2ALDI Ombra SPF50+

ALDI Ombra SPF50+

2ALDI Ombra SPF50+

99 reviews

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99 reviews

Great if you want severe sunburn!

Applied to myself and my family before going into the sun, reapplied and we are all severely sunburnt now. I will never purchase again and do not recommend that anyone uses this.

ChrisMelbourne2 posts

Fantastic, not greasy feels good and works

Fantastic, not greasy, feels good and works. Easy to apply and doesn’t smell like chemicals. Plus I don’t end up with acne breaking out so my skin must like it.


Kids got badly sunburnt

I know how to use sunscreen as I have had a few skin cancers removed. This product is no good. Kids got badly sun burnt. I put it on my kids and reapplied the sunscreen.

Lilly G
Lilly GAU2 posts

Eye reaction

Worst product ever! I can’t believe Aldi would stock something so poor. Stings eyes like hell, wish i can upload photos to show you chemical burn this cream created to me. My whole family got sunburned after 3h spent at the beach and reapplied twice! Hope this product goes of the market forever

Bamaloo12Hunter Region, NSW14 posts

A fine cheap sunscreen

it's a lot thicker than cancer council sunscreens so it does take more work to rub in but true to it's word it doesn't feel greasy and I can't detect and fragrance. As with all sunscreens do make sure you do a patch test to see if you have a reaction to the ingredients but if you apply it properly it works just as well as more expensive products. I wouldn't recommend this one for swimming however as it does sting a bit more than others I have tried if it gets in your eyes, so it's more suitable for just everyday wear.

SequoiaGirlMelbourne10 posts
Bedir3 posts

WARNINNG !Do not use this OMBRA 50+ SUNSCREEN from ALDI!

WARNINNG !Do not use this OMBRA 50+ SUNSCREEN from ALDI!I It cause severe allergenic reaction on my eyes. for 3 weeks,in and out dr with all test, finally I did test on my lower body under rib area with small test left for 4hrs it was reaction and redness appeared in the area.I have been using all sorts of sunscreen for 30 years never seen some thing like this.Aldi immediately must recall this product from the shelf!Burning etch and swelling is the symptoms. Bedir SYDNEY

Kim2 posts


Are you bringing back the cooling ombra sun screen lotion

I am in brisbane


Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho please reply i have nothing else to say

BiancaSydney, NSW6 posts


I can’t believe this is even still available

For sale. My son and daughter burnt so bad my sons eyes is red raw and swollen, I had to go

To emergency as he started red blotchy patches all

Over his face. Both kids complained when sunscreen was on it was burning and stinging. Never ever ever again. You pay for what you get I’ve learnt my lesson. Shame in Aldi. Recall the product!!!



I can’t believe this is available for sale in a country like Australia where skin cancer is a certainty!! I bought for the 50+ factor we applied and reapplied religiously and have been dangerously burnt while overseas. Also the chemical smell in this sunscreen is so potent, I’m not sure it’s safe to use on any level.

Carol A
Carol A10 posts

Chemicals cause terrible rash

A warning - follow the advice here and do not use this sunscreen if your skin is even remotely sensitive. A friend had a new bottle of this which I slathered on my arms, back of my hands and back of my neck and a day later I was covered in red, itchy blotches that, a week later, are still there. I checked the ingredients and yep, most of them are known to cause itchy breakouts. From what I have read here, it sounds like this product is a total dud and dangerous.


Public service announcement- dangerous

I have never written a review on this site but after having my kids burnt to a crisp after applying this suncream I feel compelled to warn others. This product is dangerous. It has absolutely no sun protection. We applied 3 times during the day. Each time I made the kids stay out of the water for at least 10 mins to let it sink in. They are both red raw.

mustangdudeSouth East Queensland, QLD49 posts


Bought in 1L pump pack from Aldi to use for a picnic at the local lagoon/pool. Applied to both my daughters and myself, multiple times throughout the day and came back home looking like lobsters. My eldest daughter is in absolute agony, as she wore a bikini for the first time this summer, so her skin was quite raw. Feel so guilty, as I applied the cream to both of them, but it has obviously failed. Please do not buy this cream!!!


Good so far

We’ve been using this sunscreen all summer with no sunburn. We’ve actually really liked it. I’m wondering if there is poor product control with so many bad reviews. It is very worrying, as sun protection is so important.

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DianeGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts
Emma5 posts

Dangerous sunburn

***** DO NOT BUY!!!!*****

Both myself and my son have gotten extremely painful sunburn with this product. Used twice, first day applied more than regularly (very hot day) still received very red, swollen burns to every part exposed to sun. Figured we weren't applying it enough or possibly sweat affecting it's performance we used again and after a second day, being applied every hour we are both extremely unwell and with almost purple swollen burns to our arms, legs, faces and necks. worst part was we could not feel the sunburn happening until it was too late! Please do not use this product on children or fair skin!


If i could give no star i would


On Australia day my partner and I applied twice let it soak and spent most of the day under the shade. Came home looking like beetroots. Dangerously burnt; we were so disappointed because we were very sun smart. The product must be removed for the shelves. DO NOT BUY!!!!! YOU WILL GET BURNT!!!!

SharleeGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC7 posts

Do not purchase this

Purchased this ombré 50 plus as our whole family is very conscious of skin care. My daughters who HAD perfect skin is totally ruined.

