasted maybe two snorkel trips before seals have given out, causing short circuits and killing the things outright. This one is obviously made well and is robust. It is time for me to look into seal replacement, as a precaution.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Handy easy to live with camera

This the third in the Olympus TG Tough waterproof cameras that I have owned and I cannot speak highly enough about my experience using it.

It does everything that it is supposed to, and gives excellent results considering the limitations of this type of camera. The GPS tracking and WiFi work beautifully.

Very happy Partner and I both own one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Doesn't go close to advertised use. Olympus service appalling.

We own both a TG2 and TG4. The cameras do not go close to any of the marketed material with respect to its capability for quality pics underwater and in no way stands up to ANY element of 'go anywhere / tough'. It's unconscionable how far from advertised use the product is. When we had a small issue with the first shock that the camera came to, Olympus customer service spent a great amount of time pointing to a warranty which was substantially different to their marketing campaign and tried to up sell us to more products with no satisfactory fix offered! It was appalling, do not waste your time. we have gone back to the equivalent Lumix.

Lives up to expectations

Did the research and came up with the Olympus TG4 as the camera for me when I didn't want to lug around all my expensive and heavy gear. And this little camera does all sorts of things my big, expensive stuff can't. No more worrying about water, dust, knocking it around etc and all sorts of new perspectives. I gave it a good workout on a south pacific cruise and it was the only camera gear I took with me -apart from a small tripod. I can recommend the purchase of the fish-eye lens adapter which is super useful for underwater subjects. This camera has a lot of great features that cameras 4 times the price don't have, although they don't function quite as good as they could. I particularly liked the super close-up and focus stacking features; the ability to shoot raw images is important to me; the built in gps has actually been a useful feature; the time-lapse facility is good - but not great(only does 99 shots). In short it has most of the features my other $1,000+ cameras have - just on a smaller, less professional scale. I have started just carrying it around with me all the time -'cause I can! I have given it a bit of a beating in the few months I have had it (several thousand images), used it in and under waterfalls and in lots of salt water environments and no problems. Good images, good video. The only faults are that it doesn't quite do things as good as I would like but for it's price I am quite satisfied. I lost the fish-eye lens cap very early on and it's "tough" trying to obtain another. The battery doesn't last very long and a flip up rear screen would be useful.

Great for the first 3 days but camera locks up

I bought the Olympus tg-4 to take snorkelling and white water rafting pictures on a family holiday to Cairns. The image quality was superb as was the video recording. Even though this camera does not have a full manual function you are able to control the aperture and Iso which makes full use of the f2 lense.

After 3 days of solid use of the camera in and out of water I started to experience problems where the camera locked up and was unable to be switched off. Unfortunately this happened while I was on a day out snorkelling at Fitzroy island and I was not able to capture pictures of my kids first experience on the reef. Whilst I was on the water and did not have access to fresh water to rinse the camera I could not open up the camera to pull the battery out to reset the camera. I suspect quality issues with hardware and will be talking to Olympus.

Best underwater camera around!

I bought this camera last year prior to going on a trip to Hawaii. I do a lot of snorkelling and had previously used a generic waterproof case I bought from a dive shop with my canon compact camera to take photos while snorkelling. This didn't result in the best photos, so I was looking to get a camera with underwater capability. All of my research indicated that the Olympus underwater camera was the best around, and I'm so glad I decided to go with it in the end.

This camera takes amazing underwater photos of people, animals and coral. I have been so impressed by it, and have used it to capture some great moments and underwater scenery while swimming with dolphins and turtles, and snorkelling both in Australia and overseas. Of course, the water clarity will impact on how the photos turn out, but I doubt there's an underwater camera around that could do a better job.

This is also the camera I use in bad weather, as I don't want the rain to damage my SLR. It's great being able to continue taking photos despite the weather. However, while it is amazing for underwater use, I must say that I rarely use this camera outside of the water because I've found that the photos don't turn out particularly well or much (if any) better than my iPhone photos in most cases. It might just be that I haven't worked out the correct settings to use.

The wifi function is also extremely useful.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to take photos in water (whether ocean, pool or rain). If you don't need this function, there are much cheaper camera around that will do just as well for regular use.

Tough, cute and takes great pictures

I upgraded from a cellphone camera because low light photography was appalling. The salesman put me onto this one as it suited my lifestyle. I have 2 kids so they always play with my things and drop them. If I buy anything nice it will only last about a week before it is completely destroyed. This camera is drop proof and still takes absolutely amazing pictures. It is also waterproof so there is no issue with swimming or rain photography. I don't really use it for this feature though.

Video is as simple as pressing one button too. No need to play around with settings or anything! It's brilliant.

The main drawcard was the ruggedness, picture quality and ease of use.

High recommended.

Questions & Answers

My camera wont turn on. the on light is flashing but it wont turn on. battery is fully charged. Any ideas? Wendy
1 answer
Sorry, I have no idea.

Condensation is terrible despite opening and drying out the camera each time I use it. My photos are always blurred by the condensation in the lens. I’ve given up using it in water. Any suggestions?
2 answers
Lens fogging will occur when the camera is subjected to a change in temperature, and insufficient time is allowed for the temperature to normalise. For instance, leaving the camera in the sun, then jumping into the water = fogging. Leaving the camera in cold air-conditioning, then taking it into the sun = fogging. So try to avoid rapid changes in temperature. In the sun, keep the camera covered by a towel for instance. Leaving a cold room, give it time to adjust to the hotter temperature. The only time I get fogging is leaving a very cold air-conditioned area and going into a warm environment. 20 minutes in a shaded area in the new, warmer environment, addresses the fogging. Good luck. Dirk.Thanks those are very helpful suggestions


Price (RRP)$449
Waterproof RatingIPX8
Optical Zoom4x

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  • MPN: 36000846 and V104160RA000
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