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Omega Altise O14B

Omega Altise O14B

4.5 from 17 reviews

Not bad but noisy

We had the older version, the Dimplex. It works well, but it's noisy. We bought the Omega Altise, not realising that it is exactly the same fan as the Dimplex. Dimplex have stopped making it and Omega have taken it over. It is exactly the same in every detail.

I did a comparison of the noise vs a floor standing oscillating fan (Sunbean FA8900) which we'd bought because we wanted something quieter. The Sunbeam is much quieter.

Using my mobile phone's sound meter I compared the three: the old Dimplex; the new Omega and; the Sunbeam all with no oscillation and sitting on a soft pad to ensure no vibration noise. Adding oscillation to all of them made very little difference except when the air flow passed straight over the microphone and the noise level jumped briefly.

On the quietest setting:
25-35 dB = Background noise in a quiet bedroom (during the day)
53 dB (+/-1) = Old Dimplex (setting 1 of 3)
55 dB (+/-2) = New Omega (setting 1 of 3)
33 dB (+/-4) = Sunbeam (setting 1 of 6)

The New Omega is slightly noisier than the identical old Dimplex (also audible in a blind test). I suspect this is just the natural variation in quality.

The Sunbean is way quieter. This is really obvious, both in reality and the numbers above.

I didn't do a close comparison of the RPM or air volume being moved, but it was less for the Sunbeam. So, obviously slower = less noise, but it is enough air.

A big difference. If you want a quiet fan for use at night, do not buy the Omega.
I'm not rally a fan of the Sunbeam either, I don't like pedestal fans, but there is no question it is much quieter.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Good afternoon Bob , Thanks for the feedback we will pass it on to our Marketing and compliance teams. The team at Altise.


I Have used a fan for it’s noise to sleep for over eight years now. I have gone threw well over twenty fans in the past eight years. I run a fan non stop for hours until I wake up each and every night. When I travel I take my fan with me as well. I have purchased so many brands and styles. I owned fans that were plastic, metal, standing, floor, expensive, cheap, you name it... I tried most.

I lost yet another fan that I payed top dollar for a few weeks back. It just stoppedworking. Another one bites the dust. I figured check amazon for a fan since it’s winter time and fans at a department store tend to be seasonal... yeah summer.

I bought this fan for two reasons, I needed a fan and this one was the cheapest price I have ever found for this size fan.

For those who don’t like very noisy fans then this fan is not noisy at all. It’s small but not like those tiny desk ones. It swivels up so u can point the airflow towards the ceiling, this is what I do mostly. There is no assembly required, I just took it out of the two boxes it came in and plugged it in.

A week after I bought the first one I decided to buy a second one for my girls room plus the price was so low I figured why not.

Airflow is nice but not crazy.

I truly like metal fans better but this will work for now:)

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Ramy, Thanks for the review, glad that your O14B is working out well for you. Kind regards the Altise team.

Quiet fan

This fan is much quieter compared to the cheaper fans as I can't sleep with a noisy fan. Of course it is still powerful even on the lowest level . The tilt function is an added plus. The only thing is I wish it has a timer to switch off itself.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Many thanks for your review , glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase , your comments re the timer will be passed on to our marketing department. The team at Altise.

its a excellent fan

the fan is very good quality the durability allows the fan to be steady. it has a ok power consumption, but it is a very good fan to keep cool if you have a air con. or not. the overall product is bang for your buck and i recommend buying the omega altise 014b

Date PurchasedAug 2010
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Thanks for the great feedback Mickey, Good to hear that your fan is meeting your expectations. The team at Altise.

At first worked great, after a while started to get a bit faulty

The fan worked as well as it should for its price, noise was minimal-could barely notice it. After a month or so of using it, it’s fan power started to lack which was the only downside but overall great fan and I would recommend it for people who aren’t lookinh for anything super fancy. Gets the job done.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Good morning Jett Z Glad to hear that your fan has met your expectations if ever you are needing assistance please feel free to contact us. The team at Altise.

Quiet and cooling. Perfect.

I've seen other people with these fans with envy. We had a similar type of fan 30 years ago and remembered cooling down every summer as a kid (we didn't have air conditioning)

when starting it up, we noticed that it made almost no noise. The whirl function really helped put airflow in the room and made the humidity bearable. Also found it to be easy to operate with only 5 buttons (0-3 power and whirl).

Even though it was a bit pricier compared to other box fans, this one is likely to last a bit longer (I've thrown so many pedestal fans away )

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Matt K, Thanks for the great feed back, we will pass it on to our marketing department. Kind regards, the team at Altise.