I have photo evidence of what this product does to you. Everywhere the sunscreen was is where their skin burnt. They may as well put cooking oil all over themselves! We followed the instructions on the bottle. We have been on a cruise and my kids couldn’t move or be outside because of what this sunscreen did on the first day of our trip. I’m so very angry about this and will be taking further steps to make sure this happens to nobody else.

Peter W
Peter WAU

Use this if you want to be burned and look like a lobster

We had two sunscreens, the Aldi ombré beach and banana boat brands. Everyone who used the ombré beach is red as a lobster, the family members who used the banana boat brand are still Lilly white. This ombré beach branded product does not work and is dangerous.

Casper2 posts

Terrible don’t use

My 3 grandchildren all suffered horrific burns from using this sunscreen. Do not use it, it does not work, I don’t want to see other children go through what my grandchildren are going through now.


Don't use, doesn't work

My daughter used this on arms and legs but different band on her face. Her arms and legs are painfully burnt however her face is fine. My son was with her and had different brand all over and not burnt at all. The Ombré brand does not work and we will not be using it again

sam6 posts

Does not work-got burnt!

Please dont use this product or any of their sunblock products. Got burnt really bad on my face after i used this and am peeling like mad! It almost feels like i would hv been better off not using any sunblock lotion than an Aldi one as areas i didnt use it on aren't burnt and dry!. Have also stopped my son using the kids ones after a similar reaction. I dont think it is a spf50+ product. Spend more and get a skin cancer or nivea one!


Horrible please do not purchase

We are a very sun smart family however we used this sunscreen today applied many times and we have all come home very red and sun burnt. The pain is awful, please spend the money and purchase a different brand. I shop and get everything at Aldi but definitely will not be recommending this product. I will never use this or purchase this brand again.

TraceyTannum Sands2 posts

Terrible Product

My teenage daughter used this product on her face and was extremely burnt with blisters etc. She used a different brand of sunscreen on her arms and didn’t get burnt on her arms at all. Very disappointed in this product, do not purchase.

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This sunblock does not work

The whole family is burnt to a crisp on our faces after using this at the beach for 2.5 hours. We are SunSmart and we’re otherwise covered up. Do NOT use it unless you want to be burnt. It is not worth the cheap price as your skin will pay the price.

R.M.Central West, NSW17 posts

Does not work. Got dangerously burnt!

I lathered the Ombra coconut suscreen spray (not the one pictured above) onto my sons back. Admittedly he did not have a rash vest on but he didn't go back in the water and he was so burnt he was in agony for a few days. We have since tried using it a few more times and each time it is literally like rubbing coconut oil on to help you burn. I will be buying a more reputable brand such as Cancer Council in future.


Sunburnt visitors...very embarassing

Aldi sunscreen did not protect my visitors or myself after a day on the beach today...very disappointed, embarrassed for them, and now we all are sunburnt. Please do not buy this item. I am generally pleased with Aldi, and pricing, but applying this sunscreen is a real,health risk.


Disgusted in the performance of this sunscreen

Such an important item. It let down my family. Totally disgusted. My 9 and 10 years old were very badly burnt. I applied 2 times in the 3 hours we were swimming

EmelFar North Queensland, QLD4 posts

Ombré Ultra Sport 50+ - WARNING

I used this twice and got burnt both times. I thought I hadn’t applied it properly the first time, so was extra careful the second time and reapplied about 30 minutes after initial application as I was going on a beach walk. Got burnt quite badly on the arms. I bought a long sleeved rashi instead. Probably your safest option if you are fair like me.


Household essential

Favourite item in our house. A pump per arm, leg and face. Never burnt. Always applied before sun and regularly when out or swimming. No sensitive issues even with eczema skin.

Bytegirl2 posts

Burnt to a crisp

Terrible product. We are super sun smart people and never go out without sunscreen. Bought this product and after 2 hours in the sun came home burnt to a crisp. Very disappointed - do not buy.

Kat kat
Kat kat

Great product

Like the other reviews on hia i myself have not had any concerns with Ombra 50 from the tube i donot use spray on, after applying i donot go outside without a hat on or go to beaches so maybe thats why i haven’t any reactions like others?

Bee2 posts

Full of chemicals and bad reactions!

Nine year old daughters face is swollen and red again plus goes through bouts of nausea after thinking the first time it happened it was a coincidence. How can this product be allowed on our shelves??!!

SallySouth Australia2 posts

Do not use

I use sunscreen everyday

I come to Bali every year

I have used your 50 plus generously and consistently and have been burnt very badly on the first two days

This product should be removed

I have rash all over where I have used

I googled this product simply to see if others have had same problem and clearly this is a big issue and one that Aldi care little about

I'm fifty so I've used a lot of products in my time


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Thal2 posts

Product clearly doesn't meet Australian Standards

Partner / self severely burnt after application

Could all people having issues with this product please

1. Submit complaint to Aldi - https://www.customerservice.aldi.com.au/

2. Submit complaint to TGA - https://www.tga.gov.au/report-perceived-breach-or-questionable-practices

SarahGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC9 posts

Red swollen face

I was thinking maybe my co plaint was a once off thing until I googled this sunscreen. My 4 year old has a red swollen face despite using it excessively and the use of a hat and sunglasses with minimal time exposed to full sun. Not happy, you need to pull this sunscreen from sale just look at the other reviews.



The worst sunscreen ever! My husband and me applied many times but we had a very bad sun burnt! Never use it again! I think they need to stop selling them...


Do not buy!

Burnt to a crisp! Should not be on shelves. So disappointed in this product, applied many times and still got burnt to point of blistering. Steer clear of this product.

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