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Omega Altise OADE20

Omega Altise OADE20

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Works well.

I got the OADE20 dehumidifier was a warranty replacement for a ODE20 that was suffering from an intermittent glitch that corrupted the LCD display.

The newer model appears to work more efficiently and remove more water from the air. (It's used during Winter to reduce the moisture levels in the house and reduce wet windows on cold mornings.) The OADE20 has an Ioniser/ Titanium Dioxide button that is supposed to purify the air. I suffer from hay-fever/ sinus issues and have noticed that when that function is activated it does seem to help reduce my blocked sinus and hay-fever issues.

"The Ioniser/Titanium dioxide button (16) is used to help clean the air. Running the Air Ioniser function
produces negatively charged ions which are released into the air, attracting airborne particles (including
bacteria) and removing it from the air. Titanium dioxide, when placed under a UV light, is a photocatalyst,
which gives it sterilising and deodorising properties. Press the button once to turn on both functions
(Ioniser/Titanium dioxide indicator (6) turns on). Press a second time to turn the functions off."

They've gone back to a simpler control panel with labelled buttons and green LED's to indicate the selected functions. You can select a desired humidity (40 - 70% or continuous), fan speed (high/ low), turn off timer, Dryer function for drying clothes, temperature to display the room temperature (it doesn't have a heating function.)

The only flaw with the OADE20 is the water collection bucket. It will automatically switch off when the bucket is full, but the switch off point is way too high. Combine that with an open topped bucket and it's very easy to spill water when trying to remove and empty it. The older ODE20 had a lid on the bucket which helped prevent water sloshing out.

The dried output air has a handy direction flap on top that can be used to direct air onto clothes on a clothes airer to dry them, that's a very handy feature.

Overall, I've found the OADE20 very good and definitely better overall than the previous model ODE20.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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Tank Capacity5L
Moisture Removal20L/24 hours

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