Works Efficiently in Hot weather

* Fan is quiet
* Output is very good
* Sturdy Frame and quite durable

I would recommend the fan. I purchased this from other reviews. It is well worth the money espicially when my air con broke down. However I am awaiting for Harvey Normans Sale to purchase another one. Highly recommend the product!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Cool and quiet

Purchased this fan after much research to share between my guest room and my son's bedroom. Extremely happy with it. Very quiet and great airflow even on the lowest setting. Waiting for it to come on sale and then I'll purchase a second so I don't have to share it between the rooms.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Good afternoon CathR Thanks you for your review , its great to hear the your fan meets all of your requirements. If you ever need assistance please contact us. Thanks the team at Altise.

While the fan is awesome, I’m starting to get some noise issue

Bought the fan not more than 2 months ago. Started all good until lately I start to get some intermittent buzzing noise (quite annoying), I don’t know what causes it as it happen some times only and last for a lil while at a time. Wondering should I return for repair or replace :-/

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Good morning Joyce K, Thank you for your enquiry as this fan is a non repairable item please return to your place of purchase for a replacement, if you feel it is not performing to specification. Kind regards

Excellent Fan - thank you for all the comments from your reviews.

Just bought this Fan on all the recommendations from Product Review. Excellent in every way. Straight out of the box and all assembled ready to go. Whisper quiet with all perfect settings to suit. Quality plus. The frame is very sturdy and very safe. Bought this from Harvey Norman - I am so pleased!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Many thanks for your review, it certainly sounds like you're getting the most out of your O14B .If we can ever assist further please feel free to contact us.

Great bedroom fan.

This is the 2nd one I have purchased of this model over the last few years.
It is a good size that I use for the bedroom as I like a fan all year around.
It is strong enough to keep cool through the night and the noise, even on high is a good level for sleeping.
The fact that it is a box fan means it can be pushed to the wall out of the way through the day.
It is able to tilt towards the ceiling for more circulation and of course can be set to rotate.
It's a bit pricey but I have tried a lot of fans and they either blow you across the room and are to loud or are to gentle. As they say. It's just right.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Good afternoon, Thank you for your positive and valuable feedback, it will be passed on to our Marketing department.Your welcome.And thanks for the great product.

Cheap on the pocket but very effective

Great Fan. Inexpensive. very powerful and the timer is an added bonus. Better performance for the price than our big 600$ cooler and its quiet on low setting. Weve bought many pedestal fans over the years and are amazed that this white box has kept us cool through the very hot perth 40's

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Good morning, Thank you for your feedback, it will be passed on to our Marketing team. Kind regards.

Perfect Fan

I highly recommend this fan to anyone looking for a box fan, very quiet in low settings & acceptable in high speed, even with the whirl option used. Very stable on floor, never knocked it over, even though I have limited floor space where I use it. Actually I have 2, 1 used to dry clothes, works really well.

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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Good afternoon, Your feed back has been passed on to our marketing department. Thank you.

This fan is fantastic

The power of this little beauty is FANtastic!. Blows alot of air. A little noisy on the high setting but as the fan works so good, the high setting is not needed in the bedroom. It is light weight and easy to move around the house. A good buy. Cheers

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Good afternoon, Your valuable feedback has been passed on to our marketing and development team. Thank you.

Excellent fan.

This box fan is larger than most available on the market.
Very quiet in the lowest setting even when the grill is rotating, drawing about 55w. Has a good output on all speeds.
The tilt facility is very useful and not usually seen in box fans.
Best bedroom fan I have ever bought.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Good afternoon, Thank you for your positive feedback it will be passed on to our marketing and development team.

So good everyone is out of stock

Purchased four for my family. They are brilliant. Quiet, safe, affordable. If only I could buy another one I would be a happy camper. Boys use theirs instead of aircon as they are cheaper to run. I have mine in my office and one in the bedroom. Need one for my mum now. Come on retailers and Omega .... Help me out!
Price, quality, simplicity
None other than I can't buy another at the moment.

Will never buy a pedastal fan again!

Out of all the normal fans that I have bought over the years this is the safest and most likely will last longer than all the pedastal fans that I have bought put together! Since having my 3 yr old and now being conscious of being 'house safe' this fan gives me that peace of mind. Of course you still have to watch your children but because it is a 'box' fan and sits on the ground and has the whirling 'grill' at least i know my child will just poke his fingers in the front of it (but still need to be mindful of back). I don't need to worry about tripping it over like how all of my other 'pedalstal' fans have done whilst vacuuming, walking or doing any other activity around it and thus causing to fall down and basically breaking the fan. This is almost like 'housework' and 'child' proof. This has 3 settings. The whirl option is optional (makes airflow go in different direction) and it has the tilt option. This will not suffice as when you hit 35degrees celsius plus like any other electric fan but safety wise and practicality I think is great.
Safety. Not a pedastal

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Price (RRP)119
Maximum Standing Height520
Speed Settings3
Blade Diameter350
Release dateOct 2011

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